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The above image was released by the Obama White House on April 27, 2011 and purported to represent his “long-form” birth certificate from Hawaii. A five-year criminal investigation found the image to be a “computer-generated forgery.”

(Feb. 12, 2022) — Here are a few questions related to why both parties panicked when Donald Trump defeated the planned-and-promised-in-2008-after-Obama cover president, Hillary Clinton:

Why did Democrats and many Republicans panic when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016? Would they have reacted the same if some other Republican had defeated Hillary? There is more than one answer, but consider this which applied to only one Republican candidate, Donald Trump.  Private citizen Donald Trump, you may remember, offered the putative president Barack Hussein Obama $5 million to show his passport and school records, with the money to go to Obama’s favorite charity. Even today $5 million is a lot of money, and Obama could have ended any chance of Trump eventually running for president by showing those records. Trump would have been humiliated as the Obama media repeatedly showed Donald Trump handing a $5 million check to Obama. Obama ignored the offer and some of Obama’s apologists said Obama, the assumed president, could not get the records. I find that impossible to believe.

IMO the obvious reason the records were not shown and Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations not ended is that Obama and others are hiding information he and his supporters, protectors and controllers fear even today may be revealed and acted on. Obama’s installers knew Obama would need cover after he left the office he usurped, and I believe in 2008 they made Hillary Clinton an offer she had better not refuse to be that cover and not show the proof she claimed she had of Obama’s ineligibility. The offer was to drop out of the 2008 Democrat primary to insure an Obama victory and be rewarded with having her multi-million-dollar campaign debt paid, the Secretary of State ($$$) job in Obama’s administration and, to fulfill Hillary’s dream of being president, she was promised the much-needed after-Obama “cover” presidency.

It was time for the Soros-funded, Brennan- and CIA-created Barack Hussein Obama to be installed. Obama was the perfect race-protected (black leadership had a meeting and declared Obama was “black enough”), and once sworn in, ineligibility-protected candidate to be installed in 2009, and no one was going to get in the way, not even Hillary Clinton. Obviously, those who prepped and installed Obama knew they needed to plan ahead to cover what Obama was going to be told to do during his years as America’s putative president. They believed Hillary would be the perfect after-Obama cover. Hillary’s lackluster 2016 campaign against Donald Trump likely came from her overconfidence. Hillary knew powerful people had installed and protected Obama and the same people who installed Obama would get her elected president no matter who she was running against, and with that person being Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump, her winning was a cinch……

Why did both parties panic when Hillary lost to Donald Trump?  When John Roberts swore in the ineligible con-artist, Barack Hussein Obama in 2009 and both parties said and did nothing to try to prevent it, they effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies through the Soros-funded, Brennan- and CIA-created Barack Hussein Obama. Both parties had to cover for Obama because they had, as a minimum, all violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution. That seems serious to me. The Obama media created the derogatory word “birther” to call anyone who wanted proof Obama was eligible, and not just a badly forged and very belatedly-shown claimed birth certificate. Courts and judges were never going to rule the race- and ineligibility-protected candidate Obama was ineligible, especially not after he was sworn in to be America’s putative president by the Chief Justice of America’s highest court, John Roberts. Americans slowly learned of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and later the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  Obama was even told by Republican leadership he would not be impeached……something Obama already knew………and why.

For eight years the many complicit in The Obama Fraud allowed and/or assisted Obama in doing his intended job of weakening America in every way possible. Finally, after eight years both parties believed they were almost home free and the Obama fraud would be covered by the planned and promised (and one of the most corrupt) people from Obama’s administration, Hillary Clinton.

When the planned Democrat cheating in the 2016 election proved inadequate to defeat Donald Trump there was panic in both parties. Trump was associated with his past words and actions concerning Obama and his friendship with people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and with the probability of the truth about Barry being fully revealed and acted on. The establishment may hate Trump, but fear was, in my opinion, a bigger driving force to remove Trump from office and to keep him very occupied until that was done by whatever means necessary. The media would not use the term “fear” because doing so would raise the question of why Trump is feared and new questions about Obama’s eligibility and/or lack thereof. President Trump was greeted with a government full of people complicit in the Obama fraud and its cover-up from both parties.

Even before Trump was sworn in, false accusations of collusion with Russia became daily news in the Obama media. These accusations were presented as if it were a foregone conclusion they were absolutely true. A Special Counsel was appointed, millions spent and years later the Special Counsel comes up with……nothing. Repeated impeachment attempts also failed to remove President Trump, and those complicit decided to use their “trump” card in 2020..……massive election fraud which could be adjusted on-the-go to insure Trump lost. Reality did not matter; insuring President Trump did not get a second term to do the things he was prevented from accomplishing during the first term were all that mattered.

The cheating worked, and a poor replacement for the failed-in-2016-after-Obama cover, Hillary Clinton, another member of Obama’s illegitimate administration, Joe Biden, was installed as America’s putative president. Obama was given his expressed desire of a “third term” by being allowed to pull the strings of Biden. As a puppet master, Obama can continue to work to destroy America, even directing more destructive actions than were done while he was in office.  

Trump had America on the right track in most every regard: energy production and independence; reducing the trade imbalance; securing the borders; getting peace treaties signed by Middle Eastern countries; stopping North Korea’s missile testing; and again because of its importance, securing America’s borders. The absurdity of Biden’s wide open borders with invitations for illegals to enter and stay, presumably to become Democrat voters, is breathtaking.

President Trump did more for America in four years and while under siege than other presidents had done in eight, and he did them to help American citizens.

The story isn’t over yet, but America is in deep trouble with a cognitively impaired president and an ineligible, know-nothing V.P. chosen by Obama, IMO, because of her ineligibility………..The last chapter is being written now; what will the final outcome be? Will the Biden administration enter a war (this is looking more likely every day) to try to keep his woefully inept administration, which was cobbled together by ignoring competence in favor of (extreme) diversity, in office?  Will Kamala Harris be sent to the Supreme Court to remove her from Biden’s administration, and Hillary appointed as V.P.? If that happened, I believe Joe Biden would soon resign, giving Hillary the much-needed after-Obama-cover presidency she was promised in 2008 so she could run interference, as originally planned, for all complicit in The Obama Fraud including, of course, herself.  Those most heavily involved in The Obama Fraud from its inception, such as Nancy Pelosi, are now busy trying to find a way to prevent Donald Trump from running for president again. Nancy is very concerned about what is most important……herself.

Anyone who watched and listened to Obama speak to his adoring fans during his campaign stops should recognize this.

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  1. This is a very good article that says what I have been saying since fuhrer obama was nominated by the devildemocommiecrats in 2008!!!!! He was not eligible, nor is heels up harris but power is the goal and nothing is too far out for them to pull to continue their iron-fisted control of government!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Obama was never eligible to be President. I was among persons who did deep researches on him. I signed Sheriff Jose’s petition to investigate the phony BC. I mailed all my research from 1 yr or more prior to the fraud taking office, to a very prominent person, 5lbs of it. This issue is NOT dead. Every dog has his day. I pray I live long enough to see all pay for their treason.

      1. They never respond.

        Remember Zullo gave a cursory presentation to a very very high White House person and apparently never heard back from him/her.

    1. I too participated in the American Grand Jury. We were sworn in as Grand Jurors in accordance with the 5th Amendment (NOT Article 5) to make a PRESENTMENT.
      I personally went to DC and proffered the PRESENTMENT to Kay Grainger, Kay Bailey Huchinson and John Cornyn. I was also asked to give copies to the Senators from Tennessee on behalf of my brother. Every elected official denied receipt, stating that since he was already elected, he must be qualified.
      I also hand carried a copy of the PRESENTMENT to DC Chief Judge Royce Lambert. He accepted the PRESENTMENT and ruled on it admissibility. He stated in his ruling that PRESENTMENTS were Constitutionally permissible, but note 7 in codified Rules of Criminal Procedure (RCP) dismissed PRESENTMENTS as they have not really been used in a long time.
      Also, the matter of STANDING blocked our efforts. Every court stated that We The People did not have standing to bring this PRESENTMENT before the courts, as we were NOT the injured party.
      If you wanted a CONSPIRACY, you certainly got one with this. To this day, and with all of the evidence collected so far, there have still not been any arrests or punishments. Obviously should We The People even attempt to perform any of these crimes, they have thrown away the key after denying us our civil liberties. Don’t blieve me? Just ask that sailor who took a picture inside the submarine and is now in Fort Leavenworth serving hard time. While Hillary Clinton has all but admitted to exceeding the Watergate scandal remains free to commit any crimes she wants without repercussions.
      Anyway, I am committed to my Oath to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

      1. Thank you Robert for your comment, and commitment to your oath to support and defend the Constitution. Those who refuse to accept your evidence and claim you and the others have NO STANDING are protecting themselves and others who are complicit in The Obama Fraud. The swearing-in of the fraud Obama in 2009 was/is a huge criminal act which effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies and it was done to weaken America in every way possible. The cover-up is still underway and obviously Hillary, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president was not supposed to lose to Obama’s biggest nemesis, Donald Trump. Both parties panicked when that happened……..they are protecting what is most important….themselves….

  3. Thank you P & E for putting this article up. Today I saw a commenter on a Gateway Pundit article re 0bama running the brandon regime, the comment was a link of the video w Larry Sinclair telling panel his story of his encounter w then Sen 0bama & what occurred in the limo. Your article & seeing that comment gives me much “hope”that great “change” is coming in way of widespread exposure & long overdue justice is about to slam hard in to barrys face!

  4. More related news regarding Obama and that he and his cronies are the ones running the White House and Biden is just a sock puppet. In Obama’s preferred “leading from behind” role he can screw up the country and the USA’s role in the world and Joe Biden gets all the blame. And at the behest of Obama’s right hand gal, Valerie Jarrett who is an Iranian Citizen by birth there, Iran gets a lot of what they want. And Joe Biden does not really care since he is out of it anyway and is just happy to have had the title president in front of his name in history:

  5. Just as with Pocahontas, Obama owes everything he is to affirmative action. His transcripts are forever hidden because they are probably replete with D’s and F’s.
    But then again, math is racist.

  6. The big secret about obama’s records was revealed some years ago by Jack Cashill who investigated obama’s personal history. First of all, his investigation confirmed that Obama was born in Honolulu Hawaii. Obama’s mother married an Indoneasian man named Lolo Sotero. Obama’s mother convinced her new husband to adopt Obama. If I remember correctly during Obama’s time in Indoneasia he was known as Barry Sotero.

    And this is where we get to the secret that is being hidden, to wit:

    The problem is dual citizenship was not allowed at that time so in order for Lolo Sotero to adopt Obama, his mother had to waive his American Citizenship and along with that went Obama’s “natural born” status. According to US immigration in effect today and at that time, when a natural born US citizen waives their American Citizinship, they waive their natural born status and that can never be recovered. The fact is, if Cashill is correct that is what made Obama ineligible for the Presidency. One other secret according to Cashill the powers that be are covering up, Obama was not even an American citizen at any time after he came back from Indoneasia because he never went through the process of becoming a citizen again.

      1. There are no links to these claims because they are not true. The US Supreme Court in Perkins v Elg ruled that parents can not give up a minor child’s US citizenship.

        There is also no evidence that Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. His US immigration file always refers to Obama as his step-child.

        Finally under Indonesian citizenship laws there do not appear to be any ways for Obama to become an Indonesian citizen.

        It is all nonsense.

    1. Wrong. Obama NEVER had American NATURAL BORN status if we are to believe the Kenyan (British citizen) Communist goat herder, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., is his father as junior so claims. By his own admission, Barry Jr. cannot ever be a NATUARL BORN American citizen because his father was not an American citizen. Furthermore his purported mother was too young to transmit her American citizenship. Barry is a fraud and a usurper.

        1. The citizenship status of each of his parents when he was born is not only relevant but must have been U.S. — at least according to the person responsible for the 14th Amendment, John Bingham.

      1. As your opinion that is your right but a number of US Courts have disagreed with you.

        You are correct to a certain extent. If Obama had been born outside the US, his mother could not have passed US citizenship to him. Similar to the circumstances of Senator Hirono.

        Because he never had to naturalized it is safe to assume he was born and in the US.

  7. A very detailed article that is a must read is posted over at The Conservative Tree House. Obama and his anti-American Marxist and Islamist cronies are now behind the scenes in charge of the “tools” that are described in that article. Biden is a going senile sock puppet who is being blamed for it all. However, it is not incompetence what is happening. It is a plan. It is Obamas and Valerie Jarrett (the Iranian Citizen at Birth) who is leading this destruction from behind. Anyone wonder why all of a sudden Biden is being soft on Iran for the most part. The answer is Valerie Jarrett the Iranian working with Barack Obama. They control the “tools” to do their dirty work. And they control Biden to slowly get to Iran a lot of what Iran wants. Those controlling the “tools” now are evil anti-American radicals. And the major media is and has enabled them. Read this article about the “tools” that Obama and Jarrett now control … behind the scenes. When will Durham expose Obama the Fraud’s role in all this. See:

  8. Biden is a sock puppet and in classic Saul Alinsky “leading from behind” strategy for community organizers, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Valerie Jarrett (an Iranian citizen by birth in Iran) are doing things to bring down American culture and power (especially the military), that they never would have done when their face would have been directly on those actions, i.e., while Obama was in office and would have to take the blame … and been labeled the worst President in American history. But now with sock puppet Joe Biden to take all the blame and heat, Obama and cronies are making things happen via Biden that are absolutely terrible for our country and constitutional republic. Obama is now fulfilling the “Dreams From My Father” hate for America as outlined in his books by doing it through the front man Joseph R. Biden. Obama, the proclaimed grand-master of Alinsky style community organizing and leading from behind strategies, who has now taken it to a national scale, is pulling all the strings and calling all the disastrous planning shots for our nation via the Obama controlled people in Biden’s staff. And via Obama “leading from behind”, Biden the front man gets all the blame. And Obama and his anti-American cronies like George Soros, and who knows what foreign influencers are working with Obama, pat themselves on their backs pleased with what they have accomplished from behind the curtain and what they are continuing to do … destroying our culture, our military, and with it they hope … America. That is what Obama subliminally revealed about his feelings about America and goals for it, when he wrote “Dreams From My Father”.

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  9. Excellent article Bob. You have summarized very well how the country got into the mess it is in now. Both major political parties allowed the subversion of our constitution to begin to happen at an accelerated rate in the 2008 election. And, Antonio Gramsci’s instructed long-march through the institutions method to undermine the culture of a nation, as the best way to achieve a Marxist takeover of a western democratic republic such as the USA, has pretty much achieved its goals.

    The fix was in by both major political parties during the 2008 election to abrogate the “natural born Citizen” national security clause in the presidential eligibility clause, Article II Section 1 Clause 5. Congress had at the political parties behest tried to eliminate it several time in the prior 20 years. See: They could not get it even out of committee in Congress.

    Thus, in 2008 the major political parties and their leadership in Congress just decided to ignore its true purpose and the true meaning of the “natural born Citizen” requirement. See this:

    And for more about Antonia Gramsci, see this:

    Again Bob, Bravo Zulu!

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

      1. It was part of the Zullo Tapes. Zullo recorded the Arpaio discussing Dennis Montgomery (before Montgomery scammed them) with Tim Blixseth. At me point Blixseth suggest going to Trump with Montgomery’s stuff and Arpaio response Trump is a double agent.

        You can hear the conversation but I don’t have an exact time.

        The P&E is not letting me paste a link.

        You can read the story and listen to the Zullo Tapes by Googling

        “Joe Arpaio’s Posse Investigator Mike Zullo’s Secret Recordings” it is at the Phoenix New Times website.

      2. It was part of the Zullo Tapes. Zullo recorded the Arpaio discussing Dennis Montgomery (before Montgomery scammed them) with Tim Blixseth. At me point Blixseth suggest going to Trump with Montgomery’s stuff and Arpaio response Trump is a double agent.

        You can hear the conversation but I don’t have an exact time.

        The P&E is not letting me paste a link.

        You can read the story and listen to the Zullo Tapes by Googling

        “Joe Arpaio’s Posse Investigator Mike Zullo’s Secret Recordings” it is at the Phoenix New Times website.

    1. Sometimes, it takes a double agent to get the job done. And, President Donald J. Trump got the job done by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio. So, let’s hear it from the double agent himself as to why Sheriff Joe was pardoned, instead of listening to the third party truth twister propaganda bullhorns.

      I wonder if Sheriff Joe still thinks President Trump is a double-agent? And if he does, so be it. Comparing some dubious past presidential pardons as cited by the double agent himself, one has to question why this power has not been revoked through a Constitutional Amendment by now.

      1. Thank you for posting President Trump and his comments on presidential pardons and Sheriff Joe Arpaio….
        Something else about Obama and Trump. Obama refused to show his school and passport records which could have resulted in 5 million dollars being donated to Obama’s favorite charity, (anybody’s guess on what that would be?) President Trump donated his presidential salary to various charities.

  10. Bob_ _: Excellent summary of what appears to be the sunset of our precious Constitutional Republic, ordained as the United States of America, unless we all send this article to our legislators in Washington D.C. as a starting point.

    1. Thank you. In case you or anyone who reads my article didn’t notice, the last word in the last sentence of my article, if clicked on, will take you to information on Obama’s hypnotic speaking technique. Just reading the first page or two will provide insight into how so many people were conned by Barack Hussein Obama…….there are more than 60 pages……thanks again. Bob68….

  11. The courts have ruled, minor exceptions aside, people like Obama and Harris are natural-born citizens because they were born in the United States.

    There’s no evidence the CIA trained Obama.

    Among the reasons why Obama might not have taken up the former president’s offer was he believed it wasn’t a genuine offer.

      1. What did he have to gain..? Even when he did release not one but two copies, along with the confirming statements from the Hawai’i government, those folks who didn’t want to believe still wouldn’t believe and called them fakes.

        1. Exactly. Columbia University said Obama was a graduate, and a few people still didn’t believe it. Transcripts wouldn’t have changed anybody’s mind.

    1. If Obama had shown the authentic records, as requested by Donald Trump, and Trump then refused to donate the 5 million he offered to Obama’s favorite charity that would have ended Trump’s future chances of running for, and being elected president. Donald Trump made the offer because he knew Obama would not provide the records…….and why.

      1. The idea that Obama could have foreseen and stopped someone’s future chances of running is speculative. Especially when Obama’s primary goal in 2012 was to secure re-election, and not to squelch some other potential candidate’s ambitions.

        1. I believe Obama knew Trump was considering running for president and was already concerned and afraid of what he knew Trump had on him.

          IMO there is no question Obama would have loved humiliating Trump by showing his school and passport records, except that would expose Obama as the total fraud he is. It could have been a win/win for Obama. If Trump paid-up Obama would look like a hero with 5 million for his charity, and Trump like a fool. If Trump didn’t pay up he would be a liar by not keeping his word. Neither one bodes well for a presidential run by Donald Trump. Obama did not show his records because that would prove what most people already believed, Obama is a total and complete fraud……

          To Obama, Trump the “birther” (that’s a compliment) was much more than just another presidential candidate and must never be allowed to be president…………the after Obama president had to be Hillary Clinton, as was planned and promised in 2008……Hillary was not supposed to lose……

        2. I don’t know why you believe Obama in 2012 could see into future and not only see who would be running in 2016 but also see the exact move to topple this person.

          Obama in 2012 had little to gain from this so-called wager because the possible benefits to him were too remote and too small. Obama won re-election in 2012, and there already was ample evidence the person making the wager was a liar who regularly didn’t honor his commitments. It wouldn’t have moved anyone’s perceptions.

          Besides, school transcripts show only grades; Obama’s would have been irrelevant to any questions as to citizenship.

    2. To: Garret Hobart. Re: Obama and Harris. Natural born citizens, or NATIVE BORN CITIZENS? And, as for Obama, it is highly unlikely that he was born in the United States. If he was, why would he need a FORGED Hawaiian “birth certificate?” Furthermore, how can Obama, a citizen of three different countries, be a natural born American citizen qualified constitutionally to be president and commander-in-chief? Sounds more like a multiple born citizen (more citizenships than a dual citizen!). And, please don’t tell me that Obama wasn’t an Indonesian citizen. He himself declared Indonesian citizenship for a passport and also as a means to obtain foreign student aid at Occidental College! And, as for evidence that he was trained by the CIA, he was EMPLOYED by them at one time and sent to the middle east as an interpreter (my memory, though failing a bit in my elderly years, tells me that he interpreted for the U.S. and the TALIBAN!). Check out the Columbia University-CIA citizens jury trial held at Atlah Ministeries in New York presided over by Rev James David Manning (Obama was convicted). Finally, why would Obama want to risk censure and embarrassment for 5 million dollars, when the U.S. Treasury had deposited millions in a Vatican Bank account/slush fund for him and Michelle? That was the same financial scheme that made Chief Justice John Roberts a billionaire! Any other questions, Mr Hobart?

      1. Mr Arnold,
        Lots of statements there but a number of inaccuracies I’m afraid.

        The Hawai’i government has repeatedly stated that the birth certificates shown are true and accurate representations of the birth certificate and records.
        A record from, and one confirmed as wholly accurate by the official custodian cannot be a forgery. The custodian has repeatedly confirmed that the 2 BC’s are true representations of certified copies.

        Regarding a child being born with potential citizenship in another country, the US doesn’t care less what another country says, it only cares about US citizenship. Any US citizen with Jewish heritage has, under The Right of Return, potential Israeli citizenship, any US citizen with an Irish parent or grandparent could have potential Irish citizenship and soon. The US doesn’t care, another country cannot affect US citizenship.

        Obama never claimed he had Indonesian citizenship and under Indonesian law could not have been granted citizenship. Ditto, even IF he had, it could not affect his US citizenship.

        There are no records anywhere that Obama trued to claim foreign student aid.

        There are no records anywhere that Obama was ever employed by the CIA nor that he was an interpreter anywhere, for anyone.

        Sorry but no support for any if those opinions I am afraid.

    3. Garret, You are still spouting incorrect information I see.

      People “born in the United States” are given basic citizenship only. That said, if they do not have parents who are both U.S. Citizens themselves, these people who were merely “born in the U.S.” are NOT Natural Born Citizens.

      Harris and Obama have been and always will be ineligible to be President or VP. Unless, of course, Article II is amended to allow non- NBCs to attain to those offices.

      1. And yet Robert, the US government and the Supreme Court only recognises two types of citizenship, naturalized (No President for you) and the other type (Yes, you can run for President).

        There is no 3rd type, no “basic citizenship”, you are either naturalized (made a citizen from another citizenship after your birth) or a born citizen, citizenship at birth.

        The born citizen gets their citizenship from parents OR from location OR both.

        See Perkins v Elg, 14th Amendment and US v Wong Kim Ark.

        Now you are entitled to disagree however until either the Supreme Court makes a ruling OR another Amendment is raised and ratified that overturns this definition and changes it to your personal preference, it remains the definition as per the law and Constitution of the USA

        1. And yet, Grantham, the U.S. Constitution actually recognizes four types of citizens — “natural born Citizen(1), or a Citizen of the United States(2), at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,” (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5) and “born(3) or naturalized”(4) citizen (14th Amendment, Clause 1). Note that (2) & (3) are not the same because (2) were born before the adoption of the U.S. Constitution/before the United States became a sovereign nation and (3) were born after same.

          The U.S. Constitution then actually casts in stone the difference between a “born” or “naturalized” citizen and a “natural born” citizen by allowing “a Citizen” to serve as a Representative (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2) or a Senator (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 4) but only “a natural born Citizen” to serve as President (Article 2, Section 1. Clause 5).

          Please cite where the majority in Perkins v Elg either ruled or opined that any person born in the United States is a natural born citizen irrespective of the citizenship of either/both of their parents at the time.

          Representative John Bingham, principle author of the 14th Amendment, Clause 1:
          “All from other lands, who, by the terms of your laws and in compliance with their provisions become naturalized, are adopted citizens of the United States; all other persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens. Gentlemen can find no exception to this statement touching natural born citizen except what is said in the Constitution in relation to [Native American] Indians.” — Congressional Globe, 1862

          “I find no fault with the introductory clause of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen”. — Congressional Globe, 1866

          Please cite a SCOTUS case which, in basing its ruling on someone’s citizenship in part or in whole on the 14th Amendment, cited either of those opinions of Representative John Bingham.

          Please cite where US v Wong Kim Ark either ruled or opined that any person born in the United States is a natural born citizen irrespective of the citizenship of either/both of their parents at the time. Note that US v Wong Kim Ark cited WITHOUT DISSENTION Minor v Happersett: “The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first.”

          I am indeed entitled to disagree. And my disagreement comports with the U.S. Constitution, Minor v Happersett and Wong Kim Ark.

        2. Under “Natural Law” and the “Laws of Nature”, and which natural laws are cited in the founding documents, there is a third type of citizenship, a person born with only one citizenship and no dual allegiance at birth or foreign influence on them via birth citizenship. That is a “natural born Citizen”. See Minor v Happersett (1875) SCOTUS decision and the other relevant case law here: and also:

          Obama and Harris were at birth citizens of more than one country and owing allegiance at birth to more than one country.

          As Justice Thomas said, the U.S. Supreme Court is avoiding this issue. Why because they know the answer. Obama nor Harris are constitutionally not eligible and Chief Justice John Roberts is in on the abrogation of the “natural born Citizen” term.

          IMO, Obama and his backers have dirt on Chief Justice Roberts. And they are using it to influence Roberts, imo. Roberts was also fearful of the racist charge if they declared Obama ineligible. Regarding how Roberts can be influenced, just look at how Roberts changed his vote on ObamaCare at the last minute. I heard it has something to do with how Chief Justice Roberts finagled the adoption of his foreign born children.

          CDR Kerchner (Ret)

        3. What you wrote:
          “And yet Robert, the US government and the Supreme Court only recognises two types of citizenship, naturalized (No President for you) and the other type (Yes, you can run for President).”

          If that is so, why is there no verbatim phrase “natural born Citizen” to be found in any US government citizenship and immigration law, but yet that phrase is found in the unique requirement for Article II jobs, but nonexistent for Article I jobs?

    4. Law of Nations, “the natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents, who are citizens”. That is the gospel. That is the definition the founders had to consider. The law of Nations published in 1758 section 212, a time relevant to the founders. The Law of Nations is also the book George Washington checked out and famously never returned. The founders did not want a Commander in Chief of the US Military turning those forces on the American citizen having not understood the reason for the creation of this country and the principals they fought for. Barack Obama, having not been born here, had no love for this country, lied about his selective service card, social security number/s about 20, 4 aliases, and sexual preference. He is an example of why article 2 section 1 clause 5 was included in presidential qualifications which the DNC abandoned in 2008 as did the RNC with John McCain and that ridiculous SR-511. The RNC vet’s candidates by the honor system that is abused as politicians are of want. Ted Cruz is barely a citizen and I fall into the category of, “prove you are a citizen” you are definitely not natural born. Kamala Harris is not natural born as both parents were not citizens like Marco Rubio. The answers are out there but don’t fall for the recent incorrect definition of natural-born citizen written by those with an agenda.

      Note, “of parents” and “who are citizens” is plural and “in the country”. This is the phrase Chief Justice Morrison Waite was talking about in Minor V Happersett.
      For those of you who believe if your child is born off shore on a military base or US Consulate, they are an American citizen at birth should know the US Department of State says different because of the meaning of the 14th amendment. I know there are kids born on bases all over the world but as far as “natural-born” status instead of a “citizen” status, I can only reference the Law of Nations and that description.

  12. An excellent historically accurate article. Sort of a different and deeper than most perspective. Put this together with my latest “hit piece” on Obama (also recently published on P & E), and we’ll have pretty much all anyone needs to know about the REAL background and election frauds (two of them) involving Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Not the BIG LIE by CNN, FOX, uninformed congressmen and women, concerning our country’s most recent election, which was stolen (again, surprise surprise, by the left). Congratulations, Robert, on what I truly believe is an editorial/article of historical significance. Unfortunately though, Robert, you and I are considered among the white supremacist racists, the greatest enemies of the state! In truth, as you and I know, we are just average everyday concerned Americans exercising our 1st Amendment rights. And, hoping against hope that someone in our federal government, who still has some dignity and righteous political power, will do their job and everything he or she can do to save our constitutional republic and democracy. AMEN, and cheers to you, Robert! Tom Arnold.

    1. Thank you very much, Tom Arnold. I noticed years ago a huge disconnect between what America citizens were being told about Obama and government in general, and the reality of what I could see. To me millions of Americans were accepting obvious lies as the truth because they heard it from CNN, MSNBC, etc. or even at times from the controlled opposition, Fox News. Finally, after the damage is done so-called “news” networks are getting what they deserve and their faithful audience is abandoning them. However, they served their purpose and America is now controlled by the most anti-American, anti-Constitution group of misfits ever, many of whom are holdovers from the Obama administration.
      I still have hope America can be saved by voting, and that would have been the case in 2020 had there not been massive voter fraud. There must be an honest, reliable way to insure only qualified American citizen voters can vote, and their vote is accurately counted and reported. Without that, everything is lost, and assurance of that happening in the next election does not now exist………….

      1. Is the dam about to brake and are usurpers about to be revealed and be held accountable for massive voter fraud in the last election of Biden ? Dinesh D’Souza has some impressive evidence /fraud from the last presidential election. See his trailer add for his coming movie Also Trump made a statement on January 31, 2022 supporting D’Souza. See the article entitled: PRESIDENT TRUMP: Evidence of stolen election is ‘so damming’ in new moving ‘2,ooo Mules’ According to the article, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, were greatly affected by noted voter fraud.