“This is What Treason Looks Like”

OBAMA SEEKS TO PROMOTE GENERAL WHO VIOLATED THE POSSE COMITATUS ACT IN SAMSON, AL IN 2009 by Sharon Rondeau (Jun. 29, 2011) — On May 30, 2011, Obama named General Martin Dempsey to replace Admiral Michael Mullen, who is retiring on September 30, 2011 from his position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  […]

The National Call to Action Means You!

RE:  LAKIN, CAO, USURPATION…TREASON! by Debbie St. Jean (Mar. 17, 2011) — In December of last year, a  highly-decorated, 18-year U.S. Army medical doctor was sentenced to six months in prison at Ft. Leavenworth for disobeying orders due to questions surrounding the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of the […]

Notice to Congress: This is your crisis of the making!

IF NOT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, WHAT IS OUR MILITARY SUPPORTING? by Arnie Rosner (Dec. 11, 2010) — It is hard to believe that the courageous men and women of our military are simply standing by idle when this longstanding series of direct attacks against them is carried out by members of the 111th Congress and […]

Introduction: Anatomy of a Court-Martial

“VERDICT FIRST, THEN THE TRIAL” by Sharon Rondeau (Sept. 28, 2010) — Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick contacted The Post & Email out of his stated concern for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who is scheduled to be court-martialed next month as a result of his refusal to follow orders on the grounds that Barack Hussein Obama […]

Have our Armed Forces turned against us?

THE U.S. MILITARY COMMITS TREASON Dear Editor:  The following letter was sent this evening in response to the ruling of Col. Denise R. Lind in the case of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who seeks to know whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief: September 2, 2010 Adm. Michael […]

The Usurpathon goes to D.C. to stop the treason

“WE NEED TO FOCUS LIKE A LASER ON THE ELIGIBILITY ISSUE” by Sharon Rondeau (Sept. 2, 2010) — Dr. Kate holds a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College in geology and a doctorate in hydrology from the University of Arizona.  She has worked in the field of Indian water rights for the last 30 years.   A […]

The Big Lie

“OUR MORALITY MADE THIS A GREAT NATION” by Bill Johnson (Aug. 12, 2010) — Every one of us, at some point in our life, must face a single moral choice: Whether to live our life honestly or dishonestly, including ethically or unethically, for good or for bad. It is a conscious decision each of us […]

The Domestic Enemy

ARE WE AT THE BRINK? by Arnie Rosner June 27, 2010 Dear Admiral Mullen: Many of us share the concern about the position in which Mr. Obama has placed you.  We recognize the tenuous and critically explosive nature of the processes in which you are engaged to determine a correct course of action.  We recognize […]

Admiral Mullen, it is your move, sir

“A HISTORY OF REPEATED INJURIES AND USURPATIONS” Dear Editor: This is my follow-up letter to Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: June 25, 2010 Adm. Michael Mullen Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 9999 Joint Staff Pentagon Washington, DC  20318-9999 Dear Chairman Mullen, We are calling on you to stand by your […]

Chairman Mullen: Let’s call a spade a spade

WAS MCCHRYSTAL SIMPLY EXPRESSING THE SENTIMENTS OF THE REST OF THE MILITARY?  CAN ORDER BE MAINTAINED? by Arnie Rosner Dear Editor: The following letter was sent today to Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: June 24, 2010 Adm. Michael Mullen Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 9999 Joint Staff Pentagon Washington, DC  […]

General McChrystal: Now is your time to stand up for your country

COMMANDER OF NATO FORCES “CALLED HOME” BY FUHRER OBAMA…WILL HE BOW TO THE IMPOSTOR OR DEFEND THE REPUBLIC? by Sharon Rondeau (Jun 22, 2010) — A report today stated that Obama has “recalled” General Stanley McChrystal, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, after the publication of an interview in Rolling Stone magazine in […]