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by Sharon Rondeau

General Martin Dempsey has been nominated to succeed Admiral Michael Mullen as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

(Jun. 29, 2011) — On May 30, 2011, Obama named General Martin Dempsey to replace Admiral Michael Mullen, who is retiring on September 30, 2011 from his position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Dempsey reportedly was in charge of investigating why 22 military police and a provost marshal were dispatched to the small town of Samson, AL on March 10, 2009, after a man murdered ten people and then committed suicide.  The deployment of U.S. Army personnel was found to be in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which “restrains the use of the military for civilian law enforcement purposes.”  The investigation eventually concluded that the law had been broken and that “soldiers should not have been sent.”

Martin has been in his current position as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army for only slightly over two months.

Reuters appeared to editorialize that “mass shootings have become more frequent in recent years in the United States, where guns are widely available for purchase and the right to own weapons for self defense and hunting is defended by many.”  It is unknown if the perpetrator, Michael McLendon, had legally owned the firearm used in the murder spree.  Wikipedia reported that Army troops from Ft. Rucker were deployed in Samson “in response to a request for assistance from the Geneva County Sheriff’s Office and Samson Police.”  Another report stated that “it was not clear who ordered the troops sent to Samson.”  The military spokesman quoted did not identify who requested or dispatched the troops.

The Post & Email spoke with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, who accused Barack Hussein Obama of treason on March 17, 2009 for ultimately ordering the troops into Samson as the putative commander-in-chief of the U.S. military in violation of the law.  Fitzpatrick’s complaint was answered with a visit from Secret Service and FBI personnel, but he was not arrested.  He charged Obama with treason a second time on March 17, 2011, which also went unanswered.

As I have explained to you and Dr. Manning, I have looked at Samson, AL and there was an Army investigation report that came out.  The investigation report has not been released in its entirety.  I’ve tried to get it and failed, but there are some very critical sentences which have been quoted from the report that other people have seen – reporters – which are all we need to discuss the issue of treason as it goes to Mr. Obama.

The Army knows it broke the law.  I insisted that people in Samson, AL, which is in Geneva County, act against the Army to prevent an Army incursion someplace else in the country against the people.  I spoke with one of the assistant district attorneys in Geneva County, and in the conversation he admitted to me that he is in the Reserve, in the Army National Guard, as a JAG.  He said, “You know, we like the Army around here; we’re really happy with the Ft. Rucker neighborhood.”  Of course, Ft. Rucker is the largest employer there.  So this civilian attorney who is in the Reserves as a JAG said, “No, we’re not going to act against them for a violation of the Constitution.”

In the day that I had that conversation with this man, I talked to Lance Griffin from The Dothan Eagle who wrote the article I’m sending to you; I talked to Sheriff Ward in the day; I talked to a lot of people.  I really was on this, and I read the reports.  But this JAG said, “No, they’re neighbors, and we’re not going to do that.”  So where we are today is that General Dempsey, an officer who has yet to be disciplined for doing this, has been promoted, and he’s OK with sending Army troops into a civilian community to enforce the law.  This is exactly what treason looks like.  Tim Harrington and I talked about this two years ago and in the week that followed, we decided that we were going to use this event as the seminal issue then regarding Mr. Obama’s treason.

Since that day, the Army has come out to say, “Yeah, we violated the Constitution; we broke the law.  We replaced the government.”  They said that; it’s their language.  “We installed military police where civilian police should have stood.  We did that.”  This is what I talked about with Pastor Manning; I gave him this specific example as an act of treason.

In the letter that talked about Obama and his criminal assistants, we decided, “OK; one man, one crime,” because if we started to go off and talk about all of the other criminal assistants, all of the other criminal actors, and all of the other subordinate criminal acts consistent with treason, it would not have been a book.  It would have been a library full of volumes of books.  So we kept it simple.  We tried to keep it to one page; it got to two pages because there was a letterhead and I needed room for a notary stamp.  It named Samson, AL as the criminal event which represents an act of treason which has nothing to do with where Mr. Obama was born.  Today, as a reward for General Dempsey’s capitulation, his cooperation in violation the United States Constitution, he is being looked at as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  This needs to be stopped, and I’m doing what I can.

Lance Griffin of The Dothan Eagle got the report.  It says:

The Inspector General report listed several recommendations in response to the violation, including: (1) Making a record of the allegation (2) Informing the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army of the finding and (3) Refer the report to the Office of the Judge Advocate General. The report did not state if anyone was disciplined.

According to the report, the troops responded to the situation in Samson based on a request from the Geneva County Sheriff’s Department and Samson Police Department. (That’s not true.  That’s not what happened.  I wrote about what happened.)  The report went on to say that although the troops were only on hand to support current law enforcement by manning traffic control points, the actions violated several “tests” used to determine whether a violation occurred.

The first test was whether the actions of military personnel were active or passive … the participating MPs did not view manning TCPs (traffic control points) as a law enforcement activity. The evidence indicated otherwise. By directing and diverting traffic and people, and by their uniformed and armed presence in the streets at TCPs, the MPs actively participated in law enforcement activities.

That comes right from the report.

The report also stated the actions constituted a violation because the MPs were not accompanied by civilian law enforcement at at least one of the traffic control points. Finally, the stated actions were a violation because the MPs “regulated the freedom of movement of civilian persons which served to prohibit those persons from going to where they might desire to go.”

That’s a quote from the Inspector General of the United States Army.  So we have an officer being considered for the chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who believes that it’s appropriate to regulate the freedom of movement of private persons and serve to prohibit those persons from going to where they might want to go.  And then, by the way, it also says that Army personnel responded as they did based upon their having done so in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.  Nobody called them to account for doing that, so they did it in Samson.

The Army Inspector General reported forced resistance to the United States Constitution and the successful installment of a rival and competing government with the deployment of Army Military Policemen to Samson, Alabama on 10 March 2009.

General Martin Dempsey is one of the people whom I have described for years and years now as a command racketeer.  He is no more obedient to the U.S. Constitution as Mr. Obama is.  Any military man or woman knows that Samson, AL was a pre-planned response.  They used it during Katrina and got away with it.  There was no reason for those troops to be there; it’s not their job.  It’s like calling policemen or a doctor to a burning building; it’s not what they’re trained to do.  It’s not the most effective deployment of government resources.  It could have happened anywhere in the country.

How many times in the course of our lifetimes do we make excuses for the military going out into our communities?  We are seeing the federalization of local police; we’ve already seen that in Arizona where they went after that 26-year-old former Marine and killed him dead.  There are troops at Ft. Benning on the weekend walking with town policemen, arm to arm.  This is against the law.

In the letter of March 17, 2009, Mr. Obama is named as a criminal actor working with criminals to install a rival government.  Martin Dempsey is as much a criminal actor as Obama.  General Dempsey is supposed to stand up and say, “You’re not my commander-in-chief; you’re not my president.  I can’t follow your orders because they’re illegitimate.”  Martin Dempsey and other flag officers who are responsible for Mr. Obama to be still holding office illegitimately are responsible for the court-martial of Lt. Col. Lakin.  All Lakin wanted to do was ascertain that his orders were legal.  That was the challenge put forth by Lt. Col. Lakin.

These are command racketeers.  It’s not just Martin Dempsey.  It’s every military officer:  misprision of treason.  “Misprision” is an old French word, a fancy word which means “a failure to report.”  When you know, as a military officer, that a crime has been committed, you have an obligation to report it.  Not every citizen has a duty and an obligation to report a crime when they see it, but there are certain people in certain positions who are obligated to report when they see a crime committed.  When they fail to report it, they themselves become complicit in the act.  So Dempsey is is an icon, and before him, it was Mike Mullen, who is one of the people who has failed to report Mr. Obama and failed to act against him as every military person who has taken an oath to the Constitution is obligated to do.

Operation American Freedom was established to invite every single military person on active duty to step up.  This is what defending the Constitution means.  Some in the military have stepped up, but it’s time for people to come forward in large numbers.

If Obama’s eligibility is challenged on the basis of individual and state sovereignty, which the U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled trumps federal law, can We the People finally obtain an answer on Obama’s eligibility?  Do citizens now have the right to challenge Obama’s eligibility based on his non-U.S. citizen father?  Can it be done at the county level?

If Obama is found to be ineligible, are any of his appointments valid, including the two Supreme Court appointees? federal judges? military appointments and promotions? ambassadors?