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(Oct. 5, 2022) — Every now and then, a “previously-relatively-unknown-under-the-political-radar” individual pops up on the political scene and begins making waves.  While hardly an “unknown,” a multibillionaire businessman named Donald Trump did that back in 2016…, and saved the Republic from a four-year ordeal under the BleachBit Bimbo.  Whew.   

While there are a lot of other anecdotal stories of similar persons participating in what is beginning to look like a massive and deep red electoral tsunami this November – Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, Herschel Walker in Georgia, and others elsewhere – among them is a former seasoned journalist.  She walked away from a lucrative Phoenix TV news anchor position because she was fed up with being told to shade her reporting to fit a narrative in which she did not believe.  So there.

That person is one Kari Lake, now running for Governor of Arizona.  If you’ve not yet heard of her, just wait a while.  She’s been interviewed by Tucker, of course and has the endorsement of President Trump.  She could also rival Florida Governor DeSantis on delivering surgically-targeted zingers at CNN snipers.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake interviews with Tucker Carlson (screenshot: WorldWire via Fox News Channel, Sep. 14, 2022

Recently, the conservative website RedState ran a post covering Lake’s run for governor in basically red Arizona…, you know, that desert wasteland out West where lizards abound and a 90° summer evening is considered to be “sweater weather.”  The RedState post lays out in stark detail – and with linked video clips, too – of how Lake is handling her campaign.  The post goes on to describe Lake’s ability to slice, dice and thereafter skillfully marinate leftist journalists in their own fluids as “a masterclass in handling the press.” 

And, by the way, if elected (starting to look like a “duh”…), she would become Arizona’s fifth – yes…, fifth – female governor in the past 35 years.  Ummm…, just out of curiosity, care to guess how many female governors the “oh-so-blue-progressive-and-woke-next-door” California has had in the past 173 years?  Huh?  That’s right, Virginia: zero, as in: “What is the likelihood of the Goofball at 1600 getting through a single gaffe-free day?”

But again, I digress. 

As the video clips embedded in the RedState post confirm – enjoy them for yourself – Lake’s Democrat opponent, current Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, is plainly not up to the task, almost embarrassingly so.  Her sad history of racial animus, her refusal to debate Lake and her typical liberal disinterest in securing the southern border – in Arizona, no less – should be instant disqualifiers.  Yet the Democrats cough her up as the best they can offer.  Seriously?

Indeed, in the Carlson interview, Lake points out that Hobbs’s refusal to debate her on the issues, including border security and illegal immigration, is the equivalent of declining to participate in a job interview.  Unless you are Hunter Biden, the refusal to attend a job interview, but still with the expectation of being hired – and paid handsomely – is stupidity elevated to an art form.  

Arizona Secretary of State and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Then again, no one has ever accused the Goof’s son of being a Nobel candidate…, although the Goof has declared that Hunter Biden is “the smartest guy I know.”  This merely underscores either (a) how out of touch with reality the Goof really is or (b) how microscopic is the circle of “guys” he knows.  Yikes.

One is reminded of the Latin motto of the satire/parody website The Onion: “Tu Stultus Es”: “You are dumb.”  Listen up, Brandon.  Listen up, Hunter.  Listen up, Hobbs.

Watch for more news about soon-to-be Governor Kari Lake as November 8 nears.

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  1. I have heard Kari Lake interviewed more than once and have been VERY IMPRESSED with her!!!!! She is smart, honest, and a solid conservative!!!!! I can see her being a candidate for pres or vp in the near future!!!!!!!!!!