by Sarah Earlene Shere, ©2022

Image: Pixabay, License

(Aug. 13, 2022) —

Through the door of yesteryear and older dreams forgotten,
Step the children, Hope and Grace, from God’s own love begotten.

These tiny tots with shining eyes and laughter on their tongue,
Wipe clear away the trace of tears and make a new song sung.

The fairies stop and watch in awe these sisters dance and play,
Then blow a kiss on winged wish that happiness will stay.

Dream on, sweet royals, of your throne, this moment is your crown.
You were born for such as this. Chin up, and don’t look down.

Your court is at your beck and call,
These arms will never let you fall.

But should a dragon soon appear,
Look to God, and have no fear.

And find your strength in those around,
Who keep your feet on solid ground.

Sarah Earlene Shere is an author, actress and cosplayer in her native home of Southern California. In the early 1990s, Sarah fell in love with storytelling at the age of eleven. As she’s grown closer to God and fallen in love with Jesus, her stories have become biblical and allegorical, reflecting her favorite authors, John Bunyan and Hans Christian Andersen. Besides Amazon, Sarah’s stories and writings can be found on Facebook and WordPress under Hosanna Heralds. Her fairy tale flash fiction stories can be found on Instagram and Facebook (#FairyTaleFlashFictionFriday). Since 2018, Sarah has been acting with Long Beach based Masquer Theatre Company. In 2017 she started volunteering with a local cosplay non-profit, Kids Can Cosplay. She prays her stories are a blessing to you!

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