Laura Newland, Director
D.C. Dept. of Aging and Community Living
500 K street, North East
Washington, D.C., 20002        February 10, 2022

Re: Concern regarding the health
& welfare of Joseph B. Biden,
a resident of D.C.

Dear Director Newland,

In the past year I have had opportunity to observe the person referred to above indirectly and to form an opinion as to whether or not D.C. resident Joseph B. Biden, who works and resides in the District of Columbia, is a vulnerable disabled and elderly individual who is being emotionally and or otherwise abused and may be suffering at the hands of others.

Mr.Biden resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. and frequently appears to be confused, feeble, distressed, irritable, confrontational and incoherent. In the interest of this person, I request that you investigate the situation. It is my opinion that this person could be in a situation where he is being manipulated by others and may be unable to seek help on his own to remedy the situation.

Your job is to protect such individuals from such abuse. I suggest that he be examined and given cognitive tests as well as an interview by officials of the D.C. Department of Aging in order to determine the status of his health and welfare and whether he may require further intervention by the Department.


Robert C. Laity, Supplicant
(Personal information redacted)

cc: Heather Stowe, Clinical Director

Update, February 11, 2022, 12:55 p.m. EST: The author has informed The Post & Email that in accordance with accurate responsive comments, he has corrected the subject’s middle initial and resent the letter to Newland.

The corrected version is here:

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  1. I recently received a response from the DC Department of Aging. I was advised that the US HHS has authority over my request. Consequently, the Complaint has now been referred to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    I contacted Admiral Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary of HHS yesterday. I am awaiting her response. The complaint has been escalated.

    Meanwhile, a request by (40) Congressmen was sent demanding that Biden be examined for cognitive decline.

    1. What are you insinuating? It would be “bad faith” to send in a report based on unfounded facts. My report however, is easily confirmed by the facts. Biden IS patently impaired and feels threatened. “If I answer any questions, I will get in trouble”. Trouble with who?

      Biden refers to Harris as “President Harris”, referred to the impending invasion of Ukraine as a “Minor incursion”. Biden has to be assisted off a stage because of physical weakness, frequently gets confused, forgets things such as, for example, what State he is in and where he is, frequently exhibits irritability and is generally impaired.

      Biden is not fit to remain in office. He may need to be in elder care treatment.