by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 3, 2023) — On Thursday Project Veritas released the third segment of a video recorded by an undercover journalist depicting Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker, a medical doctor, admitting that the “vaccines” administered worldwide beginning in mid-December 2020 have negatively affected women of child-bearing age.

According to Pfizer, “The swift delivery of the world’s first mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine put a big spotlight on the promise of mRNA technology, but we think the scientific community is only beginning to tap its potential. The next wave of scientific innovation is upon us, and Pfizer is working hard to harness the power of mRNA. Our expertise in disease biology, along with our robust, rapid manufacturing capabilities, and talented scientific minds will help propel the potential of this technology forward.”

The safety of the mRNA-based “vaccines” produced by Pfizer and Moderna in the U.S. and Pfizer affiliate BioNTech and AstraZeneca in Europe, which many governments mandated in order for employees to re-enter the workplace following “lockdowns” and sequestering, was publicly questioned in a June 2021 podcast by early mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert W. Malone, MD; former biology professor at Washington State’s Evergreen State College Bret Weinstein; and Steve Kirsch, a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur-turned-COVID-19 researcher, writer and vaccine-safety non-profit founder.

The roundtable, an edition of Weinstein’s “Darkhorse Podcast,” was censored by social-media platforms. After it and others similarly questioning the wisdom of the rush to vaccinate the world at large with largely-untested substances aired, two YouTube channels run by Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, received “multiple strikes.”

The Post & Email reported on Project Veritas’s two preceding videos as well as Pfizer’s response last Friday.

The initial video depicted Walker claiming to the PV journalist that Pfizer is conducting, or considering launching, “directed evolution” in order to develop new “vaccine” products to boost company profits.

The second video, which YouTube removed, portrays Walker becoming frantic after PV founder James O’Keefe, III confronted him in a New York City restaurant with the initial video in which he made the confessions to the undercover journalist over drinks. After an altercation in which Walker attempted to seize and destroy O’Keefe’s iPad, police arrive and reportedly say that had O’Keefe remained at the scene, Walker would have been arrested.

As was reported earlier this week by Substacker Jordan Schachtel, Pfizer reported a $31 billion profit for 2022. A decrease in revenue of approximately one-third is anticipated for 2023, CNBC reported.

In the 5+-minute third segment, Walker, who serves as Pfizer’s Global Director of Research and Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, indicated to the journalist he is aware of menstrual irregularities reported by women after taking the vaccine.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in October, “In an international study of data from nearly 20,000 people who received any of nine different COVID-19 vaccines, researchers have confirmed a link between COVID-19 vaccination and an average increase in menstrual cycle length of less than one day. This increase was not associated with a change in the number of days of bleeding, and for most study participants, the increase resolved in the menstrual cycle following vaccination.”

However, in July 2022, NBC News reported, citing a study published in the medical publication Science Advances, “42% of people with regular menstrual cycles said they bled more heavily than usual after vaccination. Meanwhile, 44% reported no change and around 14% reported a lighter period. Among nonmenstruating people — those post-menopause or who use certain long-term contraceptives, for example — the study suggests many experienced breakthrough or unexpected bleeding after their Covid shots.”

According to a paper in the NIH’s National Library of Medicine, the majority of data retrieved from reports to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) of menstrual changes after all types of vaccinations between July 2, 1990 and November 12, 2021 is associated with COVID-19 vaccines. “There is a potential safety signal when the COVID-19 vaccine is administered to young adult female (30-49 years old), resulting in menstrual disorders in,” [sic] the report reads. “However, due to the well-known limitations of spontaneous reporting data, it is challenging to explicity classify menstrual disorders as an adverse event of the COVID-19 Vaccines, and reports of adverse reactions to COVID-19 Vaccines in this age group should continue to be tracked.”

According to a group of researchers of the Women’s Health Center at the University of British Columbia, Canada in June 2021:

There is a growing concern that the COVID-19 vaccine is causing disruptions to menstrual cycles and questions as to why the vaccine may have this effect have been raised by women awaiting their vaccines. Valid, as these questions are, we have few answers as there has been very little to no research in this area. In fact, most of these concerns have been reported through social media and voluntary self-report on databases such as the United States’ Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and the Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database.

…Yet, to date, there have been no systemic studies to examine whether the COVID-19 vaccine – or other factors – are causing these irregularities.

Walker, who the journalist acknowledged is a urologist by specialty, indicated that menstrual irregularities following COVID-19 injection are “a little concerning.”

“The vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that,” he said. “…It has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles.”

If a “scandal” were to emerge showing that the “next generation” were compromised as a result of the vaccine, Walker said, he would “take Pfizer off my resume.”

Of the “virus mutation process” previously discussed which Walker said would involve experiments on monkeys constantly “infecting each other,” Walker said it “seems like from what I’ve heard is they are optimizing it, but it is very slow because everyone’s very cautious, like, you know.”

Caught off-guard in the second video segment, an outraged Walker claimed to O’Keefe that he “lied” on-camera when he spoke to the journalist, believing he was engaged in a potential “date” situation.

“Obvious you don’t want to accelerate it too much,” Walker added in video #3. “…you obviously don’t want to advertise that you are figuring out future mutations.”

“RNA” technology will be used “not just for viruses,” he added, but, for example, in “gene editing” and “oncology.”

“No one” cares about COVID any longer, Walker claimed, as Pfizer looks to what it will do with mRNA technology “in the future.”

When the journalist asked if Pfizer is going to be “held liable for any of these vaccine injuries that have happened,” Walker responded, “I don’t think so.”

“There haven’t been any problems so far, but we’ll see,” Walker added after offering as an example the drug Vioxx, manufactured by Merck, which was found to have a causal relationship with heart attacks and removed from the market in 2004.

According to a 2007 synopsis of the drug’s rise and fall by NPR, “Research later published in the medical journal Lancet estimates that 88,000 Americans had heart attacks from taking Vioxx, and 38,000 of them died,” and some of the clinical-trial data was withheld from the public.

Walker told the journalist that as a urologist and regarding the menstrual irregularities of which he is aware, he believes the vaccine is specifically interfering with “the HPG axis.”

On Thursday, commenting on PV’s latest revelation and its potential implications, Malone wrote on his Substack:

So, what is the HPG axis, and why would it matter if this were being damaged by the Pfizer mRNA product? Is this a reasonable hypothesis? Well, first off, the anterior hypothalamus and the adrenals are very fatty organs, and are reasonably likely to attract mRNA/cationic lipid nanoplexes.”

…If the HPA axis is being damaged by these product, that has profound implications for almost all of human physiology as well as reproductive biology.

Please keep in mind, these products are being administered to young children as well as adults.

Damage to the HPA axis can damage the following systems in your body:

  • Immune system
  • Stress responses
  • Digestion
  • Mood and emotions
  • Sexuality and sex drive
  • Energy storage and stamina
  • Reproduction
  • Fetal development
  • Placental and ovarian functions required to maintain pregnancy

The implications of all of this are profound.

The next key questions are what does Pfizer know, when did they know it, did they disclose what they know to the FDA, EMA, and other global regulatory agencies, when did they make disclosures, and why has the general public not been informed of these risks?

Inquiring minds want to know, and the world deserves answers.

As of this writing, the analysis tool openvaers is reflecting a total of 1,509,410 “adverse events” reported to VAERS as of January 20, 2023 in connection with COVID vaccines, of which 33,904 are “deaths” and 62,572 indicate “permanently disabled.”

According to a paper published at NIH in September 2022 titled, “Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults,” a study the authors conducted showed an “excess risk of serious adverse events” necessitating “formal harm-benefit analyses, particularly those that are stratified according to risk of serious COVID-19 outcomes. These analyses will require public release of participant level datasets.”

One of the authors, Dr. Joseph Fraiman, recently issued a public statement calling for the withdrawal of all COVID-19 vaccines from the market.

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  1. When will the MSM finally get on board and report this? (… the analysis tool openvaers is reflecting a total of 1,509,410 “adverse events” reported to VAERS as of January 20, 2023 in connection with COVID vaccines, of which 33,904 are “deaths” and 62,572 indicate “permanently disabled.”}