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The Chicago Police Department investigating a shooting, 2016 (CC by SA 4.0 International)

(Mar. 5, 2022) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Today’s guest wishes to remain anonymous, but we can state that she works for the Child Protection Division of the Chicago Police Department. Welcome to ‘Pulse,’ the most-watched information show in its time slot.”

“Glad to be here, Roving. Used to watch you back in the day when ‘Pulse’s’ studio wasn’t too far from here. Too bad the mayor ordered it burnt to the ground, but then maybe you shouldn’t have criticized her.”

“Maybe you’re an idiot, so let’s find out, shall we?”

“By all means.”

“So, you said you have something to say: go for it.”

“Well, ever since the Cheap Suit, I mean, Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, got in the White House the murders in Chicago skyrocketed and the only deaths that made the news – and not even on the front page, at that – was when a child was a victim of a ‘random’ shooting.”

“So you’re saying there’s been quite a few child deaths due to, what, randomness?”

“No, I’m saying that a child killed in Chicago, in my home town, is just as noteworthy as a child dying in Ukraine; that’s all.”

“That’s all?”

“Not quite. All of a sudden everybody is crying and wringing their hands over Ukraine but what about our children, what about the innocent kids in Chicago, New York, East St. Louis: don’t they count? We can get rid of the sanctuary cities and the incompetent Commie Democratic mayors to solve the problem, but we don’t, so that’s why I’m saying all this concern over Ukraine is pretty sad when people care more about foreigners than they care about their own. Excuse me; I just got paged about another child dying on South State Street. Bye.”

“And that’ll do it for us: Goodnight.”

Roving Reporter

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!!!!! Very few people that I know of hear about the murders because the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists won’t report bad news that shows how corrupt and TREASONOUS the devildemocrat party is. The propagandists either cover up or lie about situations because they are just as corrupt as the globalist tyrant wanna-bes they cover for. Today’s lamestream media are just as bad as the Pravda propagandists that covered for Stalin and the Goebbels propagandists that covered for Hitler. The corporate media hacks don’t report “news” they merely spout spin that won’t let We the People know the truth about what is being done to citizens by corrupt, evil political hacks and the criminal illegal aliens they import daily to terrorize citizens and do the bidding of the satanists who control the federal and many state governments. joe dementia and other lemmings of the deep state can say and do anything they want knowing that the truth is safely hidden by their propaganda arm. OANN and Newsmax are the only tv networks reporting the truth and they are under attack by the left on a daily basis. Truth is falsely labeled as “misinformation” or “disinformation” by the devildemocommiecrats and their fake news hack allies. The lies put out by the propagandists is all most of America sees. While promoting anarchist groups blm and antifa, the fake news propagandists label patriots as “domestic terrorists”. People who attend school board meetings trying to stop indoctrination of their children by marxists are vilified when any credible person would hail them as heroes for standing up for truth and American values. The fake news started, as far as I know, when walter kronkite began lying about the Vietnam War in the mid 1960s in order to turn the narrative against soldiers. The lies by the leftist kronkite turned attitudes against soldiers fighting to free people from communist aggression and led to the hateful treatment of young soldiers trying to help people being slaughtered by communists because they wanted to be free from oppression!!!!! Until American media turns back to reporting facts the danger of oppression here is very likely!!!!!!!!!!