At a presser at the G7 in the UK, Joe Biden responds, “Give me some time” and walks away after a reporter asks him why some Trump-era sanctions remain in place. Source

(Jun. 14, 2021) — [The following was sent to Dean Baquet, Executive Editor of The New York Times. Other communications sent to the mainstream media by the same writer can be found here — Ed.]

Good afternoon Deano,

I hope today finds you well. Well the radical right is off to the races again. Common targets are the usual suspects, Joey, Kamala and even the face of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi.

It seems the right has a habit of asking these annoying questions at all the wrong times. Well, our patriotic leaders are having none of it. Let’s look at each case, shall we Deano.

Recently, Nancy had an exchange with a reporter, from none other than that bastion of unbiased reporting CNN, namely Dana Bash. Well, it seem Dana had the audacity to ask Nancy about the infighting between the squad and more moderate Democrats.

Let me refresh your memory, it stems from when Ilhan Omar made a comment equating the United States to Hamas and the Taliban. So far it seems like a very reasonable statement wouldn’t you agree Deano? Then AOC, (I see her in the White House some day, so eloquent and intelligent), starts supporting Omar publicly. Well, not to be outdone, Rashida Tlaib starts criticizing Nancy with her tweets.

This is when Dana started to press Nancy for specifics. Nancy said, she spoke to Omar and she clarified her comments, and we thanked her. That was nice of Nancy to thank Omar, don’t you think? Well, Dana kept asking for more specific information, that is when Nancy had had enough. She stated again, she clarified, and we thanked her, END OF SUBJECT! Very Don Corleone like. Too bad she didn’t go over and rip up the reporters notes, she has been know to do that before.

I thought Ole Nancy was crystal clear. Why the Gestapo tactics, by of all people, CNN. Well, now she knows not to push Nancy for such frivolous details, like what was actually said. This reminds me of when Nancy lost patience with a reporters question during the second farce, I mean impeachment of President Trump. When told Senator Graham planned on calling witnesses, you know, if the Democrats decide to call witnesses. It seems the Senator wanted to question the FBI on who actually planned the attack on the Capitol, January 6th. He also had questions regarding what happened with the security footprint of the Capitol, and who ultimately is responsible.

Well, Nancy’s reply to the reporter was both professional and a textbook Democratic response. She simply stated, your question is a waste of time……simply brilliant, what leadership.

It seems the radical right took off with this question posed by CNN reporter Dana Bash. Saying, it now seems obvious that the radical progressive faction of the Democratic Party, answers to no one. Not even the esteemed leader of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They point out the major mouthpieces of the party Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer have been silenced by 4 radicals, named the squad. Even Jerry Nadler, is uncharacteristically quiet, he is busy though, working on the latest farce, spygate.

They point out that whenever there is a tough question to answer, they do one of 3 things.
1)React angrily, such as Nancy did in this exchange; or possibly Joey, when questioned by a reporter about Trump sanctions still in place. You know, when Ole Joe leaned into the microphone at the G7 presser and said, I’ve only been in office 120 days, give me time some time man. Well first, it is 145 days, and second, he shut down the Keystone pipeline, his first day on the job. By the way, he prefaced that by saying he was going to get in trouble for taking a question from this reporter. Who in the world is the POTUS answering to, the right asks. That may be a question Jen Psaki can circle around to. President Trump is a racist.

2)Try and deflect, such as Kamala did recently. With her bizarre, (as per CNN) answer that she also has never been to Europe, when again questioned as to why she hasn’t been to the Southern border. Or, admonishing a reporter, when asked for a specific timeframe. Also, who can forget her trademark and totally inappropriate cackle as a failed deflection tactic. They say her cackle and dance routines on Ellen may have worked on cushy talk show appearances, but as the VP, she just looks like an incompetent fool, who is in way over her head.

3)Just walk away. As Joey has done on numerous occasions, especially when the subject of Hunter comes up. Whether it is in regards to his $83,000 a month board of directors job for a Burisma energy company or his other multiple indiscretions. This while the big guy, aka VP Joey Biden had the Ukraine fire a prosecutor who was investigating this same energy company. This while threatening to withhold U.S. funds from the Ukraine, unless this happened. As Joey himself said, son of ***** wouldn’t ya know it, the guy fired by the end of the day. Boy, then they just yucked it up. What a diplomat, no sense of impropriety there, huh Deano? I know so, because it is never mentioned in your publication. What does the radical right see that we don’t? Joe always just walks away, when he doesn’t like the question, like a true professional. Unless you push his buttons, then he may challenge you to a push up contest. I can’t wait for Wednesday when Joey meets with Putin. I hope they put in a few more secret service agents to hold Joey back. President Trump is a racist.

The radical right goes on to say these liberal propaganda outlets, cover all these gross improprieties and incompetence, while directing all the anger and hatred for FORMER President Trump. They goes so far as to give this analogy. If President Trump were to cure cancer, the next day The New York Times headline would read…..Trump Plans To Put Doctors Out Of Work! You wouldn’t do that, would you Deano?

One last question Deano in regards to Joey. Is there any truth from the radical right, to when they asked Joey, what his favorite ice cream is? Did he really say Syria or Libya, he likes them just the same?

Thank you for your due diligence in finding out the facts and your honest, unbiased, apolitical reporting. Now, we just have to get CNN back on track. As always, you and your paper are a shining example to our children, showcasing your journalistic integrity. Kudos on a job well done!

Chris Cirino

Chris Cirino is a retired New York City fireman; before that he worked for the IBEW Local #25.  He now communicates with liberal news outlets to address their biased, hypocritical, double standard technique of reporting using satire. 

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