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Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)

(Jun. 13, 2022) — As background, when President Trump left his first term in office – hint… hint… – your humble servant could fill the 18-gallon gas tank in his car for around $40.  Today, your humble servant paid $96.25 for 17.6 gallons of gas for the same car.  Ouch.  The only thing rising faster is the general consumer price index and overall monthly general inflation.

This anecdote – and ones much worse – are being repeated every hour of every day of every week of every month across the nation since Brandon the Goof – “BTG,” for brevity – occupied the Oval Office.  The term “occupied” is used because it better describes his “installation” into the office, since the term “elected” would suggest a false legitimacy to his claim over the presidency.

BTG’s cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline on the first day of his occupation – followed by a moronic pogrom waged against oil and natural gas leases on federal lands – started the gasoline price launch.  His acts and omissions since then have done nothing…, as in “zero”…, to moderate the rise but instead have promoted everything possible to exacerbate it.  Successfully. 

And then, of course, we have brain-dead Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow (D–MI) bragging that stratospheric gas prices don’t impact her at all, because she just acquired an electric car and drove it from Michigan to her cave in the Capitol, never stopping once for gas.  She can’t wait for everyone to follow her lead and abandon those evil, carbon-spewing, fossil-fueled contrivances as soon as possible.  Go green.  Now.

Easy.  Just go dump your gas-powered vehicle and exchange it for an electric, with an average retail price of $56K which, after a combined state and municipal sales or use tax of, say, 9%, means a drive-off-the-lot total of just over $61,000.  The 2022 median American household annual income is $61,937.

Translation: in order to avoid high gas prices, all one needs to do is to go buy an electric vehicle for around 98% of their annual household income, financed over time, of course, at interest rates explosively ballooned by raging inflation thanks to BTG’s lunatic economic policies.  Simple.  Even brilliant.

But far more “brilliant” is Stabenow’s colossal ignorance regarding where the power to recharge the batteries in her electric car comes from: coal-fired or natural gas-fired power generating plants.  While nuclear plants, wind and solar also contribute to powering the grid, coal and natural gas currently account for nearly two-thirds of the fuel needed to generate the electricity to  reliably – day or night, rain or shine – feed the grid.

Sooo, Debbie – may we call you “Deb?” – have you given any thought at all to what might happen when millions and millions of electrics flood the charging stations and garage electric outlets with recharging demand far exceeding capacity and supply?  Answer: the cost of electricity soars, not only for you, but for everyone else, until… wait for it…, wait for it…, fossil fuel generating capacity cannot keep up with recharging demand…, and rolling blackouts cascade across the nation. In August.  Everything stops.  

And unlike the half-hour power suspension in the 1951 sci-fi classic “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” the juice which keeps us alive doesn’t come back for weeks or months.  Who needs an EMP when green electrics flood the roads? 

And in the meantime, all those who ditched their fossil-fueled cars sit in their Teslas, Chevy Volts and Audi e-trons, watching the gas-powered cars – with air conditioning on “high” pumping out 40º cold air and with the windows up – cruise by.          

This “let them eat cake” brilliance from Democrat Stabenow matches – and arguably exceeds –the oceanographic genius of Democrat Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson.  Recall that it was Johnson who feared that the stationing of more U.S. Marine personnel on Guam could cause the island to … capsize and “tip over.”  Seriously…, watch the YouTube video clip.

Yes, Virginia, Stabenow and Johnson and scores of Democrats like them are the faux Nobel laureates who want your votes in November so that BTG can continue his grip on power without fear of impeachment in 2023. 

Reject their requests…, do the right thing by setting the stage for an impeachment…, you will sleep easier…, as will the Founders.   

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  1. devildemocommiecrats are EVIL to their core!!!!! ALL of the damage being done is intentional!!!!! Their goal is to destroy the American Republic and “fundamentally transform” it into a puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship with them in total control of every aspect of life!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is Joe Biden occupying the Oval Office? My answer: Because the planned after Obama cover president, Hillary Clinton was defeated by Obama’s nemesis, Donald Trump.

    The last person both parties wanted in the Oval Office after Obama was Donald Trump. During the 8 years of Obama’s usurpation preparations were made for the next president, the already chosen and promised in 2008, Hillary Clinton. Obama’s usurpation was successful and America was weakened from the inside by the Soro’s funded, Brennan and the CIA created Barack Hussein Obama. Barry was perfect for the job because he is both race and ineligibility protected and both parties became complicit in Obama’s usurpation when they did/said nothing to stop John Roberts from swearing-in Obama…several times. Both parties ceded control of America’s government and her military to her enemies, much like signing surrender papers after losing an actual battlefield war, but without the immediate death and destruction associated with a hot war. The alphabet agencies were fully weaponized as an important part of the cover-up of Obama’s usurpation. Obama’s race and ineligibility also provide cover for the HUGE crime which effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies, the installation of Obama….

    In summary, Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump interrupted the 16 year Obama/Hilary plan to destroy America from the inside and it exposed the complicity of both parties in the evil plan. However, exposure of the plan created by the panicked actions of both parties has not stopped the progress toward ending America’s Constitutional Republic….instead the process is forging ahead and evil is still in control. Can America be saved by another election? What has happened since 2020 to insure the next election is not stolen?……..All complicit in the Obama fraud are still protecting themselves, now more than ever, especially those at the heart of Obama’s usurpation and its still on-going cover-up, such as Nancy Pelosi and unfortunately, both houses of Congress and of course, the Obama media. ……..The crimes are still too big to prosecute, if this does not change America loses…forever……

    1. Greetings from the UK. Excellent comment, Mr Bob68. We can fathom why evil Democrats would sweep things under the carpet, but why Republicans? We cheered when your President Donald Trump was elected. We were honoured to watch Nigel Farage and other leaders lend their support and were delighted.

      Perhaps I am mistaken, but following the election of President Trump, was not your Congress also controlled by Republicans? Why did they not take that opportunity to reveal the truth about Mr Obama or whatever his name really is? They had the full government, and as I’ve read on this excellent website the investigation by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio was solid and ready to go. Why do you think President Trump did not require that the matter be pursued with haste?

      Kind regards, Cyril

      1. Thank you Cyril for that complement. You ask a good question, which I and others have also asked. There was disappointment from many over the inaction of President Trump on the issue of what I call, “The Obama Fraud”. I have a couple of articles published here at Post Email as Bob68, and I ask you to read the one at the link below. There will still be unanswered questions, but maybe this will help some. Besides my article, there are 59 comments. Go Here:

        Also, at the end of the article at the link above the last word in the last sentence, which is “this”, can be clicked on to go to an article which itself may help explain why Obama is untouchable…in addition to being race and ineligibility protected.
        Here is the direct link which takes you to the same place as clicking on the word “this” at the end of my “The Obama Fraud” article. The link is 67 pages, but the first couple of pages are all you need to read:

        Thanks again for the complement and I hope this helps answer your question……..