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by OPOVV, ©2021

(May 14, 2021) — “She Let Herself Go” (3:18)

Heads-up that Joe Biden nominated Zahid N. Quraishi, a Muslim, to be a federal judge that carries a lifetime appointment. There’s no need to rehash the Islamic invasion of Western Civilization starting 1,400 years ago, just as there’s no need to list the rapes and beheadings by Muslims worldwide to make an obvious point, or is there?

Ever wonder why we have Muslims in our military?

Ever wonder why we have Muslims in our Congress?

Ever wonder why we even have one Muslim in our country?

If you haven’t wondered, better do it while you’ve still got the chance. Our Department of Homeland Security has fallen down on the job, as has the Fake News not reporting the extent of the danger that our government has put us in.

Bit of advice? Arm yourself as if your life depends upon it, because it does. Forget writing to your politicians and the news: they didn’t listen during 9-11* and they’re not listening now.

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I Love Toy Trains” (1:14)

[*9-11: It is ironic that the Father of Our Country, George Washington, who said, “In times of peace, prepare for war,” wasn’t taken seriously by our government, which left us wide open to the attack on 9-11.

There was an FBI agent in Arizona who reported that Muslims were intent on learning to fly planes, but not on landing them. The story is that agent got demoted, or fired, or maybe sent to Chicago.

Fact is, we’re wide open for an invasion. Look at us: the cops will willfully follow illegal orders gleefully, and for proof just look at Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, New York and California.

Our military is led by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a group of cowards who never had an inkling about upholding their Oath to the Constitution, protecting our country from domestic enemies from within. They’re nothing more than politicians in uniform who have no affiliation with the men that they supposedly “lead,” and for proof look what they did to LTC Terry Lakin: they let him be railroaded in a kangaroo Court Martial.

We have traitors like Mike Pence, who blessed the illegal results of the election fraud that gave us BIDEN-HARRIS, prime candidates to spend the rest of their worthless lives as cellmates to Obama and Hillary down in GITMO, Cuba.]

[Shout-out: to President Trump: if you ever need a bodyguard who will not sit around waiting to be attacked, but who will take the offensive and go after the bad guys, give me a call. Make it room and board and I’ll work for free.]

[Note: An announcement from Pulse’: This year’s featured guest speaker will be Professor “Trash-the-masks” Zorkophsky at the annual National PTSD Symposium, which will be held in Daytona Beach, Boca Raton or Lake Worth. Anyone who shows up wearing a mask will not be allowed in; same with anyone who we think is a Democrat, RINO, Leftist-ANTIFA-BLM nitwit, illegal immigrant, Muslim, anti-Constitutionalist, Socialist, Communist, Draconianist, Totalitarianist, Mainstream Fake News-ist, or just plain stupidest.]

Commercial break time.

Master Jack” (2:42)

[Last Note: Biden gives money to Iran; Iran buys missiles from China; Iran gives missiles to Hamas; Hamas lobs missiles into Israel; Israel defends itself and Omar and Tlaib call Israel “terrorists.” Who are the real terrorists? Well, now, what do you say we list a few: Biden-Harris, Omar-Tlaib, Iran-China and a slew of others, including CAIR-Muslim Brotherhood and the Nation of Islam-BLM.]

[Very Last Note: Guess what? The United States is the laughingstock of the world. They laugh at Biden-Harris, CIA recruitment videos and our military – no thanks to our totally incompetent Joint Chiefs of Staff – and it only gets worse each day as long as we allow the fraud of an election to stand.]

Try a Little Tenderness” (2:49) 


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