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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Oct. 13, 2022) — More often than not…, actually, almost always…, your humble servant’s offerings here at The P&E seek to expose and lampoon the hypocrisy, perfidy and violence now being deployed against the Republic.  The assailants include the Left, the radicals and academic speech and thought storm troopers and their enablers and protectors in an unprincipled mass and social media propaganda apparatus that Josef Goebbels would envy.

However, the First Prize for malevolence and enmity for the United States must be reserved for those people in positions of governmental power and, in particular, those with a “D” behind their names.  That’s right, Virginia, the Democrats, now drunk (some literally) with the power of official governmental imprimatur, are engaging in a last gasp attempt to collapse the “shining city on a hill” before their time at the helm runs out.

With apologies for repeating the abuse of dead horses, it is your servant’s reasoned opinion that there can no longer be any principled argument refuting the conclusion that Democrats holding governmental office, along with their supporters who voted for them, have forever – as in “perpetually” – forfeited any claim of competence or right to govern a free people in a constitutional republic. 

Their acts and omissions, particularly from and after the plainly compromised 2020 general election, leave no room for debate.  Quite apart from the myriad catastrophes resulting from the installation of an addled and incompetent marionette in the Oval Office, the additional hits from other Democrats across the nation just keep coming.

The Attorney Corporal (not a typo) of the United States has weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI, turning those once-respected law “enforcement” agencies into tyrannical clones of Nazi Germany’s Gestapo and Schutzstaffel to be deployed against American citizens, virtually always Republicans or conservatives. 

The Central Intelligence Agency has been politicized to the extent of knowingly suppressing the truth about the existence and authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop.  The suppression of that information by the CIA, the DOJ and the FBI, echo-chambered by the Gray Trollop and the Washington (“Democracy Dies in Darkness”) Post, directly impacted the 2020 general election, tipping it toward the Goofball.  Had Democrat voters known of the laptop and the authenticity of its contents prior to the election, fully 17% would have abandoned him, almost assuredly giving Trump the win…, even assuming the 2000 Mules racked up a slew of additional midnight visits to unmonitored ballot boxes.

Department of Homeland Security czar Alejandro Mayorkas – after being specifically informed, we now know, that the report of “border agent whippings” of Haitian illegal aliens was inaccurate and false – nevertheless excoriated and punished his agents over the “perceived” whipping of illegal aliens attempting to lawlessly enter the United States.  This is but one of the latest examples of the distilled malevolence that characterizes the Goofball regime and Democrat officeholders in their quest to level the shining city to rubble and replace it with…, something not shining on a hill.  Mayorkas should resign or be impeached…, and same goes for Brandon.

Out in Arizona, to name but one bellwether state in the upcoming midterm election cycle, Democrat Katie Hobbs, the current secretary of state, refuses to debate her GOP opponent, Kari Lake.  The purported reason is that Lake would cause “chaos,” which is something Hobbs claims she wants to avoid.  The true nature of Hobbs’s aversion for chaos is seen in a Project Veritas video capturing her chaotic and panicked escape from an attempted interview, described here as the scurrying away of a “scared wombat.”  Apologies for denigrating all wombats everywhere.

Moreover, the deceit and hypocrisy of the Democrats has also become so pronounced, pervasive and intolerable that even former party members – at least those who retain a vestigial conscience and love for the constitutional republic which has been handed down to us – cannot abide its rot any longer.  Stated otherwise: after running out of cheeks to turn, enough is enough.

Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Specifically, former Hawaii U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard yesterday announced her departure from the party.  Saying that it had become a “cabal of elitists” bent on undermining the foundations of the nation and nudging us closer to a nuclear confrontation with Russia, she urged other Democrats to join her in her departure.

Sage advice.

Your humble servant could go on, but to what end?  The message by now should be clear: if you care about the future of the country and what it will be for your children, your grandchildren and their future generations, think very…, very carefully about who you will vote for in a few weeks. 

Do the right thing…, and do not scamper away from your responsibilities as an American like a scalded wombat.  There’s too much at stake.

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