Fitzpatrick: “This Undoes Mueller”

Fitzpatrick:  “This Undoes Mueller”

RETIRED NAVY COMMANDER CALLS UPON MEMBER OF CONGRESS TO INITIATE REMOVAL OF SPECIAL COUNSEL by LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, USN (Ret) (Dec. 3, 2017) — On Friday, Gen. Flynn took a guilty plea for lying to the FBI as a result of his contacts with the then-Russian ambassador, Sergei Kislyak. Mueller is going after […]

The People’s Poll (RR)

The People’s Poll (RR)

“YOU CAN’T IGNORE SUCCESS” by OPOVV, ©2017 (Jan. 26, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,” the evening news show that’s talked about at the water cooler the next morning. I’m Mr. Roving, your host. We’re going to change the format a little so we’ll see how […]

Is the Press Beginning to Doubt Obama?

Is the Press Beginning to Doubt Obama?

WHAT IS FAKE, AND WHAT IS REAL? by Sharon Rondeau (Feb. 4, 2013) — After Obama allegedly told two reporters from The New Republic, a clearly left-leaning publication, that he “shoots skeet” frequently while at Camp David, many in the media and the public questioned the claim. The mainstream media has reported that the White […]

U.S. Representative and Staffers Continue to Ignore Obama’s Likely Crimes

SO WHAT DOES THAT MAKE THEM? submitted by the Constituent (Nov. 1, 2011) — The following letter was sent to staffers of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee on October 23, 2011: From: Redacted Sent: Sun 10/23/11 11:17 AM To:; Margaret Tipton ( Dear Ms. Han and Ms. Tipton, Your non-response to my requests for […]

Congressional Staffers Fail to Respond to Constituent’s Request for Meeting on Obama’s Social Security Fraud

DO OUR REPRESENTATIVES REALLY REPRESENT US? submitted by a reader (Oct. 12, 2011) — The following email was sent to the office of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who has previously been unresponsive about Obama’s alleged social security fraud. From:  Fran Sent: Tue 10/11/11 3:45 PM To: Cc: Dear Ms. Han, On October 5, 2011 […]

TN Congresswoman Refuses to Address Obama’s Fraud

WHY DO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS NOT SEE THE OBVIOUS? September 29, 2011 Dear Editor: The following email was sent to Ms. Margaret Tipton, an aide to Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, who serves the Seventh District of Tennessee. Editor’s Note:  Tennessee has been determined by some to be the most corrupt state in the nation based on […]