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(May 1, 2021) — “Mr. Ed Theme Song” (0:52)

“Daddy, tell me a bedtime story that has a horse in it.”

“Once upon a time…”

“What time would that be? Was it yesterday at noon, and if it was noon, what time would it have been in Japan?”

“In this bedtime story we’re telling time by the sun, like the sun moves around the earth, so if it is noon on the sun, then all the earth clocks read ‘noon,’ no matter where on earth they may be, because in this story, time is ruled by the sun. Do you understand?”

“Perfectly. Now tell me about the horse, please; is it a girl horse? Can we name her ‘Star?’”

“Once upon a time, a little filly named Star was sitting on a bench in a train station on her way to the farm where she grew up.”

“Are you being serious, Daddy? Was Star sitting on a bench or was she laying on a bench?”

“By golly, I do believe you’re right; Star was lying on a bench.”

“I knew it! Did she have her lunch yet? I want to know what she had. Did she have a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast?”

“Yes, she had her oats for breakfast but we have to go back and talk more about time. Do you know what time is?”

“Well, I know that you and Mommy say that as you grow older the faster time seems to go. I hear other old people say, ‘They grow up before you know it’; isn’t that true?”

“Perfectly. So we’ve learned that time moves and that the movement of time is true. We also learned that time moves along at a pretty good clip, even though it seems as if Santa Claus takes forever.”

“Now isn’t that the truth, Daddy?”

“Yes, do you know that humans have been on our planet for a long time?”

“I’ve heard that, Daddy, a lot longer than we thought; so long, in fact, that we may be in our second or third go-around before we reach the brink of extinction and start all over again.”

“Where did you learn that?”

“In school. My teacher, Miss Bernard, says that one of these times we’ll either ‘get it’ or ‘extinct ourselves’; her words. What does Star think about time?”

“Star thinks that the train is due, so she’s stretching and yawning, but politely and not acting like some farm animal.”

“What else?”

“She says that we humans think we’re so smart but don’t act so smart. She says there’s all kinds of talk about people saving the planet but keep on having more kids and polluting even more today than yesterday. She says we passed the tipping point when logic went out the barn door years ago.”

“What does she propose?”

“She says that violence is not the answer; education is. She says there’s a difference between ‘truth’ and ‘fact.’ She says that truth is in the eye of the beholder while facts remain the same all the time everywhere.”

“Even on the sun?”

“That’s right; a hydrogen atom behaves the same on the sun as it does in one of our atom bombs here on earth.”

“Is Star on the train yet?”

“Indeed she is. You know, she booked a sleeping car, full of hay and fresh oats.”

“You mean Cheerios.”

“Cheerios. She’s very happy but very tired. She says horses judge humans on how far off they get off the planet. She gives us high marks for walking on the moon and she likes the International Space Station (ISS), but it doesn’t mean squat if we’re down here killing each other.”

“I’m exhausted; can we take a break?”


Back in the Saddle Again” (3:12)

“Tell me more about time, Daddy. Did we humans make it up or does everybody measure time the same, that is, if there is time.”

“No, time is real and even if there were no humans around, giraffes would still be giraffes and salmon would still swim up the creek to spawn the next generation of fish to feed the bears.”

“Is Star taking her nap?”

“Right on time. Getting back to the discussion about ‘truth’ and ‘facts,’ what we believe are universal ‘truths’ may not be a universal ‘fact’; do you follow me?”


“What has your teacher told you about us humans?”

“Miss Bernard says that the universe is more complex than any human can even imagine; she also says that the fight isn’t with other humans, but of time. She also told us about ‘Göbekli Tepe‘ and that the knowledge of carving and moving such heavy stones must have taken a long time to figure out, many thousands of generations, so maybe the site represents something a lot older than at first postulated.”

“She said that?”

“She said that time is the one enemy we all can share, from a quark to a rooster. She says there’s not as much time to go around as we would like to think, but rushing along is not the answer.”

“Now isn’t that interesting? That’s what Star says. She says that the American Indians would’ve exploded their first atomic device in the year 2424 if left to their own devices, which means that ‘Pandora’s Box may have been breached before the first ice age, for all we know. Star also made the observation that Despotism and Totalitarianism is the norm while a free nation is the abnormality. It is the abnormal people who will reach for the stars.”

“Why is that?”

“Because Dictatorships* are preoccupied with keeping control, whereas a free people don’t give a hoot about keeping control. A free people have more time to reach for the stars rather than to fight in the gutters for grains of rice, or scavenge for lumps of coal along railroad beds.”

“Has Star reached her farm yet?”

“Yes, she has. The driveway divides: on one side there’s a sign that reads, ‘This way to Biden’s inflation,’ while on the other fork there’s signs reading, ‘A chance for Mars.’

“I hope she goes to Mars.”

“Then what do you say we make it so: Star goes to the stars. Goodnight.”


[*Dictatorships: paranoia is the one common denominator they all share. Razor wire and troops surrounding the White House is but one manifestation of the breakdown of what our country had until Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, began the transformation. Pulling the plug on Trump wasn’t such a good idea after all.] 


Pony” (4:40)

Professor Wert

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  1. It was kind of confusing but finally got the point across. At this point with these crazies in control, we need GOD to make them lose their minds, if they had any to begin with. We need the 6 states or at least 4 to do their job proving TRUMP did win a landslide election and literally force the Supreme Court to do their job. We need Amy and Brent to remember , they are representing the CONSTITUTION, as they must have forgotten it comes before worrying about their children being killed. We ALL can be killed with these insane communists in control. And remember that both Harris and Pelosi are members of the USA Communist party. We need to arrest the demon possessed DEMS, have a military tribunal for TREASON and execution at GITMO. Then America can be FREE again as the founders intended.