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submitted by the Constituent

Is this where every member of the 111th and 112th Congresses should be for ignoring Obama's fraud, deceit and tax evasion?

(Nov. 1, 2011) — The following letter was sent to staffers of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee on October 23, 2011:

From: Redacted
Sent: Sun 10/23/11 11:17 AM
To: jennifer.han@mail.house.gov; Margaret Tipton (Margaret.Tipton@mail.house.gov)

Dear Ms. Han and Ms. Tipton,

Your non-response to my requests for a meeting with Congresswoman Blackburn to discuss the Social Security Fraud being committed by Federal Employee Barack Obama implies “Tacit Approval” on your part.  Being that both of you and Congresswoman Blackburn admit that Federal Employee Barack Obama is committing a felony and you refuse to investigate you all are now just a guilty as the criminal.

Let’s recap what crimes have been and are being committed by Federal Employee Barack Obama:

1) He is using a Social Security Number issued to someone that was born in 1890.  His attorney’s, which are being paid by the taxes we are forced to pay, are stonewalling in the courts which have shown us true American Patriots just how corrupt and out of control the Federal Government has become.  What is truly  revealing in this whole saga is how the press has recently investigated Rep. Mario Rabio’s Social Security issue and parents citizenship, but refuse to address this issue.

2) Skip Tracer Al Hendeershot has proof linking Federal Employee Barack Hussein Obama II to the alias Harrison J Bounel.  It also states that the wife of Harrison J. Bounel is Michelle Obama.

3) Public records prove that the $104,500 “buffer zone” was a gift from Rita Rezko, the wife of the convicted Chicago Criminal, Obama (aka Soetoro aka Bounel) neighbor and supporter of Barack Obama.  Also, no taxes have been paid on this buffer zone.  For all of you that love to squeeze every penny out of your constituents this should make you quite upset, but when it’s one of your own you don’t give a darn.

4) Many experts that have testified in multiple court cases to show how a document is a fraud have come forward to debunk the document presented to the public as the birth certificate of Federal Employee Barack Obama.  You know the one that the Hawaii Department of Health Employee said was “half typed and half handwritten”.  These experts include the one that brought down Dan Rather when he presented the fraudulent document about President George W. Bush and the foremost Adobe document expert.

You may ignore every crime noted above, but there is one piece of evidence which you cannot ignore.  That is the Supreme Court ruling in “Minor v Happersett” which states that BOTH parents must be American Citizens for the child to be a Natural Born Citizen.  Which is what is REQUIRED to be President of the United States, NOT SIMPLY A CITIZEN.

My attorney has requested that I send a complaint and a demand for investigation to my local elections board and Secretary of State and also file a complaint against Congresswoman Blackburn with the House Ethics Committee.  This is what we are going to do.  Believe me, all us true American Patriots will not stop until the corruption and cover-up by BOTH parties is uncovered and each and everyone of the criminals, this includes both of you and Congresswoman Blackburn, get the appropriate penalty for treason.

Thank you,

The Post & Email asked the writer if there had been any response to her repeated letters to Blackburn’s office, and her response was:

Absolutely not.  They have totally ignored every request I have made, and I have made many more after that was written.

The following email in support of the Tennessee constituent was sent to the above-named staffers:

Dear Ms. Tipton and Ms. Han,
I am in full support of a letter written to you regarding requests from a constituent to meet with Congresswoman Blackburn concerning the Social Security fraud being committed by Barack Obama. As I’m sure you must be aware of the details, I won’t go into them. I will, however, remind you that all officials who have sworn an Oath to the Constitution are violating that Oath by covering up the fact that Barack Obama has committed fraud, with his Social Security number as well as his birth certificate, which has been proven fraudulent and is being investigated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He has called for the hospital birth certificate to be produced, if it’s there at all.
This is not going away, I promise you. There are too many unanswered questions, and Obama has covered up too much. He has also been publicly named in the commission of Treason against the United States of America by New Hampshire State Representative Harry Accornero. Harry has also asked Senator Shelby to follow suit. It would behoove you to respond to this constituent’s many letters to you. We the People will not go quietly into the night, and we will remember those who are complicit in covering up Obama’s crimes. Please read one of many criminal complaints submitted nationwide: http://tpaoa.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/obama-is-guilty-of-treason/
In Liberty,
Kristy Lonestar
San Diego, California

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  1. To SS442, The Philosophy of the Swiss people that is contained in the Book The Law of Nations is not part of US law. If it had been the intent of the founding fathers to make it US law they would have done so just like they did with all other things that it was their intent to make law

    If the Court in Minor v. Hapersett had meant to define or establish the meaning of Natural Born Citizenship, they would have done so. Instead they specifically went through the extra effort of stating that they did not want to address the issue of whether US Citizen parents were required for Natural Born Citizenship because it had nothing to do with the case they were deciding which was a women’s right to vote and also to avoid anyone from thinking that they were defining Natural Born Citizenship as requiring US Citizen parents.

    If I have offended you by calling you a birther I apologize for not being politically correct but know that I am not here to offend. I just want to have intelligent,honest and hopefully informative discussion on the subject.

  2. Paidtroll, re: “However the court goes on to say that there are authorities who say that natural born citizenship does not require citizen parents and that because it has nothing to do with the case, they would not address the issue of whether US Citizen parents are required for a child to be a Natural born Citizen.”

    This is smoke-and-mirrors on your part, and on the part of the left. True, decades of mostly leftist rulings and precedent have muddied the waters concerning natural born citizenship, but the original intent of the Founders – which should be the ultimate authority in this matter – is quite clear. They were rightly concerned (QED, Obama’s presence at the White House proves it) about a person of divided and/or questionable loyalty becoming president or VP, so they formulated the natural born citizen clause, i.e. article II, section I, clause V of the constitution.

    At a minimum, the courts, Congress and the rest of our political class are being disingenuous in the extreme, by denying that a problem exists. At worst, what they are doing qualifies as treason. It is common knowledge that there are serious problems with Obama – who he is, where he comes from, the obviously fraudulent nature of his personal documentation – yet nothing is done. Having knowledge of a felony, but failing to report it is classifiable as a crime, “misprision of felony.” Each and every member of Congress is guilty.

    Your post fails to address the other red flags in Obama’s fraudulent identity – what about the faked social security number, or the obviously fraudulent LFBC online, or his bogus selective service registration? Obama’s social security number failed when passed through the E-verify system. Are these not crimes to you? They are to me, and to millions of other patriots. Obama should be arrested, charged and if convicted, subject to the full penalty of the law. Anything less is an outrage and a miscarriage of justice.

    1. To Gearboy61

      You say that quoting the Supreme Court decision in Minor v. Hapersett is smoke and mirrors. However, it is your side that brought up Happersett in the first place. I have just tried to point out to you what the court said in its opinion which is that they did not want to address the issue of whether US citizen parents were required for a child born in the US to be a Natural Born Citizen.

  3. Ditto by thousands of citizens informed, concerned, and ticked off that our country is disintegrating before our eyes. We have read it everywhere and each article continues to confirm the truth of evil corrupt CONgress members. The most alarming being those that profess a faith in God and His Word. “By their fruits you will know them”. Obviously, they have lip service only with hearts far from God and the moral character so compromised they fail to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before God.

    The two Senators and Representative of my state have followed the same ignoring tactic. For 3 years and on and on it goes. GOP is as corrupt as the Dems. A new party with real integrity needs formation.

  4. ONE Word: “TRAITORS!!”~ALL 535 “Peoples Representatives???” and/or EVERY Single Duly Elected Public Official down to a “DRAIN COMMISIONER” has taken the “Oath” to the Constitution and accepted “Fiduciary Responsibility to The People’s Trust”, Amazing that it might just be “Sheriff Joe A. and his Comittee” to finally be deemed someone with “Standing” with regards to “O” and his “Gang of Thieves?!”

  5. Thanks for writing the letter and following up with action.

    I send my two worthless Senators and my useless Congressman information on the illegal thug in the White House almost every day. Sometimes email, sometimes USPS and occasionally even by certified mail.

    Needless to say they either don’t respond at all or respond with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the communication I sent them.

    I believe they fear the issue and the Obama regime so much they have been silenced.

    1. No one has ignored this issue. The truth is that Congress does not agree with your interpretation of Natural Born Citizenship. In Minor v Harpersett, the court recognizes the defendant as a natural born citizen having two US citizen parents

      However the court goes on to say that there are authorities who say that natural born citizenship does not require citizen parents and that because it has nothing to do with the case, they would not address the issue of whether US Citizen parents are required for a child to be a Natural born Citizen.

      Somehow, birthers have ignored this part of the decision and decided that the Supreme Court said that Natural Born Citizenship requires two US Citizen parents which is something the Supreme Court never said and continues to say they never said.

      1. To thepaidtroll, (first, you have Happersett spelled incorrectly) if you were to poll most congressmen and senators they are ignoring the issue because they are afraid of the media in general. My congressman Burgess of the 26th here in Texas said that “the Republican leadership” does not want this as an issue. So, despite the letters, emails, phone calls, written copies of evidence he refuses to do his job and address the issue using the excuse it is not supported by the leader of the house.

        I have personally filed voter fraud charges against the DNC Chair for not vetting their candidate as the Texas constitution requires their candidate satisfy the natural born clause of the US Constitution which Obama has admitted he does not. The Texas AJ and the SES both have paperwork of the charges but do nothing because they are spineless. Further, the majority of the staff in these state offices are democrats. All they did was argue with me when facts were presented to them. There were no questions, there was no support, nothing but opposition to my charges that are supported with facts, dates, times, documents,and paperwork. Not one question raised about the meaning of natural born.

        Congressman and senators haven’t a clue what the natural born clause is or have even delved into what it means. Minor vs Happersett establishes the meaning of Natural Born Citizen and it is backed by “The Law of Nations” which was also used in constructing the constitution as we all know. It was a Supreme Court Decision of the 1870s but a president all the same. I disagree with you summation calling anyone birthers, we simply want answers to answered questions we’ve had since before that fake and fraud was elected. And, now we want even more like, why is his birth certificate a forgery? and why is he using a fraudulent social security number and the all important “why did he fail a recent E-Verify Check?

        Watch out for data coming from “Justia”. They may be found to be modifying data to hide this very issue. More democrats.