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(Feb. 8, 2023) — Face it, it happens: a complete idiot is born, one who is without a moral compass and lacks the empathy that makes most of us human, apart from those who do not believe in the Golden Rule, those who choose to live in squalor, each breath one heartbeat away from gagging at the stench. Ever been to Marseille, France; Naples, Italy or, for that matter, Minneapolis, USA and take a leisurely nighttime walk when suddenly you hear a scream, more likely than not the result of radical Islamic ideology, which condones violence and ‘honor killings,’ the euphemism for premeditated murder?

Anyway, getting back to the idiot, that would be Joe Biden, aka ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ and, by extension, all his cohorts, fellow Dems and the others who don’t believe in the Constitution or have no qualms about ‘passing the buck’ which means, to put it bluntly, stealing from the next generation, Biden is following in the footsteps of the tyrants who were tried, convicted and executed by those they trod over and stole from, not only money but also desecrated what ‘the greatest generation’ fought and died for. Visit any nursing home and they’ll tell you that they’re thankful for not being able to live long enough to see the end of America. You can’t erase history, such as toppling statues, without paying for it somehow such as welcoming a generation that has no fidelity to the history of mankind’s quest for freedom beginning when the Jews demanded from the Egyptian pharaoh, ‘Let my people go!’

It’s the same old game — different ballpark, but the rules are the same. Lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes, and it is eventually reduced to one emotion: fear. If you say the Biden Crime Syndicate is killing America, will you fear a reprisal? If someone were to write that the so-called ‘vaccine’ is a ticket to myocarditis, will they be ostracized? If you and I spread the truth will we be thrown in with the innocent Jan. Sixers?

The problem stems from a lack of faith, both in ourselves and in our brothers and sisters. Once upon a time I went to a war, and I witnessed a travesty and spoke up. One person out of a thousand questioned what in the heck we were doing, and even though I didn’t change a thing, I wasn’t court-martialed for circumventing military protocol (an understatement if there ever was one); at least I tried to make a wrong a right.

More and more people are coming forward, speaking up; more and more guns and ammo are being purchased; more and more ‘Mama Bears’ and ‘Angel Moms’ are making themselves heard, and that’s just the tip of the spear that extends to the heartland, from coast to coast. When I was in the military, whenever I was in a foreign land, I made a point to visit a cemetery that interred our military and there I stood, alone, as I saluted the American flag that flew over those graves. Surrounded by those who died before me, I held that salute in respect and I was honored to do so.

We have a crook, a bum, a liar, and a thief acting as our president, and it’s just a matter of time until every crooked judge suffers the same fate as they bestowed upon the innocent. The Jan. 6 people could’ve been pardoned for crimes they did not commit, but that’ll never happen, will it? How much must we endure? The NFL glorifies itself at making a public display of their contempt for our National Anthem, our flag and for those who served and are serving in our military, and some in the Tennessee legislature are proposing erasing Columbus Day and replacing it with ‘Super Bowl’ Day. The irreverence is astonishing, to be sure, beyond reason to the point of denying any so-called ‘inconvenient’ facts. Truth of the matter is that in everyone’s family tree there are slaves and slave owners, saints, murderers, good and evil.

Life is hard enough without adding to it. I am part American Indian, yet I have never asked for any of this ‘Affirmative Action’ nonsense. But what happened to my people — tortured, enslaved and killed, their land stolen — happened a couple of generations ago and this is a new day, a day when the USA is on the edge, one side falling into chaos and oblivion and the other reaching for the stars.

If Biden and his open-border policy remain, our country won’t be a country by the time 2024 rolls around. Besides, if you keep the voting apparatus the same, i.e., Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, what’s the point of going through the motions if all we end up with is the likes of Katie Hobbs?

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see the downward slope of our country. We are being led by idiots, our military is being led by idiots, and we have idiot governors and mayors who are deliberately turning out country into one big battlefield, with the only way to declare victory being to celebrate breakfast.

In Italy, after the people had enough, they executed Benito Mussolini and his mistress, hung them and beat the corpses to a bloody pulp. History has a rather remarkable coincidence of repeating itself; isn’t that so?

So, here’s the parable to this story: If one were to repeat the offenses of the past, shouldn’t one then expect the same conclusions in the present?

Professor Wert

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  1. Excellent editorial, to be sure.
    So, here’s the question: we have a choice, let Biden get us in a war or do we kick Biden the heck out of there and let rational people take over?
    If we were a country of laws we would deal with the traitors forthwith, and we better do it now or we just may run out of time.
    Goodbye AOC, Omar, Tlaib, the Joint Chiefs and every person who had a hand in the fraudulent elections.

    Professor ‘Trash the masks’ Zorkophsky