May 25, 2023

Dear Messrs. Trump and DeSantis –

Your humble servant has for many years offered comments here at The P&E on various issues, most relating to the “natural born Citizen” presidential eligibility question (no, I am not a “birther” or a “conspiracy theorist,” but instead a “constitutionalist”), as well as on a wide variety of other matters.  Those “other matters” have included commenting on the ominous trajectory of the nation beginning with, continuing through and following the “presidency” of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.  Excepting the four-year interregnum of President Trump, that curve has become inverted…, and ugly.  And it has grown exponentially worse since Jan. 20, 2021.

The presidential eligibility issue is mentioned at the outset as a test to see if you (or your aides) are already so entrenched in and accepting of the Left’s narratives regarding Mr. Obama’s purported eligibility that you will immediately lose interest in reading further.  Fine…, go back to campaigning, lobbing verbal grenades at one another and playing into the Democrats’ hands.

Still here?  Good.

The remainder of this message is directed to both of you, as one or the other will very likely – barring an unfortunate intervening “Clinton event” – become the GOP nominee for the presidency to be voted on in November (or thereabouts), 2024.  The term “thereabouts” is used in recognition that actual “voting” – and, more importantly, the counting of the ballots, presumably corresponding to the lawful “votes,”  – will likely span several days or even weeks, hopefully not months, if history is any guide. 

The bottom-line of the message is short: as posited here, a 2024 Trump-DeSantis ticket may be the last safety net available to the Republic to avoid the warning issued by Benjamin Franklin in 1787.  When he was departing the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, he was asked whether the convention had produced a republic or a monarchy, to which he replied: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Under Democrat policies, we are now perilously close to losing – if not actually forfeiting – the Republic.  To quote Joseph Robinette Biden: “Not joking; not hyperbole.”  And although the jury is still out on whether he even knows what “hyperbole” means – after all, the term has four syllables – as the Clown at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he clearly understands what a “joke” is.

But I digress.

Your humble servant’s 2022 above post referenced another article by the intrepid P&E Editor quoting Mr. Trump’s former trade advisor, Peter Navarro, as predicting that a Trump-DeSantis 2024 ticket would be an “unstoppable juggernaut” that could win the 2024 contest “by a country mile.” One hopes that Navarro is right. 

But given the current “lay of the land” and all of the perils looming on the Republic’s horizon, “hope” alone is no longer an acceptable mindset.  Recall that Mr. Obama promised “hope and change,” and the result has been nothing short of catastrophic.  Recall that Obama selected Mr. Biden as his running mate, arguably only to groom him as the marionette he and his like-minded sycophants still manipulate from, among other places, Martha’s Vineyard.

Stated otherwise, whatever jousting the two of you believe you must engage in as the GOP primaries approach, please bear in mind that you both, in a sense, are in a position to fulfill Ben Franklin’s wish that the Republic the Founders had just created in Philadelphia 236 years ago would survive rather than perish via hara kiri.  

The Republic is close…, dangerously close…, to teetering on the abyss into which it has been staring since Jan. 20, 2021, when Mr. Biden was sworn in as president.  An argument can be made that, like Dec. 7, 1941, that will be a day that will live infamy.

Meanwhile, do what each of you thinks you must do to secure what you hope will be your nomination, keeping in mind that the real enemy is not either of you.  But once that task is completed, and with all sincerity, please mend whatever fences need to be mended, lock arms in unity against the common enemy and defeat whoever the Democrats offer up in opposition. 

If Mr. Trump wins the nomination, Mr. DeSantis must support him…, and vice versa.  And if Mr. Trump wins the GOP nomination, recall what Mr. Navarro had to say about juggernauts.  The stakes are far too high to allow the Democrats one more nanosecond in power, let alone another four years.  Look no farther than the metastasizing of the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland “Security” for validation of that reality.

There is a trite saying in the law: “The advice is free, and therefore worthless.”  Your servant hopes that both of you will consider these thoughts to be something other than worthless.

J. DeMaio

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  1. In my opinion America cannot ever win if nothing is done about Obama’s illegitimate presidency, and both parties who enabled and now protect Obama to protect themselves. A crime too big to prosecute was committed and covered-up by both parties and the Obama media. It was successful in spite of hitting a few glitches along the way, example, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president was supposed to be Hilary Clinton…..and certainly not Donald Trump, the one person both parties feared might reveal and act on The Obama Fraud. Trump did not for a variety of reasons, one being he was kept very busy from the moment he walked into the weaponized to protect Obama, White House.

    Perhaps recovery is not possible at this late date? The bad guys are still winning and at a rapid pace……Biden replacing Hillary as the after Obama cover president put the original plan in overdrive because it gave Obama the “third term” he said he wanted, I don’t believe Obama could have controlled Hillary the way he does Biden, and her in office after Obama would have meant a more controlled final destruction of America……..With Obama/Biden the swamp has quickly exposed itself…..but it is being filled and not drained………….RINOS are everywhere……..protecting themselves from being exposed as part of The Obama Fraud…Treason was and still is being committed with impunity and there is no punishment……..I don’t know if Trump can be elected again or not, nor do I know if that could save America….but IMO it is the only possibility that even reaches, “it might”……the other possibilities are doing what enemies of America want to be done….defeating Donald Trump……and enabling more “fundamental change”…………

  2. Since 20 Jan 2021 Barack Hussein Obama II has been running the country (into the ground) with Biden as his “front man” from behind the curtain as the National Community Organizer in Chief (NCOinC). He told us this was going to happen and made it seem like a joke when he did this interview in Dec 2020. It was all part of Obama’s evil plan and his ego made him tell us in advance (presented as a joke) that he was going to do it. See:

    Our constitutional republic is now totally infiltrated and in the control of evil people who led and orchestrated by Obama are using Biden as the “front man” to take all the blame in public and all the while Obama himself smirks (in public and behind the scenes) doing what he wanted to do when he was in office. But with his narcissistic, megalomaniac ego, he didn’t want to take the blame if he did it openly himself while he was the President and Commander in Chief as he knew if would damage his legacy in history. He didn’t want to be remembered as the worst President in history. But the puppet master Obama is perfectly OK with his puppet Biden being labeled as such by implementing Obama plans to forever change our country. And that change and “Dreams” of Obama are not for the good.

    Obama is a community organizer, divider in chief, leader-from-behind type person – of the Marxist/communist sympathizing Saul Alinsky trained ilk. As written in Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father”, Obama Sr and Obama II/Jr believe that the United States needed to be taken down several pegs economically, politically, and militarily on the world stage. And with Joe Biden totally controlled by Obama, he is now able to implement his evil plans to from behind the curtain as the NCOinC. And unfortunately for us all, they have been quite successful in achieving their evil goals at an accelerated rate of the last 2+ years.

    I hope and pray that Trump and DeSantis take heed of your excellent letter and speak out directly about who is actually leading our nation to ruin – Obama the “Cultural Marxist” and subversive NCOinC.

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)