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(May 18, 2021) — “Funny How Time Slips Away” (2:38)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. This morning we received an email from Madam Shylock that contained ‘Henry’s Report to Zyklon.’ Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with our cast of characters here at ‘Pulse,’ let me introduce Henry, a frog, who was reportedly a member of Prester Johns court sometime in the 1200’s, give or take a century or so, who is Zyklon’s ‘Ruler of the Milky Way Galaxy‘ fame, Ambassador to Earth. Now we have that out of the way, I’ll read you the email:

“O Exalted One, greetings from you humble servant, Henry. Weren’t you once ‘The Ruler of the Universe’? What happened?”

“I decided to tone it down a hair, okay? So, what’s happening in your adoptive country, the United States?”

“You wouldn’t believe it.”

“Try me.”

“They stole the election.”

“Impossible. What happened to all the DOJ and FBI employees, all who took the Oath to the Constitution? What happened to all those active-duty military over at the Pentagon who also took the Oath to the Constitution? What happened to the Vice President, Mike Pence?”

“The short answer is that they were paid off in their own money that they paid to China, minus a commission fee.”

“But the Constitution has checks and balances built into it, doesn’t it?”

“That it does, but what if the politicians are as corrupt as the rest of them, what then?”

“I see your point: apparently the corruption is as widespread as Mexico’s. But what about the Supreme Court: aren’t they supposed to be untouchable?”

“The Deep State’s tentacles know no bounds. Put another way, most Americans don’t have a clue about how the world works: most places, get out of line; why, you might as well be on the Bataan Death March.”

“So if anyone’s to blame, it’s the judges who are out of line.”

“They call it by many names, but ‘rule by the bench’ is the most popular, which is why the guilty walk. The minority has taken over because the population has been dumbed down to the point that they choose Socialism over freedom, believe it or not.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“What if I told you that there’s been generations of families on Welfare, from birth ‘til death; would you believe it?”


“Well, then, what if I told you that the USA was once known as ‘The Beacon of Freedom’ but now is ‘The Land of Stupidity’; what then?”

“That bad? But don’t they have free speech and a free press?”

“Good point, but if you disagree with the government they’ll raid your house. Look, they have some really crazy people who think if they topple a statue or lower a flag, they can rewrite history. It has come down to a question of education. If you don’t know the traps of Communism, it may sound good but not in practice. Imagine the whole country nothing but one big concentration camp.”

“And they don’t know what a ‘concentration camp’ is?”

“Haven’t a clue, especially when they’re holocaust deniers.’

“You mentioned the military; what’s that all about?”

“What’s it all about is that they’re pushing this critical race theory*’ down the throats of the sailors and soldiers, is what, even at the military academies. It’s the elimination of free speech, constructive criticism and reason. They’re teaching Marxist theory so the kids learn to hate America. By the way, Fake News has yet to apologize for shoving three years of Russian Collusiondown their throats.”

“So what do they expect to replace the Constitution?”

“Anarchy, so the Chinese or Sharia Law takes effect.”

“So who’ll win?”

“The answer is that everybody loses.”

“That’s really sad.”

“That is true, but this one entrepreneur is marketing self-adhesive stickers that you can paste around the house. Like one says, ‘George Washington Hallway’; another reads, ‘Robert E. Lee Refrigerator.’ He even has one that says, ‘Welcome to the Christopher Columbus Kitchen.’

“No way. And people are buying them?”

“Selling like hotcakes. How about the ‘Thomas Jefferson Den’; Nathan Bedford Forrest Foyer’; Audie Murphy Florida Room’; and the ‘Abraham Lincoln Freezer?’”

“I guess there may be some hope after all.”

“The country can’t survive much more of the Biden-Harris takeover; besides, there’ll be nothing left worth saving if they’re allowed to destroy this country for another three and a half years. So forget about any fixing it; there’ll be nothing left of the Constitution by 2024.”

“Golly, that bad?”

“I’m afraid so. There are all kinds of solutions, but I’m afraid the only way out of it is to use overwhelming force and none of this ‘measured response’ nonsense. All we’re doing is talking it to death, but I’m willing to wait and give this election fraud a chance to be exposed; but then Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, lasted eight years.”

“And America doesn’t have eight years, does she?”

“I don’t think she has eight months. And that’s my report.”

“Thank you for being truthful, Henry. Over and out.”

“And that’s the end so thank you for watching or reading: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*critical race theory: the Left’s interpretation of reality is so skewed to the point where it has no basis in reality.]

Positively 4th Street” (5:01)

Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

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