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“President Joe Biden, joined by Counselor to the President and White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients, receives a briefing from Director of the NIH Dr. Francis Collins and Chief Medical Adviser to the President and Director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021, at the Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center (VRC) at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.” (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz) (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

(Jan. 26, 2022) — P&E readers who have perused various of your humble servant’s offerings on the “natural born citizen” issue will recognize the term “ipse dixit.”  That Latin maxim translates, literally, to “He himself said it.” The phrase is generally interpreted to mean that a fact or proposition being asserted as purportedly accurate has only its utterance by the speaker as proof of its gravitas or truth.  It purports to be an unassailable dogmatic statement which the speaker intends – and expects – the listener to accept as valid simply because it is verbalized or articulated.  Stated otherwise, it usually conveys the meaning of “It is so because I say it is so.”

Enter one Anthony (“ipse dixit”) Fauci, the main character in the new book by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.”  For anyone even tangentially affected by or concerned about the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic – i.e., everyone on the planet – the book is a must-read. 

Throughout the 755-page work, Kennedy details the ipse dixit pronouncements of Fauci and the devastating impact that they have had on the nation and the health of its citizens…, not to mention the health of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens permitted to flood over the southern border by the lunatic and unconstitutional policies of the Goofball at 1600.  

From “soup to nuts,” the work details the outrages and evils which have been orchestrated and committed not only by Fauci and those under his control, but also by willing – even eager – apparatchiks in the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government and its tentacle agencies and, of course, the mainstream media.  Faithful P&E reader, if you thought things were bad from the outset, you need to read this book.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks at the “Defeat the Mandates” event in Washington, DC, January 23, 2022 (Screenshot: “The Highwire” livestream)

From Fauci’s flip-flops on issues ranging from masks, to the efficacy of vaccines versus therapeutics to lockdowns to vaccine passports to schoolchildren’s vulnerabilities, his “It is so because I say it is so” attitude toward the pandemic would be comical, if not so deadly.

Indeed, Kennedy relates that many physicians and front-line pandemic specialists believe that Fauci’s “suppression of early virus treatment and off-patent remedies was responsible for up to 80 percent of all deaths attributable to COVID,” and quotes Dr. Pierre Kory, a Wisconsin intensive care and lung specialist, as stating: “Dr. Fauci’s suppression of early treatments will go down in history as having caused the death[s] of half a million Americans in the [Intensive Care Units].”   

Moreover, we now learn from additional emails obtained under FOIA requests by Fox News that Fauci was specifically warned long ago of the strong possibility that the virus originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China and was intentionally genetically manipulated and that Fauci proactively attempted to suppress that information. If true, this would represent one of the most heinous and heartless betrayals of mankind on record.

Accordingly, in addition to claiming ipse dixit diktat authority, Fauci appears to support the falsification of data and suppression of information in order to camouflage his culpability in facilitating and spreading one of the most cataclysmic global pandemics since the 1918 Spanish Flu.

Sadly, anyone who thinks that Fauci will be held accountable as long as Democrats control the reins of government is probably indulging in the same brand of Parmesan cheese favored by the Goofball’s ne’re–do-well offspring, Hunter.

“Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony S. Fauci attends a coronavirus update briefing Tuesday, April 7, 2020, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)” (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

No, the only way that Fauci and his cabal will be held accountable will be following a thorough investigation and grand jury indictment brought after the Goofball regime is removed from power and the adults return to the White House.  While it is fairly clear that the GOP will recapture the House of Representatives in the mid-term 2022 elections, those new members will not take office until January, 2023.  Similarly, if the GOP recaptures the Senate, those new Senators will also not be sworn in until January, 2023.

Moreover, as should be painfully obvious to any sentient voter who has witnessed the damage that the Goofball’s policies, acts and omissions, gaffes and flatulations over the past single year have wrought…, January, 2023 is too long to wait.  A lot of additional damage can be done to the Republic and its citizens over the next twelve months…, a lot.  And that doesn’t even touch Fauci’s ipse dixit pandemic pronouncements in the meantime.

Stated otherwise, the hypotheticals posed here and here need to be revisited.  Now. 

Will those hypotheticals come to pass?  Unlikely.  But the solitary way to ensure that they will never see the light of day is to abandon altogether the attempt.  Your humble servant (again) channeled the Founders last night and presented the question to them.   They agreed that it was a huge long shot, but also noted that there was little to lose in trying, since we are only talking here about the survival of the Republic…, so perhaps it is time for the “hail Mary pass.”

Besides, how else do you think there is even a remote chance that Monsieur Ipse Dixit will be held accountable?  

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  1. fraudci is pond scum, and I hate to disparage pond scum by the comparison but any comparison of fraudci is an insult to the other mentioned item!!!!! fraudci is a punk, a criminal, a TRAITOR, and a power hungry satanic maggot, no offense to maggots!!!!! He should be hanged for crimes against humanity but will likely not be punished until the Great White Throne Judgment day but then his pronouncements of his diety will be laughed at by Jesus as he casts fraudci and his ilk, no offense to ilks, into the Lake of Fire!!!!! If you disagree read the Book of Revelation in the Bible and think about what fraudci has said and done for the past 2 years!!!!!!!!!!