by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 27, 2023) — The second part of a Project Veritas investigation into pharmaceutical company Pfizer, one of the manufacturers of COVID-19 “vaccines,” reveals the subject of the initial footage, Jordon Trishton Walker, MD, quickly becoming distraught and denying the assertions he made to an undercover PV journalist that Pfizer is exploring “directed evolution,” or the deliberate mutation of the coronavirus in order to produce “vaccines” in advance.

As of this writing, the second video is available here; the initial video can be found here.

O’Keefe’s taking a seat in the New York City restaurant with and confrontation of Walker with his own words catalyzed the shocked Pfizer executive to jump from his seat, run to the back of the restaurant, shout denials and call the police. After several minutes of frantic pacing, retreating and advancing while appearing to dial his phone and shout his outrage, Walker is later seen grabbing from O’Keefe and dropping the iPad used to show him the initial footage. As most patrons and staff looked on, Walker scrambled to recover the iPad on the floor, eventually engaging in a physical confrontation with a much larger male bystander whose face is pixelated.

Between retreating from O’Keefe and re-emerging, Walker took the position he had been “lying” about Pfizer’s alleged research into “directed evolution” in order to “impress a date.”

“Please do call the police; please do,” O’Keefe said after Walker disappeared in the back of the restaurant briefly.

For several minutes O’Keefe was locked inside the restaurant while Walker called upon him to leave, as O’Keefe narrated as the situation unfolded.

“Can I talk to you about this outside?” O’Keefe directed to Walker while a cameraman stood behind him.

“Absolutely not. You cannot use my likeness on this…” Walker responded between forays into the food-prep area and behind the bar where employees were working.

He then told O’Keefe he is “not even a scientist by background.” “I came from a consulting firm that does business,” Walker said. “This is absurd…”

According to his bio, Walker did, in fact, work for a Boston consulting firm prior to becoming “Director, Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, Pfizer.”

On Friday The Post & Email located four articles at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Library of Medicine, pubmed, crediting Walker as an author. While his middle name is not present, the unusual spelling of “Jordon” appears in all four; in two, the middle initial “T” is used.

The subject matter of the articles appears to coincide with that of three articles Walker included in his bio.

While Walker remained inside the restaurant, O’Keefe made his way outside, continuing to narrate as he looked for “the car” in which he would depart. “This is remarkable what you just witnessed here,” he said for the benefit of his future audience as he appeared to pull an unknown individual with him for several steps and swiftly walked down the dark street.

Shortly thereafter, Walker emerged and waved his arms in front of a black SUV which PV reported Walker believed held the PV production crew.

After allowing the SUV passage, Walker ran to a police car arriving on the scene.

A remaining PV journalist reportedly spoke with the police, who apparently indicated that had O’Keefe not departed, Walker would have been arrested.

On his show Thursday night, Tucker Carlson aired portions of the two-part series, adding his own commentary and that of Dr. Robert W. Malone, an early pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccinology and contributor to the “Twitter Space” O’Keefe held Wednesday night following his release of Part 1.

Update, 7:30 p.m. EST: Moments ago, Project Veritas tweeted that YouTube has removed the video for “due to a violation of its community guidelines,” resulting in a one-week suspension.

O’Keefe tweeted additional details.

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  1. To: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. Did you enjoy your stay in Davos, Switzerland, while attending this year’s “World Economic Forum?” I’ll bet you did! By the way, what contribution did you make in the various discussion groups (assuming, of course, that you were not too “tied up” to attend them!)? Did you get to meet our country’s charming, tight-lipped FBI Director Christopher Wray? I keep asking myself what possible business could he have had by going to the WEF in Davos? One last thing, Mr Bourla, I strongly suggest that you never send your R&D Head Jordan T Walker to Davos or, for that matter, anywhere else where he might lose self control and even “hurt” someone. But, wait a minute, haven’t you Mr Bourla and Jordan T Walker on behalf of Pfizer already done that, i.e. hurt, or worse, innocent people by the millions with your experimental “jabs”? Were the Company’s big profits worth it?