by Fredy Lowe, CFP, ©2021

(Oct. 9, 2021) — [Editor’s Note:  The author published an initial column under this title in 2018 which can be read here.]

Time’s Up! This is your final wake-up-call! As we contemplate our current dire circumstances, a well-known religious phrase comes to mind: “The truth will set you free” which could not be more pertinent in this exact moment in time. Today is your time to wake up and accept the truth that your own government(s) is (are) conspiring to poison you (us) with a series of deadly-clot-producing-spike-protein-nanoparticles, still being called vaccinations, but now better known as – The Jab! 

And then, once you have picked yourself up by the bootstraps and began your journey across-that-bridge-of-freedom, you will find that there is power in the numbers of our shared knowledge and we will use that power to get to the other side—together!

Please know that there is an organized process taking place which will soon culminate in systemic breakdowns in many of our societal norms. The extensive list of ongoing failures include, but are not limited to: cargo shipping (reportedly there is an imminent supply chain collapse), trucking (for lack of supplies, but equally for lack of available parts), train rails, food production (with “just-in-time delivery” a thing of the past), healthcare services (where many non-vax’d workers are leaving), oil and gas deliveries, law enforcement, banking, along with our over-leveraged financial system, which is on the cusp of an unavoidable collapse.
If you are already vax’d and will walk alone on a country road or drive solo in your car wearing your obedient mask, it may well be too late, where soon you will be counted among the insouciant Americans who have been complicit in their own demise. However, given that most of you fell victim to a cunningly nefarious psy-ops, aided and abetted by a dishonest legacy media, your resolve was weakened by misinformation and with little to no pushback from any sector, which has already led many to their untimely deaths – not by the Covid virus, mind you, but by the erroneous labeled variants, which are actually the deadly spiked protein contained in The Jab. But, there is always the chance that the rapid pace of the cascading breakdowns will become the catalyst for awakening possibly 25-30% of the people to the unadulterated evil that has been hidden from them for far too long. Others will see the light of truth and join us.
And, at this late stage in these, the final battles, many Christian believers, realizing the dire crisis ahead, will pray for His Divine Intervention. And, although, one could easily equate the events unfolding in front of us as a spiritual battle between good and evil forces, it was Joseph Conrad who reminded us that, “The belief in the supernatural source of evil is not necessary, men [and women] alone are quite capable of every wickedness.”
We need only to look back to our history and the logical conclusions our government made in the past. In 1976 the Swine Flu vaccine initially killed but three (3) people, and the local government(s) in nine (9) states immediately discontinued to administer the vaccine. A short time later, twenty-five (25) people died and the federal government said – ENOUGH! and shut down the vaccine distribution for the entire country (NY Times, Oct.13, 1976).

Why then and not now?! Today, there is a full-scale-government-sanctioned-depopulation-agenda in force, which could simply be ensuring the devious beliefs of the Georgia Guidestones, where one of the numerous features on their ungodly monument is the message calling for a New World Order. The multi-linguistic tablets explain how depopulation will be accomplished by an occult-like secret society, such as the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Klaus Schwab, with his devious plans for The Great Reset. The stated goal is to maintain a world populations under 500 million people. And, if there is any legitimacy to their heinous Guidestones, of the 7.9 billion souls on earth today, 7.4 billion of us must die!

Then there are the sociopathic global elite, who get older by the day whilst time is running out for their individualist eugenics version for the New World Order. Their lifelong goals must not be achieved by others and they doggedly believe that they must be completed while they are still alive. A truncated list might include:

  • David Rockefeller, who died in 2017, but still referred to the good people of the world as “human weeds.”
  • Baron Rothschild at 85, who believes that dominance lies in the control of the world’s currencies, i.e. the Federal Reserve.
  • Klaus Schwab, 83, has spent his entire life pursuing the concept that the people must give up their earthly possessions in favor of the rulers’ largesse, i.e. The Great Reset.
  • George Soros, now 90, believes that dominance is best achieved through chaos and destruction. It would appear that George may well get his way, sooner than later…

What they and others such as Bill Gates represent is a global cabal of the most politically and economically powerful people in the world, with an overall heinous agenda, but each with its own individual mini-agendas, fighting to lead the charge, and because they are all sociopaths, each wants to be THE ONE…!

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  1. Hello Fredy;

    Back in my Vietnam days, we had a saying, ‘The truth will set you free’, which, to us, meant that we had ‘a round in the chamber.’

    I think that certain truths are self evident, and the truth that works for me is the Second Amendment: be armed to protect yourself, your family and your country. Today, trolling out of our nation’s capitol, is an army of bureaucrats who are more than willing to follow illegal orders, and for proof count all those who were infected with the ‘Russian Hoax’ and continue to be compromised with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’; true believers one and all.

    And they’re still with us, occupying positions of power that, even though nobody elected them, exercise an inordinate amount of control over our lives which, in my book, is totally unacceptable.

    I say put them on point and as soon as they get out of sight, we go the other way. Get my drift? And, furthermore, if I want to have a cistern, I’ll have one and no government is going to deny my right to have one; if anyone has a problem with that they already lost the war so don’t even bother knocking on my door.

    By the way, the law of our land is the Constitution and not Mao’s Little Red Book, something many (too many, in my book) our judges seem to have forgotten.

    Thank you all very much,

    Professor ‘Trash the masks’ Zorkophsky

  2. Question of the day:
    O.K, I had my two Moderna jabs already, the second one about 6 months ago.
    I’m 77 now and I believe that is the average male lifespan in America. When I die, assuming it’s not in an accident, will it be from old age, the Moderna jabs or something else? Maybe the drug companies will invent an anti-vax jab as a life-extension vaccine? After all, profit is profit……or maybe, like the article says, it’s just too late………………
    Is the world population, as it says in the article, only 7.9 billion? I thought it was more like 8.5 billion. It was only 2.8 billion in 1955 when I was 12 years old and
    that is one of the many good things I remember about 1955…………