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(Aug. 19, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and for this episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation’ we’ve been invited down to the church on Hawthorn Street to listen to Chief New Leaf give a little talk titled ‘American Indian Wisdom.’ Let’s listen in:

“How. Or in today’s vernacular: how ya doin’? As you probably know, my name is Chef New Leaf. I see Roving and his crew are among us, up there in the balcony, so maybe we can expect to see ourselves on television tonight, or at least read a transcript of these proceedings on the ever-popular political blog: The Post & Email.

“My talk is titled ‘American Indian Wisdom’ which, as it turns out, is desperately needed to counteract the stupidity many of our fellow citizens have displayed, specifically the Main Stream Media and Left-Wingers in general. This talk is focused on the tearing-down of the Confederate statues. I shall refrain from making any reference to American women cutting their own throats by backing anti-women/pro-Muslim philosophy, such as the organizations NOW and the SPLC. And I won’t talk about CAIR being a front for Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood or say that we need to deport each and every Muslim from our shores. Remember: the Quran teaches all Muslims to ‘kill the Jew and Christian wherever Ye may find them.’

“The operative word is, and always has been, ‘control.’ Usually control is through the general consensus of a given population. For instance it’s not a good idea going around killing people, although if you’re a Muslim it’s what you do. But this talk isn’t about their insanity; on the contrary, this talk is about our insanity.

“Honor is quite a tricky subject because there are an infinite number of possible ways in which to pay tribute to someone or something.

“In the case of the Confederate statues one could make a very strong case of the cause that was defeated, as a reminder to the victorious of what was at stake. what was fought for, and what was won. A statue of Robert E. Lee for some depicts keeping one’s word; for others it may have been the support of a system of production that was on its way out; and for still others it may have just been a general who found himself on the wrong side knowing that any chance of victory was an impossibility starting when the first shot was fired at Ft. Sumter.

“As I said, every Confederate statue honors the victorious North, and so gallant they truly were in allowing such statues to be erected in the first place. The reminder that the South did indeed lose the war is, I think, erased a little bit more every time one of the Confederate statues disappears, not unlike removing the Ten Commandments from our courthouses.

“What I mean is that the victor doesn’t gloat; doesn’t make a spectacle of defeating the foe; and certainly doesn’t act like spoiled, rotten brats whenever they’re confronted with a subject greater than their measly ability to see the bigger picture called ‘life.’

“It is quite evident that all of these Confederate statues depict people who lost their war, but it is we who have gained. We won and it’s up to us to keep it that way, but to go around and destroy the physical reminders that our country was founded on hardship, destruction and death is to needlessly sanitize our whole history, and this is your biggest mistake.

“We American Indians have always taken great pride in conquering foes, and it wasn’t ‘til the white men showed up that counting coup was more important than killing the enemy. These Confederate War Memorial statues are your way of counting coup, and now you’re destroying your own just rewards. You people have it all backwards, but that is no surprise to us.

“Listen: you pollute the air that you breathe; you dirty the water you drink, so no wonder you got everything backwards. And to make matters even worse, you tear down and destroy the very symbols that you vanquished; that you rose above; that the values you cherished won the day and now look: a desolate wasteland; nothing but emptiness all around with nothing to show for all the suffering for a noble cause wiped clean from your memory: out of sight, out of mind.

“You people make one big mistake, but you’re so filled with hate for one another that you don’t even see where you turned the corner and went the wrong way. You can’t go back because for you there’s nothing to go back to.

“Listen: we American Indians honor our ancestors, and we honor those we have beaten. We do so with decorum and do not topple them in the dead of night as people who are ashamed of themselves would do.

“The penalty for the destruction of the Civil War monuments is too high a price to pay for a sanitized future: somewhere down the road ’The Pied Piper‘ will be paid, and ignorance is a hard teacher. I have spoken and, besides, Roving’s microphone-boom girl is telling me that my time is up. I’m sure Roving would like to sign off.”

“Thank you, Chief New Leaf; great talk, to leave the monuments to honor the victor in acting magnanimously. And now it’s time, on behalf of the crew, to wish each of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Hey, Chief: burgers out back: my treat.”

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  1. The American flag is associated with the United States government that sanctioned slavery from the enactment of the US Constitution in 1789 to the addition of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in December of 1865 — months after the end of the war with the Confederate States. The CS government, in comparison, existed for less than 5 years, with slavery legal the entire time.

    Maybe the Professors and idiots of the Alt-Left should study of on our history instead of believing everything that is on the Fake News channels.