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Emblem of China’s People’s Liberation Army (Wikipedia, public domain)

(Oct. 28, 2021) — “Whispering Bells” (2:27)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Professor Wert just returned from a highly secret mission that was paid for by ‘Pulse,’ the most-watched informative show in its time slot. Welcome home, Professor.”

“And glad to be back. You know, I’m getting a little long in the tooth to be masquerading as James Bond (1:44).”

“So it was dangerous?”

“Truth of the matter is that the Chinese hate Americans and why we have anything to do with them is beyond me. If we had an ounce of brains, the first thing we’d do is kick out every Chinese citizen from our colleges, universities and everywhere else.”

“And the second thing?”

“I remember reading in The P&E  an editorial that said the only thing written in stone was our Constitution and that everything else can be changed and made right, that past rules, regulations and mandates can be erased.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Years ago, when Mao and his Communist party invaded Tibet, the first thing the ‘People’s Army’ did was destroy religious sites and kill thousands of monks and civilians. They tried to force the Dalai Lama to kowtow to their every whim, which the Lama (or is it Dalai?) refused to do, so they decided to kill him. The Dalai Lama fled to India and, in essence, has been fleeing all of his life.”

“I remember back in 2012 there was this presidential candidate who had, as part of his platform, to reinstate the Dalai Lama to his rightful place as head of his people, in his country.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“Moving along, or reiterating what was already said, the Chinese so-called students are the vanguard of the PLA, People’s Liberation Army. I mean, they are all officers in the army and are not here to do us any good, trust me.”

“Anything else?”

“Whatever the Deep State says, the opposite is the truth; whatever comes out of the White House is a lie; and whatever Biden-Harris, Pelosi and the Dems say is nothing less than pure fabrication, just like the so-called Infrastructure Bill that has nothing to do with roads and bridges; any bill with the word comprehensive is anything but; a bill that is ‘good for America’ is not; and ‘Reconciliation’ is an even bigger lie than their last. We would all be better off if Congress would repeal laws rather than introduce new ones.”

“Now isn’t that the truth?”

“Let me say something about parents and CRT, if I may.”

“You bet; we would like to hear your take on it.”

“CRT is the sleight-of-hand excuse, and once they push that through, then all kinds of student textbooks will have pro-Muslim lies and deceits such as ‘Islam is peaceful and misunderstood’ when we all know that the Quran is as plain as day: ‘slay the Christian and Jews and all other unbelievers wherever you find them.’”

“So there’s more to it than meets the eye?”

“You bet, including allowing the Chinese to buy American companies and land, and the Department of Homeland Security, in cahoots with the Department of State, strategically placing Afghan Muslims in voting areas where they are more likely to get elected into local and state politics, and also into Congress, such as what Tlaib and Omar did. There is nothing whatsoever haphazard going on: Biden is destroying the United States according to a well-thought-out plan. Nothing is a mistake, from shutting down the Keystone pipeline to leaving billions of dollars[-worth of weapons for the Taliban.”

“So you’re saying the Biden administration is not a failure?”

“Not if you want to destroy the Republic, it isn’t, and they do want to destroy the Republic. Sanctuary cities and the exit from Afghanistan are all part of the puzzle, and the pieces are fitting together perfectly.”

“Any proof?”

“The Joint Chiefs of Staff have not been replaced and we got this Deep State operative, Merrick Garland, as the Attorney General; now who needs any more proof than that?”

“Good point. Excuse us while we take a quick break.”

You Really Got Me” (2:14)

“We’re back; take it away.”

“’Comprehensive’ means grab your wallet. The West Palm Beach, FL airport hires illegal aliens to do night janitorial services and not one of them can speak a word of English, yet some of them have been at the same job for over ten years. We live in an economy controlled by the Chamber of Commerce whose members hire illegals so employers don’t have to pay payroll and workmen’s comp tax. Ever tried making a complaint with a company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau? Don’t waste your time, and don’t bother complaining to City Hall: they are all in cahoots, just as are the Union and the county government.”

“So, what are you saying?”

“All I’m saying is that the un-level playing field is there for a purpose and one purpose only: don’t rock the boat.”

“So we’re not supposed to complain about the Muslims and the other illegal so-called immigrants and migrants, is that it?”

“That’s it; that’s why the mask mandate: shut up and stay shut-up; don’t write and don’t call about the wrongs perpetuated by Pelosi and her Communist agenda, such as the United Nations Agenda 21**. I think we should get out of the UN, if you ask me.”

“You were talking about Tibet.”

“Tibet is Western Civilization’s barometer of how well we’re doing protecting our freedom, that’s what.”

“So, how are we doing?”

“We’re failing, I mean, my gosh, man, if we can’t even protect a little country of peaceful people – and we can’t; what’s wrong with us? We talk the talk, but we don’t walk the walk. We say we want Trump back in but will he deport the Muslims? Will he deport the illegal immigrants that came across our southern border? Will he help reinstate the Dalai Lama? No, he won’t and, furthermore, you know it. Nothing will get done unless those in government who don’t support the Constitution 110% are either kicked out or put in jail. You wear a mask: fired. You got The Jab: fired. You voted for Obama/Hillary/Biden: fired, and all those who don’t like the USA rehired by Patriots, starting with our Veterans, okay?”

“Works for me. By the way, we all know there was election fraudl has anyone been convicted and sent to jail?”

“Not a one, and it doesn’t look like one ever will spend one New York minute in the slammer for breaking the most sacred law we have: the untainted vote.”

“So it’s all hot air?”

“Which is why we need our Second Amendment more than ever. The politicians won’t do it; the cops won’t do it; so it’s left to us to get rid of the bums like Schumer and Dick Durbin and Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham; all the Deep-Staters and replace them with Truthers.”

“Are they anything like ‘Birthers*’?”

“You bet: they believe in the Constitution.”


“Goodnight, and thanks for having me on.”

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Birther: Barry Soetoro’s (Obama’s): WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?]

[**Agenda 21: Look for Professor Zorkophsky‘s new bestseller, ‘Population Control: the REAL Relationship between COVID-19 and Agenda-21.’ Look for it soon where all great books are sold.]

[If you use the same people who ran a fraudulent election, only an insane individual would expect any improvement in the next one.]

[Reminder: Let us continue to ostracize Mike Pence, the modern-day Judas.]

Arabesque No. 1” (2:19)

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