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(May 11, 2022) — “Go Tell It on the Mountain” (3:57)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. We just received, hot off the press, a copy of Madam Shylock’s pamphlet titled, The Contemporary Handbook for the Ignorant, Gullible and Mindless Puppets of the Deep State. In Chapter 7, ‘Abortion is NOT a Contraceptive,’ there’s something I’d like to share with you:

“I was born.”

“And I wasn’t.”

 “I’ll go first, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, go ahead ‘cause all I’ve got now is eternity.”

“In a nutshell I had a normal childhood, adolescence and then I died of Consumption brought across the border by Biden’s epic ‘How to Destroy a Country in One Easy Step’ open-border policy.”

“Too bad. I, on the other hand, had I lived, was a prodigy, believe it or not. I won the Nobel Prize in medicine when I was 16 and then cured all forms of cancer by the time I was 30. I then convinced the human population not to breed like rodents on an island where they consume all the edibles and are left only to resort to cannibalism. I won other notable prizes and awards and was elected, worldwide (without one dissenting vote, mind you), as the ‘Most Admired after Jesus’ before I died peacefully in my sleep at the ripe old age of 100.”

“I’m speechless, and I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay; not your fault.”

“Then whose fault is it?”

“It is, simply put, the fault of ignorance; it’s as simple as that, sad to say.”

“You cured cancer?”

“And made the blind see.”

“We’ve a lot of blind believers in taking a baby’s life but can’t execute the murderer of Kate Steinle or any other creep who murders, rapes and molests children, not to mention voter fraudsters.”

“It seems that the world is upside-down, but it’s not my world; it’s yours to mess up as you see fit. It seems to me that this Biden-Harris administration is not only ‘Out-to-Lunch,’ but purposely out to destroy your Constitution by any means necessary, don’t you think?”

“No doubt.”

“So, you think that denying God means anything? I mean, is reality changed by toppling a statue, for instance?”

“No, of course not, and I’m tired so I’ll go to sleep.”

“Too bad you can’t put ignorance and stupidity to sleep; too bad you can’t put your ‘Ministry of Truth’ to sleep; too bad about a lot of things that I’ll let you deal with; just hope you don’t catch tuberculosis. Oh, sorry, you’ve already done that and died.”

“And that’ll do it for us too: Goodnight.”

Silent Night” (2:23)

Roving Reporter

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