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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks with then-President Donald J. Trump at the White House in 2020 (whitehouse.gov archived)

(Jul. 15, 2022) — As reported by The P&E, former advisor to President Trump, Peter Navarro, predicts – “with certainty” – that a 2024 presidential ticket of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis will win the GOP nomination and go on to win the general election “by a country mile.” Navarro characterized such a ticket as an “unstoppable juggernaut.” Let us explore that prediction more closely.

First, Trump is currently telegraphing unmistakable messages that he has made his decision on whether he will run – or not – with the only remaining issue being when to formally make the announcement.  The smart money is with Navarro’s conclusion: “45” would not be refurbishing the Trump 757 for sport.  Memo to the Orange Man: great upgrade on the jet.

Second, if, in fact, the 2020 election was compromised – and there are many, many unanswered questions regarding its legitimacy and suggesting that, despite ipse dixit pronouncements that the election was fair and secure, it was instead fatally compromised – Donald Trump is unquestionably the one person with the “fire in the belly” to correct that wrong by again running for and winning the office.   

That act would clearly not “undo” the cataclysmic result of that election – “Brandon” in the Oval Office – but it would visit delicious accountability on all who actually facilitated that unhappy result. And since real “accountability” is an unknown phenomenon in the Beltway, what better way to accomplish it than by re-electing President Trump?  Take that, you miserable D.C. denizens!

Moreover, with the revelations emanating from the D’Souza “2000 Mules” documentary to the recently-released decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court declaring unattended ballot “drop boxes” illegal to the growing evidence of the infusion and counting of fraudulent “midnight” ballots in Michigan, the questionable claim that the 2020 election was secure at alllet alone of historic significance – seems more and more to be disinformation instead of empirical fact.

Recall the dark but insightful observation made by the murderous Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin: “Those who cast the votes determine nothing.  Those who count the votes determine everything.” If a batch of 50,000 midnight ballots contains 49,000 fraudulent ones, that batch can be counted over and over and over, but the mathematical result will still be the same.

Stated otherwise, recounts accomplish little to identify fraudulent ballots, but geo-tracking “pings” of “mules” visiting ballot stash houses and multiple “drop boxes” could eventually demonstrate a lot.  We eagerly await the pulling of the “ripcord.” To this point, again, Trump is the only person with enough napalm in the belly to go for the Democrats’ jugular in 2024.

Third, despite the fact that Donald Trump would run a couple of thousand circles around the Goof in debates – assuming that the Democrat Party were so insane to allow him to be its nominee in 2024, a growing question, – having a charismatic, younger Navy veteran like DeSantis as a running mate sends a message that when Trump’s second term is finished, another strong conservative will be ready to take the freedom torch.   

DeSantis, a Harvard Law honors graduate who, prior to being elected to the House and thereafter becoming Governor of Florida, served as an advisor to a Seal Team One commander when deployed to Iraq in 2007, is now only 43 years old.  In 2028, he would be the perfect age to undertake his own run for the presidency, having been seasoned for the office following four years of experience as VP.

And to vastly understate the matter, a Vice President DeSantis would present an exponential improvement over the Word Salad Queen now masquerading as a VP.  She is almost as embarrassing as the Goofball.  And unlike the Queen, there is no doubt that DeSantis is a natural born citizen.

But with the emerging reality that the Democrats will do everything in their power to avoid nominating the Goof and the Queen, the question arises: who might theoretically defeat a Trump-DeSantis ticket in 2024?  Bernie?  Pocahontas?  AOC?  Newsom…, after the damage he’s done to Cali?  Hillary…, after her laptop and cellphone BleachBit escapades…, seriously

None of these losers – or any duo combination thereof – would present anything close to a real challenge to a Trump-DeSantis ticket.  Trump has the visceral animus and DeSantis has the bona fides to make him an ideal vice-president for four years and thereafter, presidential timber.

Bottom line: Navarro is likely directly on target.  Moreover, his use of the term “juggernaut” probably understates the potential. That term is defined as “a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path.” (emphasis added) And what better way to correct the downward trajectory of the nation under the Goofball and the Queen than to crush whatever opposition the Democrats offer up in 2024?

Crushed Democrat opposition… sweet!

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  1. I would Love to see a Trump Desantis Run! They would be a force to be reckoned with, it would also give us 12 more years working on the America first Agenda. Let’s do it.

  2. We need to keep our eye on the ball… Instead of focusing on the election that is
    27 months away, we need to focus on the election that is 3 months away… another
    “fatally compromised” election and America will be finished

  3. What about that pesky 12th Amendment restriction of statehood residency for both contenders that a wise commenter brought us to our attention on a different article, same topic?

  4. Trump / Desantis would be fantastic.
    Four years of Trump followed by another 8 of Desantis would make America the best country in the world again.