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(Apr. 26, 2021) — The truth of the matter is that some of us can figure out what’s coming down the pike, while others will never wake up, no matter how the facts keep on piling up day after day; year after year; decade after decade; century after century; millennia after millennia.

Who’s That Knocking” (2:17)

“Sir, starboard aft lookout reports fast boat approaching from rear quarter; he says it looks like an Iranian gunboat.”

“Well, now, isn’t that nice? I think we should come to ‘all-stop’ and make preparations to receive some visitors. Boats, get an honor guard assembled on the quarterdeck. And let’s get some lights on.”

“Sir, beggin’ your pardon, Lee Helmsman Seaman Nichols, just saying it’s 0200 and the aft lookout says it’s a gunboat, Sir.”

“Yes, Seaman Nichols, and I’m the Captain; consider yourself on report. Boats, get a replacement for Seaman Nichols.”

“Aye-aye, Captain, but Nichols may have a point; after all, it is a gunboat and we’re off the coast of Iran.”

“Nonsense; President Biden is on good terms with the Iranians; why, just the other day he lifted all sanctions so they can pursue building an atomic weapon to vaporize their enemies.”

“But that’s the point Nichols was making, Sir. We’re their enemy because we’re nonbelievers and we’re on their water. You know Jesus walked on water so maybe they don’t like us Infidels on their water, Sir.”

“Nonsense; they like our president; after all, he‘s Obama’s puppet, and the Iranians know that, which is why we’re as safe as if we were in the middle of San Diego harbor.”

“Sir, I don’t think we’re as safe as you would like to think we are, parked in San Diego, like, Sir.”

“So what would you have me do? Let’s ask Seaman Nichols, shall we? Seaman Nichols, what do you think we should do? Go ahead, don’t be shy; speak up.”

All Ahead FlankGeneral Quarters; steer 270 and fire everything we have at them; then turn around and hunt for any others that might be out there and sink each and every one of them, Sir.”

“I don’t believe this; so you are risking a war with Iran?”

“Sir, they’re at war with us so we either take the bull by the horns and save ourselves or whine about why we didn’t act when we’re in the Zyklon B showers, Sir.”

“Did I just hear some bells from the annunciator? What’s happening? I didn’t give any order to change engine revolutions. Nichols, place the engine telegraph to ‘All Stop.’”

“Sir, aft starboard lookout reports flashes coming from fast-approaching gunboat.”

“They’re obviously requesting permission to come aboard. In the future, all lookouts must be proficient in flashing light Morse code. Make a note of that.”

“Sir, aft starboard lookout reporting we’re taking fire and injuries. Lookout reports torpedo launched. Lookout reports another torpedo launched, Captain, Sir.”

“Nonsense; we allow them to come into our country; we give them free housing, free medical, free education, and free money. Heck, we even let them into our Congress and one was even our president. They love us.”

“Sir, aft starboard lookout says torpedoes are going to hit the bow and just below the bridge in seven seconds.”


Theme from Dr. Strangelove” (0:53)



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