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by Chief New Leaf, ©2022

(Mar. 26, 2022) — This speech was previously recorded at the auditorium in West Palm Beach.

Cherokee Morning Song” (4:31) with photos.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Roving Reporter asked me to start off the program by reading the introduction, which I have done, so I will now get to what I must say to my fellow Native American Indians without further wordy ‘American-Speak,’ which means, ‘Lie to your face,’ just as every mumbled word from the clown in the White House, Joe Biden, does.

“We Indians signed treaties with your government based on the Constitution, but since you have turned your backs on your own laws, we are turning our backs on you. We are sick of your lies, land-grabbing and your attempts to eradicate us from the face of the earth. You have even attacked your own people. What you have accused others of you have done yourself, and nowhere is it clearer than in your so-called Jan. 6 ‘insurrection’ when, in fact, it was Biden-Harris and your government who were the real insurrectionist.

“You have restricted our hunting rights, but you haven’t restricted your violation of your GESTAPO (FBI) agents from breaking every law under the sun by incessantly spying on us, selling us drugs – cigarettes and alcohol will kill us as surely as fentanyl – that are sold by your ‘law enforcement’ agents on our reservations. The second biggest business* in the United States is the drug business – some are so-called ‘legal’ and some aren’t so much – but you people have one serious problem with reality: you ought to take the time to smell the flowers before you destroy yourselves, that is, if you could take the time from the ‘idiot box’ that you call television, the main source of government lies, either outright or from subliminal means through repetition or flash-messages through the radio and television.

“I am writing now because you have gone over the cliff and don’t even know it. You say you are color-blind, but the nitwit that you call your president requested a ‘qualified black female’ be nominated for your Supreme Court. There are many things wrong with that statement and the fact that it was carried out in such a perverse way is almost beyond words. The fact that the nominee (KJB) is not qualified has apparently not been considered; that she is as dumb as a fence post is beyond a shadow of a doubt, and that she wears on her sleeve her hatred of the USA is obvious even for the most jaded of us.

“That you’re bending over backwards to appease a select minority is rather sad and self-destructive: rather than educate with the intent of being qualified, you have lowered the standards so the unqualified are hired to the detriment of us all. Let me put it to you this way: would you want a qualified air traffic controller guiding your plane, or don’t you care if the controller is qualified or not? Would you require the pilot speak English or a derivative of English?

“Your ‘Affirmative Action’ mandates haven’t done anybody any good, at any time, anywhere, and KJB is a good example of ‘gaming the system.’ You keep on harping about freedom while at the same time denying the Constitutional rights of people you call insurrectionists, but you can’t even identify the REAL insurrectionists, Chief Justice Roberts and Biden-Harris.

“I’m done talking and I’ve made my point, except to say that the statue-topplers are playing into the hands of the Communists: if you want Communism, move to North Korea; we’ll even pay your way. I’ve invited Rook Dunkin to give the sendoff.”

“Thank you, Chief, for the warm and heartfelt introduction. I’d like to say a word about forgiveness, if I may. Some of us hold grudges against others who, most likely, don’t know or couldn’t care less what you think. I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life, but my PTSD drove her away, so I divorced her and now, years later, I truly regret that decision. Once I trashed the crutches that the VA prescribed – and I added to — the nightmares, the overriding influence of my destructive behavior, ended. The bottom line is that my ex-wife is somebody’s else wife because I lacked the understanding of what Jesus taught us: forgiveness. I hope that you will take the time to reflect on what His teachings mean.”

If Not for You” (3:29)

“Let us pray:

Jesus, we are lost sheep in a pasture fraught with hate and destruction, so give us the wisdom to see beyond the hype preached by our government and the Fake News. We want to serve you, but the roadblocks they put in the way are almost insurmountable. Our enemies are attempting to name a judge who represents another nail in the coffin of our Republic and, look out your window, we’re going down in flames. I wouldn’t recommend any of you visiting the cemeteries where our war dead are buried, for they fought and died for our country and they are not at peace with what is happening, this I can guarantee you. Remember this: the Second Amendment is to protect us from a rabid government and not from rabid deer. Amen.”

“That was very good, Rook Dunkin, and so we’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Second biggest business: first is the ‘military industrial complex’ that makes a profit only when there are orders, usually after the original product is used, becomes outdated or discarded, or even ‘lost,’ as in the $85 billion-worth of military supplies left in Afghanistan so the jihadists can kill Americans. We can thank the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joe Biden for that particular fiasco. Bottom line of the Ukraine war is Russian Muslims killing Ukrainian Christians, in case you didn’t know.]

Chief New Leaf

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