March 5, 2022

Vladimir Putin, Jan. 1, 1998, as head of Russia’s FSB (RIA Novosti archive, image #100306 / Sergey Subbotin / CC-BY-SA 3.0)

Dear Editor,

In America, a business associate I came to know quite well turned out to be a Vietnam Veteran “Intelligence Officer” (a “misnomer,” he’d self-deprecatingly jest) inserted with US and South Vietnamese Special Forces way up north in then-South Vietnam during and after the Tet Offensive, when the NVA and VC were beaten to a pulp (however, the Americans then were not allowed to finish off the job by belting the Red Chinese involved).

After that show of American foolishness, my Louisianan friend related how his KGB opposites (the Russians were financing China’s inveigling and providing fighter pilots, etc. as they had in the Korean War) would then mockingly describe their KGB-selves as really being “Kind Gentle Brothers”: something former senior KGB foreign intelligence officer Vladimir Putin is not!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. Putin is a monster, a murderer intent on ruling the world. Joe dementia is merely a bobblehead puppet doing the bidding of satanic forces desiring to turn America into a puppet state of satan’s global dictatorship!!!!! Dementia merely spouts the lines his ventriloquist operators give him to say. Putting that demented fool into the oval office is TREASON against America and elder abuse against him!!!!! His family is guilty of abuse for letting him be used as they are and are doing so for personal wealth now and not thinking about the eternal implications of their actions!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good article Howard. I had a similar experience with Poopin when I was in the USAF and he was the equivalent of a major in the KGB. No further comment, USAF Retired.