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(Jul. 28, 2022) — “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” (2:53)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Professor Zorkophsky is once again the keynote speaker at this year’s PTSD Symposium,’ and he’s about to walk on stage to the podium. Let’s listen in.”

“And it gives me great pleasure to welcome Professor Zorkophsky, perhaps the most popular author of psychiatric textbooks for the layman shrink and perennial guest on ‘Pulse,’ the most- watched information show in its time slot, as our principal speaker for this year’s symposium for those afflicted with combat-related PTSD.”

“Thank you for the kind and informative introduction to the ‘PTSD Symposium of 2022.’ My talk today is about the steps that each nut case goes through to survive or eat the bullet, the preferred method of suicide for Veterans. Recently, the reason for our government to exist is to make it easier for massive theft. Billions of dollars have gone ‘missing,’ moved to secret slush funds out of the country.

“The most famous case of ‘missing funds’ is the billions ‘lost’ in the ‘Oil for Food’ UN scandal, supposedly to feed the hungry children of Iraq.

“Combat-induced stress is usually described as killing or be killed. The ‘fight or flight’ equation doesn’t enter the picture, just as the philosophical question of ‘right or wrong’ doesn’t enter the discussion. War is described as a sanctioned murder event. Now, with the aforementioned ground rules, let’s examine why so many of our Veterans are doing themselves in.

“As we know, every case of PTSD has its own merits, meaning that, even though every case is unique, all the cases share a few basic similarities. The predominant reason for Veterans committing suicide is a sense of failure, not any personal failure, but a failure in a belief system that is found to be, to put it bluntly, a lie.

“My war was Vietnam. At one time I was in a unique position to witness our Marines being attacked by the Viet Cong. A Navy ship was tasked with giving supporting artillery fire when, in the midst of the battle, the guns from the Navy ship went silent. After breaking every single military protocol, I learned that we stopped firing because the ship had ‘reached its quota of rounds expended in a 24-hour period.’

“That was my Road to Damascus’ moment which allowed me to see that Vietnam was nothing more than a meat grinder: we had no desire to ‘win,’ just as in Afghanistan. We used Vietnam as real-time testing of cavalry tactics (using various models of helicopters) and perfecting the M-16 infantry weapon that wasn’t prone to jam. That ‘Police Action’ cost untold suffering, especially the very people we were supposedly there to help.

“The following are some of the steps a PTSD sufferer must struggle with:

1.  Paranoia.

2.  The feeling of not belonging.

3.  No one around to relate to.

4.  Some sort of ‘guilt trip,’ real or imagined.

5.  Inability to plan.

6.  Failure to hold a job.

7.  Drug and alcohol abuse

8.  Possibly getting married; becoming unemployed, which results in the feeling of being a failure in life; unable to cope.

9.  Abandonment of the family/friends.

10. Complete and utter solitude; cut off from the world; no friends; no family; restricted phone use. This is the final stage, whether the Veteran flushes the drugs, stops smoking/drinking or eats the bullet. Step #10 may take days or even years to reach a conclusion.

“At this time, we’ll take a ten-minute break. Snacks and drinks are being offered in the lobby.”

Reflections of My Life” (4:20)

“This last half of my talk will focus on the here-and-now. The ‘here’ part is the election fraud; the ‘now’ part means this minute. Some say that there is no longer any justice in America, that the only justice left is by the liars, cheats, and scoundrels of Congress and the DOJ and, by proxy, every DA and judge.

“The USA has become ‘Gangsta Land,’ where the name of the game is to skim off as much as can be gotten away with, and Nancy Pelosi is a prime example how a politician can become a multi-millionaire by accepting kickbacks and bribes, not to mention insider trading.

“The concept of a ‘fair playing field’ has become nothing more than a fantasy left to children’s books. The so-called ‘Weapons of War’ is Eisenhower’s ‘Military Industrial Complex’ on steroids, where American businesses that obtain (Pelosi?) government contracts worth hundreds of millions are only made possible by American service men and women’s blood spilled.

“The time for ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ has long passed. Barry Soetoro was the last straw. In 2012, there was one presidential candidate who promised to rid our country of every illegal invader and Muslims, then do the same for Canada and then repeat the process for the EU, after we kicked Turkey out of NATO.

“But putting all the above aside, the way the brain seeks serenity is to justify its existence. If long-held beliefs are shattered (with the truth), many brains self-destruct. In Isaac Asimov’s story, ‘Nightfall,’ people used to the sun are suddenly plunged into darkness and go insane seeing the millions of stars. Soldiers and sailors, believing their time in service was beneficial to their country, find it hard to cope with the fact that they were nothing but cannon fodder and served only to make money for the selfish few. Speaking from firsthand experience, I put my life on the line in Vietnam, for real, which is one of the reasons I faced 17 years fearing a recurring nightmare.

“I joined the military to serve and protect the Constitution, the document I took my Oath to. What is happening daily is either complete disregard or deliberate destruction of the Constitution. Now, please pay attention, because my next thought is important: irrespective of the traitorous acts of Biden-Harris; Cheney’s inability to call on the real insurrectionist to testify, starting with Mike Judas Pence; the FBI-DOJ; the Fake News; all the Dems and RINOs; my Oath to the Constitution is sacrosanct, and if anyone assumes that I’ll be complacent watching our Second Amendment trashed, they would be surprised that my reaction would have no relation to the term, ‘measured response.’ Put another way, if I’m taking potshots from a house, I’m calling in an F16 with an Mk 82, a 500-lb. bomb with pinpoint accuracy, that will give me the peace of mind that I so well deserve; get my point?

“The USA has many enemies, but perhaps the most dangerous of them are the homegrown traders, mindless fools and Obot-loving bureaucrats fighting for Socialism, believing the lie of the moment, that they are doing good when in fact they are committing irreparable harm. I would not recommend any of those people crossing paths with a Veteran who perhaps has PTSD.

“I’m proud to say that, to get into the convention hall tonight, each of you had to show your piece, and I was surprised how many are carrying derringers that fire a shotgun round, a most excellent choice. I hope that my talk gave some of you the workings of the human mind and that PTSD can be treated successfully without the use of drugs and all the myriad pills the VA pushes. Thank you for being such an attentive audience and I’m looking forward to the next symposium. Since my talk ran over, we’ll have to cancel the question segment of the program; perhaps the organizers will let us have it in the dining room tonight. Goodnight.”

“And that’ll do it for this episode of ‘Pulse.’ This is your Roving Reporter, at the convention hall, wishing each of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Great speech. Burger time: my treat.”

Lord Randall, My Son” (3:11)

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