by Don Fredrick, TheCompleteObamaTimeline, ©2022 

(Mar. 5, 2022) — At the center of the Covid controversy is a massive black hole that eagerly consumes everything approaching it. Any light shed on the issue of the origin of the Wuhan lab virus is immediately extinguished. Questions that rattle the establishment are abruptly tossed into the relentless whirlpool. Recognitions of the brutal and even deadly side effects of the inadequately tested chemical concoctions called “vaccines” are instantaneously vanquished to the vortex.
But ignoring the truth does not change it. If you willingly accept the existence of the black hole, you feed it. If you accommodate the black hole, you intensify it. If you pretend it does not exist, you broaden its powers. By ignoring the malevolent maelstrom, you render yourself morally blind.
Faced with evidence of the evil origination of the virus and the devastating consequences of the “vaccines,” one can and should accept that information. But doing so means one must doubt the integrity of the federal government, the pharmaceutical industry, the industry “watchdogs,” and the media. Doing so means recognizing that the government is overwhelmingly corrupt, the drug companies are appallingly unethical, the watchdogs are monumentally ineffective, and the media are deviously complicit.
These are, of course, disturbing realizations. How do people react to them? Many dispense with those uncomfortable thoughts by quickly labeling them nothing more than absurd accusations. Others willingly ignore them: “Don’t show me that!” “I don’t want to know!” “Go away!” Unnatural and sudden deaths are explained away as coincidences. Nurses witnessing reactions never seen in decades of service are discharged. Physicians lose their medical licenses for daring to prescribe something not endorsed by the CDC and an overrated and diminutive career bureaucrat. Uncomfortable facts are labeled unfounded conspiracies and ridiculous theories unworthy even of discussion. They are then summarily ignored, and tossed unceremoniously into the black hole — in a sacrifice of truth to the three “wise” monkey gods: Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru.
The perpetrators of evil, of course, are protected by their level of importance and the size of their offenses. The more powerful and significant the criminal or the offending institution, the more difficult it is for many to believe the crime was committed. The more the crime threatens the average citizen, the more readily that citizen is willing to pretend it did not occur. “Our leaders would never do that!” “This ocean liner cannot sink!” “That injection did not cause my paralysis!” Fear of devastating realities strengthens the black hole. Uncertainty and confusion are accepted more easily than the truth. Meanwhile, the Facebook and Twitter Gestapo are dutifully shepherding into the black hole all evidence of illegality and immorality. Let us hope they soon become swallowed up as well.

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  1. Sadly, too many people fall into the category of denial brought out in this article. I am not one of the willfully blind or fearful of retribution to stand on the truth!!!!! The China virus is a weapon being used to subjugate We the People and too many are willingly subjecting themselves to global tyranny on the false premise that capitulation will protect them!!!!! I WILL NOT COMPLY with tyranny under any circumstances!!!!!