by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Dec. 15, 2021) — The sheer, palpable mendacity of the “Let’s Go Brandon” Goofball at 1600 further metastasizes.  When recently asked by a reporter whether he will continue to resist federal court rulings barring him from imposing certain “get-jabbed-or-else” mandates, the Goof repeated the idiotic and false platitude that the nation is in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” 

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Not the vaccinated, the unvaccinated. That’s the problem,” the Goof burped.  He then added: “Everybody talks about freedom about not to have a shot or have a test. Well, guess what? How about patriotism? How about you make sure you’re vaccinated, so you do not spread the disease to anyone else.”

For this sorry excuse for a “chief executive” to claim as being “the problem” those Americans who are healthy, naturally-immune citizens who purportedly must accept into their bodies experimental fluids which although “licensed” for distribution by the FDA are still in clinical trials is not only stupid and anti-factual, it is beyond hypocritical. 

When his “policies” invite C-19 positive and unvaccinated illegal aliens to continue flooding over the southern border and then to be ferried at taxpayer expense across the nation to infect the interior, his words ring as hollow as the hair-plugged gourd attached to the top of his neck.  

To begin with, even his vaunted “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” [sic] admits that those who are jabbed can still transmit the C-19 virus to others, raising the question – obvious to some but obscure to folks living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue –: what good are the experimental fluids in the first place? 

In reality, the evidence continues to mount that instead, the “vaccines” are doing more harm than good.  That is the “science” of the matter, not to be confused with the propaganda of the Goofball Regime.  Adding insult to injurious misinformation, the Goof paints un-jabbed Americans as “unpatriotic.” 


To label Americans who are demanding personal medical autonomy over forced vaccinations in plain violation of not only the Nuremberg Code but the Belmont Report as being “unpatriotic” is disgraceful and – yes, Virginia – evil. 

For a septuagenarian troll who abandoned American citizens in the calamitous exit from Afghanistan after promising them it would “never happen”; who now “owns” the highest consumer price index rise in nearly 40 years; and who is responsible for inflation accelerating at a rate not seen since the days of the peanut farmer from Georgia and $6.00/gal. gasoline to call un-jabbed Americans unpatriotic gives new meaning to the term “mendacious.”  The guy is a fool…, with access to the nuclear missile launch codes.  Yikes.  

Video via Benny Johnson on Twitter, 12-15-2021

Stated otherwise: the Goof must go, and waiting until the 2022 mid-term elections is far too risky.  Ummmm… did I mention that he still has access to the launch codes

Just sayin’….

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    1. Hey Garret, while you’re waiting in line for the showers, repeat what you wrote to the people around you who are about to be gassed.
      For your information, Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Treblinka, and others were for real, and they happened because people like you have no concept whatsoever about following illegal orders.

        1. Get real. The Holocaust happened because too many people looked the other way when too many people “Just went along”.
          I actually had a “Nurenberg moment” when I served in Southeast Asia in 1965. Had I followed the orders I was given, I guarantee you I and a handful of other American servicemen wouldn’t have made it back to “The World.”


        2. No one is doubting that the Holocaust happened. But groups such as the ADL have explained why analogizing resisting vaccinations and other protective efforts to the Holocaust are both inaccurate and offensive.