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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in remarks following the House’s passage of the “Build Back Better” bill, November 19, 2021 (Source)

(Nov. 20, 2021) — Interesting…. very interesting.  Mark Meadows – former Chief of Staff to the nation’s most recent patriot president, Donald Trump – proposes a juicy “payback” for the Wretch from San Crapcisco, Nancy Pelosi. 

The proposal is that when – not “if” – the GOP retakes the House of Representatives in 2022, they could name Trump the Speaker without the need for him to be a member.  He is correct: there is no requirement in the Constitution that the Speaker of the House be a member of the House.  It might “look bad,” but when has that potential ever stopped a D.C. politician?

And since the Constitution allows the House and Senate to make their own respective procedural rules, even if a question arose, a GOP-controlled chamber could fashion a rule specifically allowing it.  Meadows says that he would “love to see the [Speaker’s] gavel go from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump.”  Rest assured, she would appoint a task surrogate…, perhaps Liz Cheney.

Ummm… there are some 80 million Americans who would pay good money to watch that event live-streamed.

But there is one problem: as proposed by Meadows, that gavel exchange would not take place until January, 2023, when new members of the GOP “Red Tsunami” elected in November, 2022 would be sworn in to office.  Until that time, the Wretch would remain Speaker…, unless in the meantime she voluntarily stepped aside (fat, obese chance…) or was otherwise removed.

As noted here, if anyone thinks that the damage wrought by the Goofball at 1600 and his Democrat cohorts on Capitol Hill in the last 11 months is bad, wait until you see the cataclysms yet to unfold in the next 14 months.  Like cornered beasts, the Goof and his rabid apparatchiks can be expected to double, triple and quadruple-down on their efforts to cripple the nation – they hate the United States, don’t you know? – as much as possible before they are booted from office.

Let us not mince words here: given the Goof’s recent take on the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal – as to which he has expressed his “anger and concern” – he needs to be impeached, convicted by a newly GOP-dominated Senate and transported as soon as possible thereafter to the Delaware Home for the Bewildered. 

Quite apart from his accelerating mental decline – itself a “clear and present danger” to the survival of the Republic – his slandering of Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” should get him a $2.5 trillion defamation suit.

“White supremacist?”  Seriously?  This from the Goof who lauded Senator Robert Byrd, once the “Exalted Cyclops” of the Sophia, West Virginia chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, referring to him as a “friend,” a “mentor” and a “guide?” Normal people do not refer to persons who harbor sentiments like those espoused by Byrd (read the letter Byrd penned to Senator Theodore Bilbo in 1944 here) as “friends,” “mentors” or “guides” unless they themselves harbor such sentiments.  Then again, it is a linguistic faux pas to use the term “normal” in the same sentence with references to the Goof.

While Byrd later “repented” (Democrats may “repent,” but they rarely “apologize”) and called his association with the KKK “the greatest mistake of [his] life,” we still await word from the Goof that his slandering and defaming of Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” was also a “great mistake.”  What a jerk; what a doofus; what a flatulating and embarrassing excuse for a chief executive.

But I digress.

The “variation on a theme” discussed here would sooner than the Meadows proposal –  and if successfully implemented – go a long way toward removing the Goof before he or those manipulating his strings finally drive the nation over the cliff.  Make no mistake, if allowed to continue much longer in office, the policies of this incompetent and mendacious regime will bankrupt the nation, both financially and morally. 

The Meadows proposal is worth considering, but unless it can be implemented sooner than 2023, it may be a “day late and a few trillion dollars short.”  Your humble servant does not know Meadows, but if any faithful P&E reader does, he/she may want to consider forwarding this post to him as “food for thought.”

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