by Joseph DeMaio, ©2023  

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador

(Mar. 10, 2023) — Underscoring why any sentient and rational American – thereby excluding, of course, most registered Democrats – would avoid travel to the Third World country directly south of us, look no further than the recent statement of its president, one Andrés Manuel López Obrador, threatening GOP politicians.

Comically – not unlike his evil twin brother Brandon up North, no doubt separated at birth – he threatened GOP politicians here for advocating that the Goof at 1600 should designate Mexican drug cartels as “foreign terrorist organizations.”  Such action would authorize more “aggressive” measures than are now being used to fight the cartels, including military action against them…, in Mexico.

López Obrador even had the audacity to claim that GOP support for such a designation was “irresponsible” and “an offense against the people of Mexico,” purportedly constituting a “lack of respect for our independence, for our sovereignty.”  CNN might have helped craft the threat.

And if the GOP politicians don’t back off, he also threatened to “tell the Latinos living in the U.S. to “not vote for them” because their proposal is “inhumane” and “corrupt.”  Yeah, as if undocumented Democrats living here would vote for them anyway and as if the Goof would even consider such a designation to protect American lives.  After all, look at the Americans he abandoned in Afghanistan after promising them they would not be abandoned.

Seriously?  Only in a Mexican alternative universe is it corrupt and inhumane to seek the eradication of the purveyors of poisons that kill more Americans here each year than were lost in all of the 15 years of our fighting in Viet Nam.

The depth of López Obrador’s hypocrisy rivals that of any garden-variety Democrat who voted for the Goofball in 2020…, the “most secure election in history.”  Where does this Brandon clone get off characterizing our efforts to stop the cartels from poisoning and killing over 100,000 Americans per year – when he refuses to do it – as either “corrupt” or “inhumane?” 

And as for his whining about any purported “lack of respect for independence… [and] sovereignty,” how does he square that prevarication with his facilitating the invasion – let us call it what it is – of the United States by Mexicans and illegal aliens from across the planet?  His actions do not exactly comport with anything close to “respect” for this nation’s sovereignty.  Moreover, BTW, he needs to remember that Mexico lost – as in “did not win” – the Mexican-American War.

As for why López Obrador might be now threatening the duties of GOP congressmen to look out for this Republic’s interests – when Brandon will not – the question arises: might it simply be a ruse to give him cover with the cartels when a couple of A-10’s take out the secret fentanyl labs in Mexico’s jungles?  Might López Obrador have other reasons for protecting the cartels and allowing their continued operation?

Just sayin’….

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