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Source: Hillary Clinton Twitter account

(Nov. 30, 2021) — Wayne Allyn Root is a conservative commentator who has just produced perhaps one of the more disturbing posts of the year at his website, predicting that in the not-too-distant future, the nation may be subjected to a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Yikes. 

Many folks dismiss Root as a far-right conspiracy theorist not worthy of serious attention.  And yet, as he not so modestly points out, his political and general predictions in the past have proven to be largely accurate.  He is no Nostradamus and certainly no Rush Limbaugh. That said, those who would ignore his latest prediction do so at their peril.

Briefly stated, Root hypothesizes that now realizing that his utility as a figurehead “Corn Pop Warrior” has run its course, the Goofball’s marionette masters’ gambit will be to “buy off” Kamala Harris, getting her to resign.  Root suggests a $25 million mansion, a paltry offering by DC standards. This will allow the Goofball at 1600, as one of his last substantive acts, to nominate a replacement. 

The plan, of course, would be to install Clinton – for now, let us call her the BleachBit Bimbo – as vice-president, then quickly move to Phase 2, the oh-so-regrettable, but necessary resignation and retirement of the Goofball himself. 

Root again suggests a measly $25 million mansion for the Goof’s wife to buy her silence.  Voilà!  The Bimbo gets to sit where her hubby engaged in the “extreme mentoring” of Monica Lewinsky.  It is the height of irony…, depending, of course, on what the meaning of “is”… is. Root caps off his prediction that, come 2024, Clinton would conscript Michelle Obama to run as her vice-president, capturing “every last black vote in 2024.”

Not so fast, Root.

The 25th Amendment requires a majority vote of both the House and the Senate for the Bimbo to first ascend to the vice-presidency.  While she might be able to garner a majority vote in the House, her chances of doing that in the Senate are less certain.  And given the freight train of baggage that she lugs around, it is not altogether certain that she could pull off a majority vote in either chamber.  Hillary Clinton, with all of her character warts and moles, remains a loathsome viper slithering along the political sidelines.

Clinton’s load of baggage, of course, includes her conceptual and financial collusion with the FBI, the Department of Justice and a host of other three-letter federal agencies involved in the fraudulent “Trump-Russia Collusion” hoax; her intentional (and felonious) destruction of over 30,000 emails illegally stored on her “homebrew” computer system while she was Secretary of State under Obama, the Second Usurper-in-Chief (“SUC”); and, of course, the still lingering shadow of her role in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, along with Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty back in 2012 during the Benghazi attack, as discussed here

Recall that rumors continue to swirl around the question of whether the attack was in reality a botched kidnapping attempt conceived by the viper and the SUC.  That last trunk might prove to be her final undoing, because there is no statute of limitations on murder or felony murder…, assuming that a prosecution is even ever undertaken.

Long story, short: even if one subscribes to the Root theory that the Bimbo could be positioning herself on the sidelines to become first, vice-president and second, president, the best way to stop that gambit in its tracks is to (1) read this, then (2) forward it to your representative in Congress with a suggestion that it be explored and, with any luck, implemented. 

Now.  Not next week or next month.


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  1. From Bob68:

    IMO Hillary was owed payback from Soro’s, Obama and others who made her an offer in 2008 to drop out of the Democrat primary to insure an Obama win. Hillary had mentioned she had evidence that Obama was not eligible and was going to release it. That would have insured a victory for Hillary over Obama. To insure that did not happen Hillary was called to a meeting and made an offer she had better not refuse. The offer was to stay quiet on Obama’s ineligibility, and drop out of the 2008 primary to insure an Obama victory. She was offered the Secretary of State position in Obama’s regime ($$$) and the much needed after Obama cover presidency. The alternative if the offer was refused was likely included something the Clinton’s are familiar with, called “Arkancide”. As much as Hillary wanted to be president in 2008, she accepted the offer and put her dream on hold until 2016, when she was assured she would be elected…….During the years of Obama’s putative presidency Hillary used her SOS job to do what the Clinton’s do, increase their wealth by whatever means is available. Unfortunately for Hillary, she met election competition from Donald Trump. Trump is a billionaire business man who had openly expressed his beliefs that Obama is not eligible to be president, even offering Obama 5 million dollars to Obama’s favorite charity to show his passport records and school records. Obama did not…… and no 5 million for Barry’s charity……… When Hillary lost to Donald Trump in 2016 due to insufficient planned voter fraud the very important after Obama cover of Hillary was gone, and Obama’s biggest nemesis Donald Trump elected. Both parties panicked as they feared President Trump would reveal and act on their having effectively given America’s government and her military to her enemies by not stopping Obama’s usurpation…As a bare minimum they all violated their sworn-oath to protect the Constitution…….and then they covered for the Obama fraud right up until today to protect Obama, and more importantly, themselves. This is not complicated, but it is apparently too big to prosecute and both parties desperately kept President Trump under siege and removed him from office in a stolen election. IMO this is all easy to understand, but Obama is race and ineligibility protected….meaning untouchable. Hillary would be welcomed now to take over the after Obama cover position she was promised in 2008 because Biden may say anything, including revealing what he knows about Obama’s usurpation and it’s still on-going cover-up………. The problem with all of this is the complicit are investigating themselves which always results, after years of snail paced, “investigations”, in being found……. not guilty…….. Playing by the rules of enemies of America means always losing……………