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(Jan. 23, 2023) — Completely whacked-out, striving for a sense of normalcy, not trusting his well-tuned survival early warning system – the hairs on the back of his neck standing at attention – he went and got himself married to the dream woman of a lifetime. The decision was entirely rational based on an unrelenting appeal in every aspect of life: physical attraction, palates of equal thirst, appreciation of the arts from brush to marble, and a shared love of being a bookworm. To top it off, she liked the same TV shows he did.

Just goes to show you how a good thing can be wiped out by flying off the handle, when his PTSD got the better of him, believing the world would be better off if he would ‘do himself in.’ So, he left to ‘do himself in’ to save his family from discovering his corpse in the back yard the following morning. He left because of his overwhelming belief that they would be better off without him*.

And that’s the end of his story. Here’s another.

It was Christmas Eve in the early 1960’s, when everything was closed. The town had only a couple of gas stations, and they, too, were closed. Even the movie theater, the ‘Tivoli,’ and the bowling alley of ten lanes was locked up.

But… The ‘Pizza Palace’ had its doors open and the place was not waiting, but full. Denny and I were killing time when Nancy walked in, a fellow high school graduate from just six months ago, and I invited her over to our table.

After the ‘Hi’s’ and ‘How you been’s?’ the gas stations, movie theater and bowling alley remained closed, so even with the arrival of Nancy, we were just sitting there.

Nancy said that there was nothing to do so that’s why she stopped in, which was followed by a ditto from Denny which I echoed.

After a ‘Are you ready to order?’ followed by ‘Just another round of Cokes, please,’ we were still stuck on a life raft in the middle of Lake Michigan.

Earlier that evening I saw my neighbors all dressed up and leaving for midnight service. I knew they were Methodists, so I said, ‘I got an idea: what do you say we go to the midnight service over at the Methodist church?’

And we did. We sat up in the balcony; Nancy was having the greatest time you can imagine. ‘Men and women sitting together? Children? Everyone singing and laughing and having a good time?’ Oh, did I fail to mention that Nancy was Jewish, the only Jew in school and, as far as I knew, the only Jewish family in town?

As we exited the church it started to snow, which we marveled at with smiles and laughter; how apropos to end the evening, God closing the curtain on the day. On our way to our cars, we wished each a well-meaning and heartfelt ‘Merry Christmas.’ A most memorable Christmas Eve was had by all.

[*Without him: long story short, he was wrong because he did finally take control of his life by stopping the nightmares and quitting alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. So, the moral of the story is this: thinking he was doing the right thing ended up being the wrong thing. If you have PTSD, DO NOT go to the VA. Get the help you need from your spouse and friends, but stay away from the government meddling in your life, for real. I mean it; straight skinny.]

[Reminder: The open border will be the destruction of the USA. Remember that I told you so. The violence must be dealt with at the source, in Mexico. Whatever it takes. Maybe it starts with executing our own drug dealers, but we’ll have to go into Mexico to fix the problem, sooner or later, if we really want to save our country.  Biden and everyone in the government who has a hand in the ‘Open Border’ policy must be dealt with accordingly, but not with ‘woke’ DA’s and judges. Vote for Henry for president in 2024 and he’ll see justice done.]”

Lonelyville” (4:36)

Professor Zorkophsky

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