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by Roving Reporter, ©2021 

(Dec. 25, 2021) — “Little Grass Shack” (2:41)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Back by popular demand, Professor Zorkophsky is with us to hawk his latest publication, ‘A Citizen’s Responsibility.’ Glad to have you back on the show, Professor.”

“And glad to be back, Roving, although I would like to be addressed as ‘Zork’ because I feel it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere.”

“Okay, then Zork it shall be. I see you have a chapter titled, ‘If You See Something, First Call Your Lawyer.’ Not 9-1-1?”

“Oh, not by a long shot. And never, as in never-ever, call the FBI to report any terrorist activity.”

“No way; why not?”

“Because how do you know they aren’t running the operation, as they did at the Capitol on January 6th? No, call your lawyer first and go from there; it’s the wise and safe thing to do.”

“Unfortunately, that actually makes sense – call your lawyer first – but you still have to report if you see something, I mean, you should tell someone, right? What if you see someone with a suicide vest in the mall or grocery store?”

“Report only if you can remain completely anonymous.”

“That bad?”

“Even worse. Look, I don’t know how to tell you this, but the government is not on your side. It is NOT the government of the Constitution, for if it were, the Biden-Harris Chinese puppet show wouldn’t be in Washington; they would be in the stockade.”

“Please excuse us while we take a short break; don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back.”

Mull of Kintyre*” (6:59) [Perth 2-12-2017; Melbourne 05-12-2017; Brisbane 11-12-2017; packed houses, happy people singing along. Australia used to be a nice place, a mentally healthy place in which to raise children in safety, not like now with the stupid mandates by a bunch of corrupt politicians who are nothing more than puppets of the CCP (whether they know it or not), and that goes for the enforcers of these totalitarian mask decrees and the Chinese biological warfare weapon COVID-19 vaccine dictates.]

“And we’re back with Zork who has some more tidbits of wisdom to pass along, right, Zork?”

“You bet I do.”

“And we’re back with Zork, the eminent and arguably the most popular PTSD psychiatrist out there, here to hawk his latest bestselling book. What do your patients complain about the most these days, Zork?”

“They can’t, for the life of them, understand why each and every one of the election defrauders aren’t behind bars. The general consensus is that these Veterans took the Oath to defend the Constitution, and anybody who took part in cheating the vote ought to be jailed, and I wholeheartedly agree, by the way. I mean, look at it from their point of view: they sure as heck didn’t risk their lives to get Biden in the White House.”

“I agree with that.”

“You got that part right. Look, these Veterans are mighty ticked-off at the Dems with their sanctuary cities and open borders, and that’s a fact that you can take to the bank. And furthermore, they’re on edge and it wouldn’t take much to set them off. Now listen, because this is important: if that happens, if there’s a spark to set them in motion to fix all the damage Biden-Harris has done, the cops are going to have to make a choice right then and there, on the spot: GESTAPO or Constitution, where there is no ‘middle ground’; no ‘grey area’; no ‘sitting-on-the-fence’; ‘America or China’; ‘freedom or slavery’; ‘truth or consequences’; the end game for real.”


“And Veterans have the experience, which is important.”

“And there’s not a Veteran alive with the ‘Get home safe’ attitude; rather it’s the ‘complete the mission’ attitude, and that’s just for starters.”

“No donuts.”

“That’s a good one; forget the coffee and the donuts. Veterans think about lugging ammo and water, both equally important, as I discovered one day in Southeast Asia, for real. It came down to surrender and end up as a POW with the darn good chance of getting tortured, maimed and killed, and maybe get a drink of water, or kill them and take their water. I chose to kill for water and never regretted it, although it took me 17 years of PTSD nightmares and a divorce to get over it, hopefully.”

“Wow, if ever there was a time for a break, this is it. Don’t change the station.”

Can’t Help Falling in Love” (3:00)

“Okay, Zork had to leave but he wants you to buy the book, make a great stocking stuffer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew for all the hard work and long hours they put in to make ‘Pulse’ the most-watched information show in its time slot, and a special shout-out to Sharon Rondeau “Harp, #1” (0:58) for allowing the transcript to be posted in The P&E.

“As you TV viewers know, the show is an hour long and many of you have expressed disappointment that the transcript is not always 100%. Due to time restraints, sometimes we have to cut it short, an exercise that can’t be avoided, so that’s just the way it is, or as Chief New Leaf would say, ‘The flutter of a bird’s wing can deflect a well-aimed arrow.’ Thanks for watching (or reading): Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Mull of Kintyre: I picture the lovebirds moving into the farmhouse (4:43) and she says wouldn’t it be nice to write a song about our new home. Later that night he comes up with the beginning, about the mist rolling in and she says, with a smile and a laugh, and always to be here. It’s their song, a song about roots, love and forever.

I got to say that I tear up every time I hear it, and if there was a couple that had ‘their’ song, this is it. No doubt the song is the greatest love song of my generation and I think that the audiences feel the same way, swaying and singing along as a tribute to the love of a man’s life; sharing the experience when the entertainer and the audience become one in a truly bittersweet moment in life. However, the way the Australian government is run nowadays, it is yet another sad reminder that a sing-a-long is but a distant memory, but it doesn’t have to be this way, now does it?]

[Do not get The Jab.]

The First Noel” (3:07)

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