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by Roving Reporter, ©2021

(Sep. 23, 2021) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Back by popular demand is our very own bestselling author, Professor Zorkophsky. Welcome back, Professor, and what have you got for us today?”

“Glad to be back, but please call me ‘Zork’; I feel it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere. I forgot to tell you the other day that I am writing a whole series of ‘novelettes,’ which are short stories, similar to the Bible’s Psalms.”

“No doubt with a twist. Care to share one with us?”

“For sure. This first one is called, ‘They Let it Happen.’

“Sounds good. You going to read it to us now? The stage is yours.”

“Thank you, Roving. The book starts out — well, I’ll just read it for you:

Take your gullible person who, if it were an earlier time, would have been a member in good standing of the crowd that cheered for Galileo Galilei to be burned at the stake for the blasphemous statement that the moon was not perfectly smooth. As it turned out, he was delegated to house arrest for a number of years and, you guessed it, not allowed to publicly proclaim that the election was a fraud. He even went so far as to hang a giant banner from his upper story windows that ‘TRUMP WON.’

“No, that’s not quite right. I guess I got ahead of myself. What do you say we start over?”

Take your gullible person who, when presented with overwhelming evidence that the earth is not as flat as a pancake, even when presented with photographs that the earth is an elongated spheroid floating* in the vastness of space, continues to donate to the Democratic Socialist Party.

“No, that’s not quite right. I think they donated to the ‘Flat Earth Society’ even though their donations will come back to bite them someday, like, for instance, higher taxes to pave the way for some politicians to receive kickbacks for maybe a new highway that isn’t wanted or needed. Who in the heck knows or at this juncture, even cares?

“So there you have it: the secret of how a lowly-paid bureaucrat can retire worth millions. And there you have it again: the public school indoctrination program to teach the little kiddies to accept whatever Washington tells them: get vaccinated and have reproductive problems forever; same with heart health.”

“Excuse me, sorry to interrupt you on your fine reading of your novelette, but what in the heck is it? What’s the plot? Who are the characters? And, lastly, why should we bother to read it?”

“Very well, I’ll answer in reverse order: to make money; what else? To augment my retirement which, when I set it up years ago, I thought was ahead of the game. Turns out I’m barely able to keep my head above water: one sweet potato now costs over a dollar, and that’s the reality of the times. The plot is the Deep State taking over; why, just look at what’s happening in Australia, going bananas over the flu. What’s wrong with them, they all gone nuts? It’s just the flu, in this case a Chinese biological warfare weapon that fell way short of what it was supposed to do. And speaking of Australia, just look at our own GESTAPO tactics with this made-up ‘insurrection,’ an exercise to see which government troops will follow illegal orders.”

“And there’s quite a few of them, aren’t there?”

“Way too many are willing to follow orders without question, sad to say. Look at the goons who arrested Roger Stone in the early morning when they could’ve picked up a phone and requested he and his lawyer meet them at the office. If Trump ever gets back in, or if anyone with an ounce of common sense gets the power, the first thing that MUST be done is fire all the Dems, understand?”

“Yes, we all understand.”

“And then you have ‘Little Georgie’ – that would be George W. Bush – raising money for Liz Cheney, so he also sold his soul to the Devil.”

“But that’s to be expected, right?”

“Yes, that is quite correct. But then you have the Jew-haters who — I mean, they come right out and say it and there’s nothing; no blowback, no censorship, no slap-on-the-wrist; nothing. They, you know who they are – Omar, Tlaib and AOC, three nitwits if there ever were any – spouting off against the Jews, Israel and us Christians whenever and wherever they can.”

“Every day.”

“Every day and twice on Sundays. They say the Constitution is a ‘flawed document’; they don’t like the ‘free speech’ part or the part about being able to defend ourselves from an out-of-control government; Dems, for instance.”

“Like what we have now.”

“Like EXACTLY what we have now.”

“Which is why gun sales are through the roof.”

“Especially among women.”

“And, meanwhile, the Muslim women are breeding like rats; baby after baby after baby. They want to out-birth us so they’ll be in the majority within a decade or so. They plan to out-vote us by voting the Constitution O-U-T and Sharia Law I-N. They wrote it all down, years ago, how they’re going to do it. And put another 30 Muslims in Congress next election.”

“Meanwhile, we sit around and watch it happen.”

“That we do. We don’t understand that Islam is a political entity and NOT a religion that is, what, misunderstood?”

“Right, like we don’t understand why they flew planes into buildings; like we don’t understand that our government is taking away our liberties a little here, a little there, every week. In reality, we have LESS freedoms than we had on 9-11.”

“Would you say that’s the trend?”

“Definitely. And the crazy thing is, once gone, gone forever.”

“Really now?”

“For sure.”

“So how does the book end?”

“Stay tuned.”


[*Floating: Think gravity.]

[So how does it end? Even if Trump were to take the reins of government today, the USA is in a nosedive to oblivion unless…(fill in the blank, and then fill in another blank, and another. Get the picture? We have Fake News spilling out 24-7 lie after lie after lie. Russian collusion, anyone?).

Seems to me that the Dems are getting more dumber by the day, something I didn’t think was remotely possible, not since the ‘fundamentally change America’ speech. “More dumber?” And that’s the point, now, isn’t it?

Look, Chief New Leaf says the way we treat the environment and the way we let these chicken factories continue to mistreat the birds is morally criminal, a trait we need to pay attention to because it is out of control. The human trait I’m talking about is our moral stance, starting with the Constitution, a document that nobody seems to pay attention to much these days; just ask Pelosi and Schumer. Bottom line: you don’t spend money you don’t have, period.]

[Formula One News: A quick note about the penalty assessed to Verstappen over the Hamilton/Verstappen crash during the last race. Hamilton was on cold tires, and for him to try to out-corner Verstappen on the first turn, just after the pits, was totally irresponsible and it was he, Hamilton, who deserves the grid penalty. Formula One better get its act together or they’ll go the way of the NFL.]

Roving Reporter

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  1. Hi Roving,
    I missed the Formula One race, but I have watched “Ford vs Ferrari”. I think Ken Miles should have just put the petal to metal and won big-time. Trying to please Ford caused him to lose a race he was easily winning.

    Speaking of the NFL, I can only watch when Tom Brady is playing. The now 44 year old quarterback helped bring Tampa Bay from last place to winning a super bowl last year and I think Tampa is undefeated so-far this year. It doesn’t hurt that a MAGA hat was pictured in Brady’s locker. Other than when Brady is playing, I don’t watch the NFL….

    Getting back to Obama in his third term. One of Barry’s biggest goals was to get as many Muslims in America as possible and locate them where they could likely be members of Congress……….. Most American’s may still not know there is no requirement for an FBI background check for members of Congress (this is assuming there was an actual FBI). There is also no requirement for the president or V.P. to have a background check, which explains how Obama stole the presidency………