by Zyklon, ©2021 

(Aug. 21, 2021) — “Look, my Prime Directive is the same as you people’s: DO NOT INTERFERE, but I just can’t sit back and continue to watch your country recede into the dusty pages of historical fairy tales of Camelots and Shangri-Las, never to be seen or heard from again. You people have the secret ticket* to freedom and prosperity and you’re throwing it all away because of ignorance and stupidity.

“It’s true; you have a very special document, but because of pure unadulterated greed you could care less about the honor of an honest day’s work. You chose the easy way out by abolishing the Draft. You are satisfied at being complacent, so much so that, even though Dick and Jane graduated from high school, they can’t read**, do sums and don’t know the difference between Mexico and New Mexico.

“You have raised a couple of generations of irresponsible citizens who you allow to vote but they wouldn’t know what’s good or not so good, or even downright bad for them like any ‘stimulus’ or ‘disenfranchised’ government program.

“Your average adult is three steps behind even the poorest African county’s average adult’s understanding of international trade and the benefits of thrift. The United States ranks in the middle of savings and last in high school science scores. You have a whole subculture that exists by scamming the system. You use Affirmative Action as a way to sneak in rather than the opportunity to acquire tutoring lessons to raise the scores. The end result?

“The world is passing you by. You elect marginal people to public office, people who are not trustworthy and publicly lie, as Elizabeth Warren has done, and just about every Democrat and RINO politician has done for the last century. There won’t be another century of the United States if you continue on the same path for just a short time longer. The end is near; you’re in the last scene of the last act; you are singing your Swan Song but are so distracted you don’t even know that the utopian beliefs of equality, though admirable, should never be the excuse to replace reality with dreams.

“Your forgotten minority, the American Indian, has been pushed aside and trampled on like no other group in your nation’s history. While you have given freebies to those who whine the loudest, and cry the word racist when something doesn’t go their way, some sub-groups within your culture continue to prosper through the belief that through hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.

“But giving benefits not earned has been a huge mistake; paying people to publicly exercise sloth and laziness is definitely the wrong message to give to the next generation of (possible) losers and misfits. The one thing that stands out more than any other is people who actively block any effort to expose the truth about the last presidential election.

“If I were a candidate for public office I would be proud to have received more votes than my opponent and would be more than willing to flaunt my majority for all to see, anytime, anywhere, any day. With me here is somebody who has become a good friend of mine through this last decade, Chief New Leaf. Welcome to the show, Chief.”

“Howdy. You skipped introduction. You proper introduce or I will not speak. That is my way; that is the American Indian way. I have spoken.”

“You want me to do the introduction? I say it’s a little bit late for that, don’t you think, Chief?”

“Never too late for introduction. Introduction can happen at any time.”

“Even in Act II, scene 2?”

“Even then or I will be forced to scalp you; nothing personal, you understand, but it is just my way, the American Indian way. Please introduction. Now would be nice.”

“Very well, have it your way: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. With me is none other than…”

“Get to the point.”

“I see the Chief is in an accommodating mood and an enjoyable one at that.”

“That I am, and, to prove it, I’ve even anticipated your question: should those who cheated on the last election be allowed to get away with their dastardly crimes scot-free? I say maybe not, after all. Maybe they deserve to be all scalped; now wouldn’t that be something?

“It sure would. Actually, I was going to suggest the firing squad.”

“You were? That’s nice to know but I think my idea has a bit more flare, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I most certainly do; at least shave their heads.”

“I like it along with some jail time.”

“Prison, and when they get let out, then shave their heads.”

“Let’s go with that. Good show. What do you say we grab a burger?”

“Good idea; let’s do so after we wish the folks goodnight: Goodnight.”

“Wait a minute. What about your compelling reasons?”

“My gosh, man, isn’t it obvious, in your face, plain for all to see? Joe’s decision-making time has passed him by; the herd has gone north and already been shipped east; the FLASH FLOOD WARNING that he’s responding to was last year, and it was in June, not August. Joe’s cognitive skills are non.”

“Did you say ‘non?’ What does that mean?”

“Take your pick, they’re all out there: non-existent; non-operational on an acceptable level; even non-believable. Joe is, in short, non-everything except out to lunch.”

“Goodnight. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Secret ticket: United States Constitution.]
[**They can’t read: let alone speak.]

[Zyklon’s shared philosophy: The weak link in your whole country is the judges. I’ve been studying the problem for quite a few years and come to the conclusion that most of your judges have absolutely no business being judges, let alone anywhere near the law profession. I think it starts with Sunday school: never appoint a judge who hasn’t been through years of training on how to behave according to the Good Book.]


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