by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 26, 2023) — On Wednesday night, Project Veritas held a “Twitter Space” exposing Pfizer’s alleged plan to continue to conduct “directed evolution” in live monkeys in order to develop additional “vaccines” to address new mutations of the COVID-19 virus to increase profits.

Project Veritas posted its story here, with a second part to come on Thursday, PV founder James O’Keefe, III said during the Twitter Space.

The meeting was joined at PV’s request by Dr. Robert W. Malone, MD, MS, who pioneered mRNA technology in the early 1980s and said PV asked him to review the information it collected prior to its release.

The video of what it reported is Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations, mRNA Scientific Planner Dr. Jordon Trishtan Walker, MD, speaking about the company’s “consideration” of mutating the SARS-CV-2 virus to develop new products benefiting Pfizer has shocked many, including Malone, as he said in the Space and on his Substack Thursday morning.

When O’Keefe opened the discussion to medical professionals, Dr. Kat Lindley, MD spoke first, expressing her view that based on the video, there appears to be no limit to what pharmaceutical companies believe they can do to make profits.

New Zealand entrepreneur Kim Dotcom observed that Walker’s bio was not locatable, but Malone said it is available on LinkedIn, and O’Keefe provided details from it while withholding certain personal information.

On Thursday morning, Private Intelligence and Security Consultant Brian O’Shea reported his research on Walker, which reads, in part:

  1. He helped create market forecasts for therapeutics related to oncology in 2021 (Operation Moonshot comes to mind).
  2. He “conducted impact evaluation of Value-Based Payment models and COVID-related changes in hospital reimbursement policies for a US federal health agency”. (Does this mean Boston Consulting Group or Pfizer or both were working with the US government to actually create POLICIES THAT AFFECT US TAXPAYERS???)
  3. He took a BCG sponsored Mandarin (Chinese) language and business immersion course…RIGHT BEFORE THE PANDEMIC HIT THE UNITED STATES. Does this mean BCG and/or their Clients (who are either Pfizer, the US Government, or both) knew that these vaccines would be (or were already) being made in China? Business immersion (I am guessing business terms and colloquialisms) was also a focus. Does this mean he and his Clients knew in 2019 or earlier that a mass vaccination/pharma boom was about to hit that both the CCP (who control the Chinese pharma industry and, of course, all of the BSL-4 labs the research occurred in) & Pfizer et al would be partnered on?
  4. He is clearly a marketing specialist in the pharma space. Was Dr. Walker one of the “Vaccine Confidence” team members that created the strategy to manipulate the American population into taking an experimental, and as we now know dangerous/deadly mRNA experimental shot?
  5. Did he actually go to Yale? Only one profile lists his attendance there.

Regarding Walker’s authenticity, O’Keefe reported he spoke with Walker directly Wednesday night. “New whistleblowers” from Pfizer, O’Keefe said, provided “an employee flow chart” containing Walker’s name, the name of his supervisor, and the fact that the supervisor reports directly to Pfizer Director Albert Bourla.

Late Wednesday night, O’Keefe released additional documentation “verifying Jordan [sic] Walker as @pfizer Director, Research & Development Strategic Operations.”

“This is a very high-level position,” Malone said, noting that Walker displayed a “complete lack of empathy” when he spoke with the undercover PV journalist.

O’Keefe revealed that the journalist is a former Pfizer employee.

Dr. Andrew Huff, author, whistleblower and former executive at Eco-Health Alliance, participated in the call.

The Post & Email sought references to Walker on Pfizer’s website and was unable to locate any Thursday morning.

“We need to hear from Pfizer,” O’Keefe observed, stating that at that time, the company had not responded to the release of the video. Approximately 45 minutes into the Space, O’Keefe announced that Pfizer had since “disabled comments on TikTok.”

OB-GYN Dr. James Thorp joined the Space, commending PV for its work and repeating his outrage that the COVID-19 “vaccines” have been promoted to pregnant women.

Malone responded that another group, the severely vaccine-injured, has been ostracized on social media and treated “horribly” by the medical and other communities. “I’m just overwhelmed by the whole thing,” he concluded his thought.

On his Substack, Malone wrote, in part:

Here is the rough beast in the flesh, slouching towards Bethlehem to be born. Devoid of empathy. Avarice its purpose. It’s face glowing with joy, oblivious to the profound human tragedy it enables, reveling in the damage wrought to the web of humanity and the structure of a nation. Oblivious to the horror embodied in its words, in the very fabric of its language. Possessed by a deep belief in its own entitlement. Oozing dizzy narcissism. Celebrating corruption. Completely devoid of wisdom, introspection or self-awareness of the fundamental perversion of its soul.

A senior emissary from an immortal corporation, which courts have defined as having rights formerly restricted to human citizens, and which chronically preys and feeds on human suffering. A corporation which shrugs off massive fines for illegal activities as just another inconvenience, a mere business expense.

Look deeply into the face of this ambassador from another world, listen carefully to these worlds. This is how we got here. This is the culture that has given us this global human tragedy.

Other medical professionals participating in the Space were Dr. Molly James, MD, FLCCC co-founder Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a medical ethicist, who is suing California Gov. Gavin Newsom over his signing of a law penalizing physicians for disseminating “medical misinformation.”

Late Wednesday night, Kheriarty quoted from an article from Fox News, reporting:

A California judge issued a preliminary injunction against a state law that empowers the Medical Board of California to discipline physicians who support opinions about COVID-19 that are not in line with the “consensus,” according to reports.

The law, known as Assembly Bill 2098, was set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2023. Under the law, the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California could discipline physicians who “disseminate” information about COVID that is not in line with the “contemporary scientific consensus.”

But in November, a group of five California physicians filed a lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration, saying the law violates their First Amendment rights and constitutional right to due process.

Aaron Kheriaty, MD, is listed as one of the physicians in the lawsuit, and on Wednesday he posted on Twitter that a judge granted their request for a preliminary injunction against AB 2098.

The session lasted just over three hours.

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