October 10, 2021

Michael E. Horowitz
Inspector General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, 20530-0001


Re: Complaint of Robert C. Laity
against prior and present U.S.
Attorneys General, 08/09/21.


Dear Mr. Horowitz,

On August 9, 2021 I submitted a formal complaint against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and several other prior U.S. Attorneys General including Eric Holder. Please find attached a copy of that complaint which the U.S. Department of Justice acknowledged on August 9, 2021 that it received.  I ask that you send me a status report on this formal complaint.

My complaint alleges that Merrick Garland and predecessors, including Eric Holder have committed nonfeasance in office and gross negligence in not def-ending the United States against usurpation of the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the United States, a matter of extremely serious national security import.  Since 2008, a constitutionally barred person named Barack Obama usurped the Presidency during time of war. The present President Joseph Biden and the present Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi were and are complicit. The Present purported Vice-President Kamala Harris, also constitutionally barred from being President or Vice-President has usurped the Vice-Presidency by fraud.

Furthermore, since 2008, there have been multiple attempts by constitutionally barred candidates, such as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Tammy Duckworth and Tulsi Gabbard to usurp the Office of President of the United States. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has said that “The Constitution is not a suggestion. It is a foundational document”.  I ask that the constitution be enforced.

Robert C. Laity, Complainant

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  1. I second that complaint. The constitution is a document to live by for Americans but to the Justice system it is ignored. There are no systematic consequences for violating the US Constitution, therefor the American citizen suffers the effects of a justice system gone feral and political. The word political and criminal mean the same thing in my view as many want us to think that a lying politician is just politics and that assumption would be wrong to the average citizen.

    When we see wrong doing by politicians, their arrogance in the face of citizens is repugnant. A while back it was discovered many congressmen and senators had used taxpayer funds to payoff criminal consequences of unwanted sexual advances and we still don’t know who, where , and why but we should. We have a right to know where our tax money went.

    In our economic systems stocks are bought and sold. Someone wins and someone loses. These losers are also people and economic machinery to fund citizens retirement or income accounts for whatever reason. “Wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time when a stock is poised to make a move by federal legislation?” “Sure,” but that would be against the law because that produces what we call “theft” in simple terms. If the buyer or seller on the other side knew Congress and the Senate was betting against you I am sure you would find a different investment vehicle. Federal employees who participate in this corruption should be exposed and prosecuted as citizens are for the same damned thing.

    We need to know who, what, where and why congressmen and senators get rich from legislation they participate in that make them wealthy and break someone else who is on the outside. The indignation with which politicians treat citizens is palpable and with a compliant media is incendiary at best. FBI participates with the DOJ to undermine our elected President Trump and he, nor we get a peaceful transition. Instead average citizens who just want the best for their kids and family are treated as intolerable by the left, media, FBI, Capital Hill Staffers and US Judicial system including the Supreme Court and State Supreme Courts.

    We began the quest for constitutionality of presidential eligibility in 2007 when Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro reared his head into politics and citizens quickly, even TV guy Chris Matthews knew from Hillary Clinton Barry Soetoro was born in Indonesia (video available on YT). Counterfeit Obama documents, citizen complaints and petitions be damned the justice system went into full criminal mode and refused to hear citizens complaints as did criminal politicians who refused to hear the pleas who were right then and right now. There is no statute of limitation for fraud and that requires the proper legal action by a jury and it needs to get there starting in 2008 with the election of unqualified candidate Barry Soetoro.

    The left can’t seem to get rid of the second amendment fast enough, we know why, and it isn’t going to happen. Our patience is gone with justice that left us.

  2. When Horowitz ignores this letter (as others before have ignored other similar letters), to whom will Laity complain about Horowitz’s ignoring him?

    1. Leave that to me. I have been dealing with Federal Government procedures since 1972. Horowitz has a duty to fulfill. He best do so.

      1. A series of ignored letters and failed lawsuits is not a track record that inspires confidence in a different outcome.

        Horowitz almost certainly will conclude his duty requires him to take no further action on this letter.

        1. The First Amendment protects petitioning the government. But the First Amendment does not require the government to respond or to respond in the manner desired by the petitioner.

        2. All my lawsuits have not been fail[ures]. Since 1972 I have won multiple monetary awards from the U.S. Government, for my federal co-workers, amounting to over a million dollars. I have also successfully gained damages and restitution for my self in several actions against the US Government. Inspector Generals are a special type of government official. In any event, an investigation MUST be undertaken by Horowitz, as a matter of law.

        3. No evidence about these monetary awards has been presented.

          Regardless, this letter specifically references the natural-born-citizen clause, and all of those lawsuits have failed.

          Horowitz will almost certainly conclude that an investigation is neither legally mandated nor warranted, and the matter will proceed no further.

  3. I don’t think so. These people just don’t know that they can not complain against a corporate head of their own corporation. If there was a legitimate Government to start with I would say yes, but this is why no one gets anywhere with letters, petitions, etc. They need to go after their property as Trump once said but never followed through on

    1. The DOJ is not a “corporation”. It is an agent of the United States Government. Merrick Garland is not above the law. Federal Agency Inspectors General are independent public officers entrusted with the power to enforce the law with regard to fraud, abuse and mismanagement in the Federal government.

      1. Will the lack of action (or even a response) from the inspector general be sufficient to conclude there is no fraud, abuse, or mismanagement with respect to the lack of action from the attorneys general regarding the natural-born-citizen clause?

      2. Since the US Civil War, which never ended, (as there was never a legit truce) and since 1871, the original Constitution for the united States of America was replaced with a corporate fraud, The Constitution of the United States of America, two separate legal entities. The later representing the Rothschild corporation which runs DC, Congress, thus the current illegitimate government, with the electoral college which cannot convene under the original Constitution. Thus, the elections are a sham & a fraud. This also because the legitimate government was shut-down with the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, as a Congressman once testified & was persecuted for doing so. So the electoral college cannot convene under the original Constitution and all in Congress are squatters representing US Inc posing as the federal government. Thus any petition will fail since the US courts operate under UCC, a front for Martial law, British Military rule, Admiralty Law, The Law of the Sea, War time law over the corporation. Each time a president declares an emergency, it cancels the Constitution for that year. They have been doing this for years. So it is useless to try to get these criminals to take any action and The Law of the Land has been replaced by fraud.

    1. I am attempting to do just that. Merrick Garland has recently been exposed as having a conflict of interest regarding his familial connections and his recent abusive treatment of Parents at the behest of the National School Board Association. He is on the hot seat. Like Biden’s shady family affairs. Garland is likewise now facing scrutiny concerning allegations of his shady familial involvements.