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by Roving Reporter, ©2021

(May 19, 2021) — “Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini” (3:02)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Because I was the first outsider to report on The Little People of the Adirondacks and haven’t revealed their secret location, they have entrusted me to be their ‘on-the-ground’ mouthpiece to keep you all informed of their advancement towards Washington, DC. I believe they have their sights set on the Pentagon, and with me to set the record straight is the Mayor himself. Welcome to ‘Pulse,’ Mr. Mayor.”

“Please, Roving, kindly address me as ‘The General’ so as not to be confused with the other General, the one who pushes his chalkboard down the sidewalk.”

“Oh, sure. Sorry about that. Anyway, you made it this far: from the upper reaches of the Adirondacks of New York all the way down here to Allentown, Pennsylvania. How’s everybody holding up?”

“Oh, we’re all doing fine but it’s this blasted weather. One day we make thirty miles but the next day the headwinds pushes us back ten. But the people along the way have been just great. I thought there would be a problem with fuel but whenever we land we are always offered more than we can use.”

“Why, that’s just great.”

“But that’s not the half of it. I must tell you that nobody squealed to any of the authorities about us, which we are all very thankful for, let me tell you. We were pretty concerned with Governor Cuomo, but that’s all behind us now.”

“Could you tell us any of your plans once you reach the Pentagon, I mean, if it’s not secret spy stuff?”

“I can tell you what isn’t secret, of course. First step will be to make everyone above Lieutenant Commander and Major read the Constitution.”

“What about the enlisted?”

“They’re not stupid: they all know very well that LTC Terry Lakin got railroaded in that kangaroo Court Martial; you don’t have to tell them that. They also know the election was a fraud; that Biden-Harris are on their way to GITMO; and that Trump is the president. As I said, they’re not stupid.”

“Meaning the Joint Chiefs of Staff are?”

“Let me ask you a question, if I may.”

“Go ahead.”

“Where was our military while China falsified the election?”


“That’s right: they sat on their behinds while the country was taken over from within. And what’s the definition of ‘from within?’ DOMESTIC, which is why we’re making them all read the document that they supposedly took an Oath to, although their inaction spells out pretty clearly which side they’re on, and it sure isn’t our side.”

“I agree.”

“Wait, let me finish. I said that they have to read the Constitution, but they, I mean the Joint Chiefs, have to read it to everybody OUT LOUD. And they better mean it, too; that’s all I can say at this time; anything more than that I’d be giving the farm away.”

“When do you think you’ll airdrop in the DZ*?”

“Can’t tell you that.”

“Will it be a night drop?”

“Again, no can say.”

“I get it. Okay, ‘The General,’ thanks for talking with us and I guess I’ll see you down the road a bit, maybe in Green Lane Park.”

“Or somewhere around Earl Township, maybe at the park. I’ll let you know.”

“Alright, that’ll do it for us and so, on behalf of ‘The General,’ I’d like to wish each of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Hey, ‘The General,’ great show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*DZ: drop zone.]

Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song” (3:25)

Roving Reporter

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  1. Dear Roving;

    Excellent reporting.

    Now, to answer your question:

    Yes, you can inform ‘The General’ that he and his troops can make a citizen’s arrest of Joe Biden and his partner in crime, Harris.

    And here is the reasoning: Biden is not the president, nor is Harris the VP because, and I quote: “If a person or persons are elected to office, and if fraud is proved then:

    1. They are open to a citizen arrest from ANY citizen
    21 years or older.

    2. The former holder of the office automatically
    becomes, once again, the legal holder of the position.

    Therefore, Trump is still our president and ‘The General’ has the green light to go ahead with the plan. Wish him and his troops “Good Luck” from me, will you?

    A Fellow Patriot,

    Rook Dunkin

    1. Thank you for your quick response.
      The Troops have been informed and are, to put it mildly, “gung-ho”.
      How is the recruitment of the company of Marines or like-minded Patriots coming along? Last I heard was that you have 30 volunteers for every billet.
      We are spending the night near Earl Township and are having a really good time.
      One of the farmers has a Lionel Train layout and gave us a parade.
      The people here tell me that they are really ticked-off at the election results. They say that they don’t need “no New York ballots”. Actually, they sure don’t think much of Cuomo and de Blasio or, for that matter, anyone from New York until I told them that we were from New York and then they said that they didn’t care for anyone from ‘New York City’.
      The General

      1. Meanwhile, right here in the United States, while we’re talking about it, churches and synagogues are being burnt to the ground, crosses are being ripped from housewife’s necks, and the Department of Homeland Security, the DOJ and the United States military are complicit in propping-up the Biden-Harris fraud.
        We’re not going to set the record straight by talking it to death.
        Get real, they own the courts, including the Supreme Court.
        Either we get it together or they’ll be nothing left to get together.
        We can’t wait until 2024, because by then our chance will have passed by forever by three years.
        Throwing Biden in a cage in GITMO isn’t insurrection: it’s common sense.
        You have our full support, ‘The General’.