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The stage is prepared for a Hispanic town hall forum in Phoenix, AZ, October 5, 2022 Screenshot: Kari Lake Rumble channel

(Oct. 11, 2022) — Well, the race for Arizona Governor just got a bit goofier.  As your humble servant noted here, GOP candidate Kari Lake appears on the verge of annihilating her liberal Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, due in large part to Hobbs’s manifest and bizarre cowardice. 

Apart from Hobbs’s history of racist behavior while in the Arizona House of Representatives and her disinterest in securing the border between Mexico and a state she wants to govern –seriously? –, her latest juvenile pout underscores just how shallow and afraid of reality she really is.

Specifically, at a Hispanic candidate “town hall” forum recently held in Phoenix, Hobbs’s handlers (presumably acting on instructions from Hobbs) refused to allow Lake and Hobbs to simultaneously share the stage for the forum.  Hobbs would only appear if she got to go first and Lake was not on the stage with her, presumably allowing Hobbs to flee the building after making her pitch.

Before the event began, after protesting a rumored “rule” purportedly requiring Lake to stay in a separate room while Hobbs spoke, Lake relented, but then proceeded to take a seat off-stage in the audience section where the forum was to take place…, right where Hobbs could see her. 

The organizers claimed that the “rules” required Lake to stay in a “holding room” prior to appearing, solo with a host, on the stage when it was her turn.  The kerfuffle arose when, after protesting the claimed “rule,” Lake went into the audience to watch Hobbs.  Oh…, the humanity!

Interestingly, when that paragon of fair journalism covering the event – NBC News – asked the forum organizers for a copy of the “rules” purportedly requiring Lake to remain in her holding pen until her time arrived…, the event refused to provide a copy.  Nice.  One might be tempted to ask: was the “rule” merely a figment of the fevered imagination of Hobbs or her sycophants to avoid having to be within eyesight of Lake?  Huh?

Not intending to drive her opponent to tears, Lake surrendered her seat, leaving one of her staff members in her place.  The forum apparently then took place, with Hobbs taking the stage, but stumbling through the event.  One of the forum organizers called Lake’s action a “stunt” designed to rattle Hobbs, further commenting that the action worked because, in his view, Hobbs thereafter gave an “uneven performance.”

Memo to the electorate: the term “uneven performance” when describing a Democrat’s response to questions is liberal-speak for crashing and burning on the tarmac.  If Lake had similarly responded, the terminology would have been “crashing and burning on the tarmac.”  Even the NBC headline on its story said Lake was “booted from the audience,” leaving the false impression – really…, from NBC…? — that she was barred from the forum.  Didn’t happen.

The NBC headline only underscores the reality that the mainstream media, including NBC News, operates as little more than the stenographers of the Democrats.  Hobbs must be protected, so Lake must be portrayed as an “aggressor” intent not merely on winning, but also as employing “unfair” tactics to gain an advantage.  In political campaigning?  Really?

The NBC News article finishes thusly: “The scene … is emblematic of the contrasting styles of the two candidates in Arizona’s tight race for governor.”  Contrasting styles?  For once, NBC gets it right: Lake’s style exudes an intent on leading Arizona forward fearlessly and unapologetically…, kinda like a southwestern-desert DeSantis.

On the other hand, Hobbs seems intent on cowardly dodging tough decisions and avoiding uncomfortable encounters with a person who could rip the veneer off a liberal Goofball border destroyer – and who also, BTW, was a 2008 Democrat convention delegate for the BleachBit Bimbo

You remember that convention, don’t you, where the bimbo and her supporters were calling into question whether Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was even eligible to the presidency because he might not be a “natural born Citizen?” Soooo…, who’s the “conspiracy theorist” now?  Don’t answer.  We know.

Screenshot: CBS News

A blind Martian could see who the better choice is for Arizona Governor…, and it ain’t the cowering juvenile who delivers “uneven performances” even before leaving the tarmac and getting airborne.

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  1. This is a very accurate synopsis of the situation!!!!! Kari Lake is a patriot who seeks to return America to its status as a “shining city on a hill” while hobbs is just another hateful devildemocommiecrat intent on the destruction of the nation!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. From the author:
      Mr. Russell understates the hypocritical cowardice of Democrat Hobbs. As proof, one does not need to watch a debate, which of course, will not happen due to Hobbs’s refusal to accept the invitation of the independent Arizona Clean Elections Commission.

      Instead, voters need only watch the latest video from Project Veritas ( That video lays bare the true “character” of Hobbs and the sycophants who surround her. The clip about the AR-15 in one of her campaign worker’s car is particularly telling. Their attempts to insulate her and portray her as a rational “moderate” Democrat — someone who she is not…, and will never be — are failing. Badly.

      Watch the whole Project Veritas video before YouTube censors it. And if you live in Arizona, vote very carefully in November.