by Bob Russell, ©2022

Rep. Maxine Waters (public domain)

(Aug. 13, 2022) — Mad maxine waters, long one of the most hateful, evil, and corrupt people in government and member of the House of Representatives, has paid more than $1 million of campaign dollars to her daughter since 2003.  The very corrupt people of both political parties who control the “rules” they live by have made it extremely easy to funnel campaign donations to whomever they choose.  The “guidelines” are so weakly defined that a five-year-old child could find a way to abuse them, and the political ruling class knows nothing will be done about it because virtually everyone with “oversight” responsibilities is doing the same thing and won’t expose members of the other party for fear of being “outed” themselves.  The term “honor among thieves” is very appropriate when it comes to politicians and bureaucrats these days.

The few members of the republican party who are honest are so few and kept so far from the decision-making process that they can’t do anything but protest to deaf ears.  The Pravda/Goebbels fake news propaganda outlets won’t publish or broadcast news of the corruption because they, too, are corrupt and evil, controlled and paid by the same people who control and pay the political ruling class and their bureaucrat lemmings.

I continue to pray for a turnaround and live with the hope that I will live long enough to see it come about.  I am 72 so have a very limited time left to see the changes I hope and pray for but still live every day with that hope.  The media has been corrupt to a point all of my life but in the last four decades has gone downhill until it is nothing more than a mirror of the Soviet Union-era Pravda and Nazi-era Joseph Goebbels propaganda machines.  Instead of reporting the truth of the corruption and TREASON that is so prevalent in government today the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists fabricate lies to hurt their opponents and We the People who want to live by the Constitution and see America prosper.

Although President Trump made several unfortunately bad choices in appointing people to his administration he was trying to root out corruption in government.  The political ruling class in both parties hates him because he cannot be bought nor can he be intimidated into compliance with their corruption and they fear him because he was serious about ridding the government of corruption.  Trump appointed many people who were deep state establishment hacks.  I have serious concerns about supporting Trump in 2024 because of his unwise decisions in the past and some of the people he has endorsed in the upcoming midterm elections, like Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania and markwayne mullin in Oklahoma.  These endorsements, especially that of mullin, show a serious lack of research into mullin’s complicity with the gop establishment.  Mullin has shown himself to be a liar, an opportunist, and an establishment drone.  I live in his district and campaigned for him in his first election, after which he turned his back on constituents to support establishment policies that favor the party machine over We the People.  He also pledged that he would only be there for three terms but reneged on that pledge as soon as he was elected, then lied claiming he never said it.

As one of his campaign volunteers I personally heard him make that pledge on numerous occasions.  When I confronted him about it at a town hall meeting in Oologah, Oklahoma shortly after his election and before he took office he told me that people like me are what is wrong with America.  He said our job was to vote for republicans then sit down, shut up, and let them rule as they see fit.  When I again challenged him he instructed law enforcement to remove me from the building.  That was in 2012 and now mullin has his eyes set on the senate.

Waters has been in the House for decades and has been one of the most divisive, hateful, and corrupt people, but she is far from alone and is the rule rather than the exception. Nutty nancy pelosi has become obscenely wealthy through her four decades in the House of Representatives and is doing everything she can to destroy America as a Republic based on the Constitution and turn it into a third-world puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship. 

The control the political parties have over the election process essentially prevents anyone outside the political establishment from being successfully elected, and a third political party is very unlikely to ever gain a foothold at the national level.  The few independent candidates who have been elected to either chamber of congress have primarily been very leftist and allied with the devildemocommiecrat party, like the Marxist nutcase bernie sanders.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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