by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Apr. 6, 2022) — There comes a point in time when humiliation of a senior citizen becomes elder abuse.  That point came this week, when the Second Usurper in Chief (“SUC”) appeared at a White House event to observe the 12-year marking of the passage of the comically-mislabeled “Affordable Care Act,” known on the street as “Obamacare” or the “ACA.”  The sycophantic media called it a “celebration,” a malapropism if ever there were one.

However, quite apart from the continuing stupidity of the ACA, the gathering at the White House among Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., Kamala Harris, one Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. and a number of Democrat politicians metastasized at the end into a humiliating embarrassment for the aforesaid husband of “Dr.” Jill Biden.

It is no secret that your humble servant believes that Mr. Biden is – hands down and unquestionably – the worst chief executive to have ever occupied the Oval Office.  Period.  Full stop.  Your servant asks again of those who “actually” voted for him: Are you happy now? He has here been referred to in the past as the “Goofball-in-Chief,” “the Clown at 1600” or simply “the Goof.”  One is reminded of the SUC’s advice to other Democrats in the run-up to the 2020 “election”: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to %#@! things up.”

Given his abysmal track record as “president” after but 14 months in office – from the Afghanistan debacle to the reversion of the nation to energy dependence on foreign sources to the eradication of the southern border – he has earned those appellations many times over.  He needs to resign, be impeached or be removed via the 25th Amendment.

In this offering, however, your servant will endeavor to moderate, if only slightly, those descriptions because, following a viewing of the linked videos below, an additional verbal piling-on would be superfluous and unwarranted.

Specifically, as the White House ACA ceremonies wound down, virtually every Democrat at the gathering in the East Room flocked to the side of the SUC – rather than Mr. Biden – leaving the current president to amble aimlessly around, looking for someone with whom he might talk.  Reader advisory: some may find the video painful to watch.

But wait…, there’s more: while the SUC and Harris are fully-engaged in conversations, broad smiles and vigorous handshakes with the gaggle of assembled Democrats, Mr. Biden desperately tries to get the SUC’s attention, even grabbing and pulling the SUC’s right shoulder from behind in an apparent unsuccessful effort to secure his attention.  It is a wonder that the SUC’s Secret Service detail – yes, Virginia, we are still paying for that – did not intervene.

Granted, the two foregoing videos may not show the entirety of the encounters, and Mr. Biden’s plight over being ignored by the SUC and his fellow Democrats might be otherwise explained or rationalized. 

On the other hand, even the brief clips now on display – worldwide – depict a person adrift; a shell of a president being paraded around by a cabal of handlers from behind dark curtains; a husband being abused by a spouse who seems to covet fame, power and the moniker “FLOTUS” at the expense of becoming an accessory to elder abuse. 

Some might argue that she should have long ago gently taken his hand and whispered in his ear: “Dear, let’s just go back to Wilmington and relax in our golden years.”  Did not happen.

Underscoring the perfidy of the apparatchik media, that paragon of responsible journalism – CNN – said not a word about the East Room elder abuse, but focused instead on the “incredible irony of Obama’s return to the White House.”  That purported “incredible irony” comes in the form of the SUC “coming to the White House Tuesday for a (much delayed) victory lap.”  Really?

To CNN, it remains “all about Obama” and his “much delayed” victory lap, but pay no attention to that poor fellow with the befuddled gaze and dripping ice cream cone.  Worse yet, one needs to look “across the pond” to London’s Daily Mail to get a complete picture of how difficult the East Room humiliation was for Mr. Biden.

To your humble servant, it is an imperative that Mr. Biden vacate the Oval Office and the White House.  But the gentle torture to which he is being subjected by those who counsel others to never underestimate his ability to “foul things up” is doing no favors to the office nor to a septuagenarian who is in over his head…, way over his head.

Sad.  And entirely avoidable.

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  1. Viewing the entire clip does not change the fact that Joseph Biden is an elderly individual suffering from cognitive decline and is not able to properly carry out his sworn duties as President of the United States. The video was not “deceptively edited”. It clearly demonstrates a period of time wherein the President appeared disoriented and lost. As the readers of this newspaper may remember, I filed a formal inquiry into the health and welfare of Mr. Biden with D.C. Department of Aging. That complaint was referred to the attention of U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health Admiral “Rachel” Levine. To date he has not responded to my inquiry.