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by Roving Reporter, ©2023

(Sep. 17, 2023) — “Everlasting Love” (2:55)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Professor Zorkophsky is back to give some well-meaning advice to a popular show, Live from Studio 6B.’ Welcome aboard, Professor.”

“And thank you for inviting me back; always glad to fill in when one of your guests cancels after they learn you are all-out MAGA. How may I be of assistance? Oh, and please call me ‘Zork’ since I feel it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere, okay?”

“Okay, Zork. You said you wanted to comment on Studio 6B, right? Well, here’s your chance; comment away.”

“Thank you. I shouldn’t have to say this, and because I do have to say it just goes to show you when people live in a bubble, no telling what they’ll come up with.”

“How so?”

“The ‘Clot Shot, for starters. Never get it and don’t have your parents get it, or babies or anyone get it, got it?”

“I’d have to say you made that pretty clear. Next?”

“There’s this dude, name of Rick, who thinks that people outside the 6B studio give a rat’s tail about the NFL. Look, the NFL disrespects the national anthem so goodbye, fair thee well and good riddance once and for all, hear me? Nobody cares about the NFL anymore; we used to, but ever since Kaepernick knelt and Commissioner Roger Goodell caved, the NFL was buried six feet under: dead and buried, so no more reporting on something that America despises, got that?”

“I doubt it.”

“And you want to know why?”

“I’ve a feeling you’re going to tell us.”

“Not one of the hosts on Studio 6B is a Veteran, that’s why. They talk the talk but never walked the walk, and never will. Life has passed them by and now they’re too old so forget it. Which brings us to my last point: honoring our ‘people in uniform and our first responders.’ Okay, I’ll go along with caregivers and firemen, but not the cops. Follow any order from the Chief or the Mayor, illegal order or not. Stand around and let ANTIFA and BLM riot, loot, burn, rape, and murder; who cares? Let then ‘overnight park’; let them ‘shoplift’; let them ‘break any law’ because what’s the point? The DA won’t prosecute, and the judges won’t sentence.”

“The destruction of our cities.”

“Dangerous. You walk, you get mugged; you drive, you get carjacked and you’re lucky to get back home, and when you do get back, you have to worry about ‘home invasion.’ What a horrible way to live. Safer in Beirut.”

“That’s right. ‘Sanctuary City’ means the bad guys have the upper hand, doesn’t it? We law- abiding citizens are treated as ‘second-class’ citizens. The so-called ‘migrants’ hate us, don’t they?”

“That’s right; they blame us for their plight in life and there’s no getting around it; it would be like explaining to Morning Joe why Trump [‘Trump Won’ (3:30)] is America’s savior while Joe Scarborough is a mere puppet of the Deep State that wants to quash the middle class once and for all: welcome, Communism.”

“Studio 6B?”

“Can’t trust the government; none of this NFL reporting, as if anyone gives a hoot; and no admiring cops who follow illegal orders. Now, the good cops out there, all the power to them, don’t get me wrong, but the guards at the Washington, DC, gulag, and the Capitol Police? No way.”

“I’m with you there. Thanks for visiting and so, this is your Roving Reporter, along with Zork, wishing each of you a good night: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

Justice for All” (2:24)

Roving Reporter

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