by Capt. James M. Hoover, USAF (Ret), ©2022

(Oct. 12, 2022) — October is when the leaves turn colors, politicians turn up at our doorsteps, and fans turn out for the Great American Pastime, baseball and the playoffs. 

This has been a most memorable year for the sport. Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees broke the 60-year American League record by Roger Maris of 62 home runs in a season. Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals hit his 703rd career home run to become one of four players in history to pass the 700 mark. Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers surpassed the great Cy Young in career strikeouts to become 24th on the all-time list of the most strikeouts by a player. 

In a world of financial strife and a nation in cultural, economic, and social contentiousness it is a pleasure to enjoy a change of pace to our lives, worries, and concerns. 

James M. Hoover
Lynchburg, VA

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  1. I noticed your Lynchburg address. I lived there from 1980 till 1984 and worked at Babcock and Wilcox Old Forest Road facility. I was an instructor at their nuclear power plant control room simulator. I enjoyed living in Lynchburg back then. Virginia was a Republican state when I was there……….also a beautiful state………Just a short drive from my house to the Blue Ridge Parkway……..