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by Professor Wert, ©2022

(Oct. 5, 2022) — Act I

The curtain rises as “On a Carousel” (3:13) is played to a stage set as a schoolyard playground, merry-go-round backstage right, jungle gym left, slide center stage front.

“Did so.”

“Did not.”

“Did so. I heard Jenny say to Mary that you cut in line.”

“Who says?”

“How old are we?”

“We’re 9, Bob.”

“So, if we’re 9, we ought to be able to tell the truth, right?”

“Who says?”

“Look, Jimmy, face the facts. We have an eyewitness and, if that weren’t enough, your attitude, your defensive behavior, points in the direction that you’re guilty as all get-out.”

“I get to slide down first.”

“Go for it.”

“You’re not going to fight me for it?”

“I’m not saying another word to you and we’re not friends anymore.”

Jimmy climbs to the top of the slide, faces the audience, and bows as the curtain lowers to Dead Flowers” (4:05)

Act II

As the song ends the curtain rises to a neighborhood bar where we see Jimmy and Bob sipping beers.

“Remember that time, 30 years ago when we were at the slide?”

“I married Mary, then we got a divorce. Yep, I remember. You were an advocate of the Constitution way back then, that I remember. So, what do you want to know?”

“Here’s the deal: there are but two choices for this midterm election. One choice is for the Constitution, the other is against the Constitution; everything else is either a distraction, not important or a bunch of lies. It’s really that simple and easy to figure out.”

“Open border.”


Roe vs. Wade.”

“Distraction. In the realm of education, I mean, able to read the instructions about birth control is important, and if you can’t read, maybe learn how.”

Second Amendment.”

“Criminals running amok or maybe hanging them all? Look, if you take the guns away the only ones that will be left with the guns will be the criminals and the cops, as it is in Venezuela. The FBI is a criminal organization. Fact. The DOJ is corrupt, nothing but water carriers for whatever political party is calling the shots; forget the Constitution. Here’s the deal: any country that disarms its citizens is on the road to Totalitarianism. Fact.”

“Republicans are racists.”

“Pay attention, please. The Republican Party is gone, toast, kaput. Break it down to either supporting the Constitution and the American way of life or accepting Communism, Sharia Law and poverty that will make going hungry during the Great Depression look like a Hawaiian Luau.”

“I like Biden and Harris.”

“Well, I feel violated trying to save you from yourself; trying to save you from your own stupidity because, if you get your wish, the first people they’ll go after to lock up will be their very own supporters for being too gullible to be trusted with living.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. Think: Barry Soetoro used the 1930’s NAZI German playbook, and they still are, so you best be paying attention. The abortion question and gender mutilation, the ‘Clot Shot’ (COVID-19 ‘vaccine’) and boosters are a division of subliminal manipulation. The goal? The Deep State wants the acceptance of ‘reeducation camps,’which will then morph into the acceptance of death camps. Little by little the mainstream media will dish it out, day by day, until we’re controlled just as the subjects in George Orwell’s 1984 were. And because you can’t see the truth right before your eyes, I’m done with you.”

“So, Bob, you think I should vote Republican.”

“No, my suggestion is to vote for the Constitution; it’s that simple. The Dems are nothing but a Communist front, as are 90% of the Republicans. MAGA is pro-Constitution. And DeSantis running against Trump is nothing but distraction, remember that.”

“So, what are we saying in this play?”

“I’m saying that if you haven’t figured it out by now, Ukraine is an excuse to steal taxpayer money; going after guns brings us closer to becoming a Third World country under Totalitarian rule; then do us all a favor and don’t vote; just don’t do it. Don’t make it any harder for us normal folk than they’re already making it. You want proof? Just watch one hour of The View who wear their Trump Derangement Syndrome on their sleeve as if it’s somehow a badge of honor. I wonder if they all got ‘vaccinated?’

“I got vaccinated.”

“Then you’re a walking time bomb. You believe in the Jan. 6 hoax, just as you did with the ‘Russian Hoax.’ Dostoevsky wrote that you can judge a country by how they treat their prisoners; how are we treating those in the Washington gulag? You know the Little People have those guards in their sights, don’t you? Good luck to you.”


“You’re hopeless. Goodbye for good. I’ll tell you this, though, I won’t visit you in the hospital, but I’ll go to your funeral.”

Curtain lowers to the tune of Long Black Limousine” (3:41).


Exit music: Stranger in My Own Hometown” (4:55).

Professor Wert

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  1. 1. Obama is groomed by the CIA to be installed as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief.

    2 .Obama untouchable because he is race, and once allowed to be sworn-in, ineligibility protected.

    3. Obama weakens America as planned and without opposition because of ownership of 98% of the media, and both political parties who violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution by allowing without objection, Barack Hussein Obama to be sworn-in.

    4. This is where America was the moment Obama was sworn-in back in 2009, and this is where we are today. The Swamp was largely uncovered when Hillary lost to Obama’s nemesis Donald Trump, as was the Uniparty, but Trump was kept busy with bogus impeachment attempts and removed from office in the stolen 2020 election. Both parties still fear Trump and the possibility of Trump being reelected because they know they committed treason when the did/said nothing to prevent Obama’s usurpation in 2009. They are still trying and lying to protect The Obama Fraud…to protect themselves from the only President who they fear will reveal and act on The Obama Fraud, President Donald Trump. Their efforts to prevent Trump from ever being president again continue as they lie to protect what is most important………themselves………..If another election must be stolen to protect the many complicit in The Obama Fraud……it will be………….

    1. Your comment is 100% right-on truthfulness, and if we can see it, why can’t my brother and all the other loonies who loves Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) and China and hate the USA and her Constitution?
      Loves open borders and abolishing the Second Amendment; hates Trump with a passion.
      Cried when Hillary lost and believes what CNN dishes out.
      What make these people so stupid?

      1. Thanks for your compliment and for the many excellent articles you have written.
        I suppose many people just accept what they hear from the media as the truth and what they hear from me and you and others like us as conspiracy theory, because that is what the media tells them to do.

        I have been posting the truth about Barry since 2008 at many websites and in the last couple of days I have gotten, finally, a lot more positive replies. I try wording what I say a bit differently, wondering if I am just not being clear. To me there is nothing complicated about the Obama fraud or how and why it happened and why the cover-up must continue…..but often everything except what should be is discussed endlessly, while America continues on its downward spiral with silence on the one issue that can still save America…….the truth about Barry…..

        One thing I never forget while discussing the Obama fraud is me asking, years ago, a friend if he believed “things” in America would ever get better. His reply was “no, there are too many stupid people”……

        I saw him recently and congratulated him on being correct…..

        Bob 68………now 79 and not giving-up yet…..

        1. My neighbor was a child of the depression — I think he was born in 1922 — and he was a wealth of information of how the world was back in the 1930’s.
          I think he made it to 96 before he died, and this is what he told me:
          “I can see the direction our country is going and I’m glad I won’t live long enough to see it.”
          Now that’s sad.