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(Oct. 31, 2022) — “Here Comes the Sun” (3:10)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Look who’s back but none other than Professor Zorkophsky, who we consider our neighborhood shrink. Welcome aboard, Professor. I understand you’ve another book you want to hawk, another bestseller? What’s this one about?”

“Unintended consequences, unfortunately. You see, my advice on how to help those with PTSD was such a success that, after those who burned their bridges, they regretted what they have done so much that they committed suicide anyway. Like the whole exercise was a colossal waste of time and effort. By the way, thank you for having me on ‘Pulse,’ the most- watched information show in its time slot, giving me the opportunity to hawk my latest bestseller. And please call me ‘Zork’ since I feel it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere.”

“Then ‘Zork’ it shall be. What’s the title of your new book?”

“The title is: ‘Ooops, I May Have Made a Mistake’ where I try to explain ‘to err is human’; that we all make mistakes and, since none of us can foretell the future, just live day-by-day doing the best you can, starting with the Golden Rule.”

“So, correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t you had patients who managed to put the beast – PTSD – in the barn only to have it bite them anyway? Is that what I’m hearing?”

“I stress about the future, that maybe things will work out somehow; maybe they’ll learn to accept the fact that they had no control over their PTSD, that the mental disease/stress was not their fault and that the fact they survived as long as they have must count for something.”

“Yes, I would hope so. But an awfully big hurdle to climb over, I’d say, offhand.”

“Well, now, first, it wasn’t their fault for going nuts in the first place; everybody must remember that. Second, the basic personality and the admired traits of the individual don’t change, basically. However, the introduction of drugs will make clear deductive reasoning very problematic.”

“Give us an example, if you would, please.”

“Take jobs; maybe the afflicted person can’t keep a job because of paranoia brought upon by PTSD. Remember that line in ‘First Blood’ where Rambo says that he oversaw million-dollar equipment while in the Army but can’t keep a civilian job? Like that, as an example.”

“Let me ask you this: is the word ‘nuts’ an acceptable psychiatric term?”

“By all means. I wouldn’t use it otherwise.”

“I thought so; just checking. So the future is the key; is that about it?”

“You better believe it. The future is the hope for all of mankind, for without it we’d be nothing but madmen going around killing each other for no other reason but to kill, as some of us humans do and have done for the last 1,400 years.”

“You could say a lot of that is going on now.”

“Yes, and you’d be right.”

“Any answers about the Dems? I mean, what do they have against the Constitution, anyway?”

“Roving, one must accept the fact that, no matter what, there’ll always be some rotten apples in the barrel; there’s just no way around it.”

“But so many?”

“What we call the Deep State has been at it ever since WWII, full speed since Barry Soetoro, aka ‘Obama,’ came on the scene.”

“So can you capsulize your latest bestseller for us?”

“More than glad to, Roving: once the nightmares have been put to rest; after the fear has left; when the acceptance that you did your best and came out the other end scarred yet whole; that the realization of having made some colossal mistakes becomes clear as day and that there’s not anything you can do about it; that any sort of forgiveness is out of the question; that you can’t ‘take-back’ and ‘do-over,’ so pull your bootstraps up and start over. In short, face reality: the past is past and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Learn to live with your mistakes and start to do the best you can and, above all, put the Golden Rule first and foremost.”

“Well said; do you think anyone will listen?”

“The future isn’t guaranteed for anyone. The most beautiful word in our language is the word ‘hope,’ as in ‘Hope for the best’ and ‘hope it works out.’ The future hasn’t been told, so don’t be blowing your brains out just yet. I guess that sums it up.”

“Another bestseller, for sure. Thanks for stopping by, Zork.”

“And thanks for letting me hawk my book, Roving. Remember, the future hasn’t been written yet; maybe the ex-wife will apologize for committing adultery and driving you away; who knows?”

“Right; that’ll be the day. We’ll take a short break; be right back.”

Till I Kissed You” (2:27)

“I read Zork’s book – it’s an easy read, written for the armature psychoanalyst – and it says that a great percentage of why Veterans commit suicide is our inability, or outright refusal, to fully prosecute those who have committed acts of treason, such as fraudulent voting. They have the cameras at those drop boxes, the license plate; what more does a DA need to issue an arrest warrant? I say bring them to trial, convict them to make an example and not wait for years to do nothing. I must say, it sure doesn’t say much for our so-called system of justice unless, of course, it says a lot about our system of injustice. Merrick Garland deserves to be in the Washington, DC gulag, along with half of Congress, by the way. And our next guest just walked into the studio so let’s go meet her.”

“Hello, Roving. Thanks for inviting me to be on your wonderful show.”

“You’re more than welcome. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce a candidate for Congress who wishes to remain anonymous; isn’t that right? Mind telling us why?”

“Not at all: I have this survival instinct. You see, I’m running on the platform that I’ll imprison all the swamp creatures in the Beltway.”


“Every one of the sleazes.”

“Including ‘K’ Street and in the Pentagon?”

“But of course; I’m not leaving anybody out.”

“Anyone in particular?”

“Hillary comes to mind, followed by her ‘brother-in-arms,’ Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, the pair that stole Libya’s oil and had Gaddafi murdered, not to mention our Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, who was tortured to death. You remember Benghazi?”

’What difference does it make?’


“So, what do you think of your chances of winning the seat in Congress?”

“If the ‘Clinton Machine’ doesn’t finger me, I’m a shoe-in.”

“I hope you win.”

“Thank you, but with a total loser like Mitch McConnell, don’t be holding your breath. Oh, I’m not saying we won’t make noise, but people like Hillary, Lois Lerner, John Brennan, and the rest of the anti-Constitution gang won’t be bothered by one district attorney, one grand jury or one mainstream media reporter asking a pertinent question about anything.”


“Anything relevant and meaningful. You want pabulum, watch The View; want the truth, try watching RAV.”

‘Oh, no doubt about it.”

“And another thing: TV commercials: they’re getting worse, if you can believe it.”

“Yes, I’ve all noticed that; disgusting if you ask me. How do you cope with it?”

“I hit ‘record’ — take the dog for a walk; do something, and then hit ‘rewind’ and then ‘run’ whenever a commercial comes up. Haven’t seen a full-length commercial in years.”

“Good advice; I’ll have to try it. And will you just look at the time? That’ll do it for us, so we’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. No more stupid TV commercials, I really liked that part. Burger time: my treat.”

Lonesome Cowboy” (3:05)

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