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(Apr. 26, 2021) — The Biden Climate Summit is not just the two day zoomfest. That show is the crescendo to a complex concert that has played out over the last few weeks. Each of the speeches by Federal Agency heads is the announcement of their part of a massive green plan — the Biden climate agenda. The speeches were predictably boring but the plan is unpredictably dangerous.

Here is my take on the whole concert, not just the snorey speeches. My focus is on how the Biden climate agenda will fail, as it surely will.

The climate action target date started out as 2050, basically a way to do nothing now. A free political promise, so widely adopted. But politicians compete to get elected, so that far distant horizon has come closer and closer. First to 2045, then 2040, 2035, until now we suddenly have 2030.

Cutting our emissions 50% by 2030 is Biden’s bid to retake the helm of the Paris Accord ship of fools. Technically it is America’s “nationally determined contribution” under the Accord. Mind you since the Paris Accord is not a Treaty this is just a Presidential Promise (to try).

2030 is just a little over 8 years away and when it comes to building big stuff, that is today. Literally, because major projects often take around 8 years from conception to completion.

In this case the projects are not just big, they are monstrously big. Completely rebuilding our electric power system for example. Or replacing our internal combustion engines with battery powered electric motors. Or getting rid of natural gas heat in all its myriad uses.

It has been firmly established that none of this can be done in the incredibly short times now being called for by national leaders. It could not be done in 28 years, much less 8.

The good news is these stupidly bold promises are going to hit the wall of impossibility. This raises the fascinating question: What will the crash look like?

Pointing out the impossibility, physical and/or economic, of these wild plans has been done carefully and repeatedly. What I have yet to see is any idea how and when this impossibility might manifest itself. We should be planning for it! So here is my shot.

It all depends on specifically how the various impossibilities are attempted. Happily thanks to the Biden Summit concert we now at least have a lot of conceptual plans. (Yes, “conceptual plan” is an oxymoron, but these plans are moronic, right?)

They are trying to fork us with two prongs — government funding and government force.

On the funding side Biden & Co are calling for truly huge sums of money, untold trillions to be exact. A lot of this just is not going to happen and hitting that wall hurts no one (except the people with their hands out for the money). This is important because a lot of people seem to think the failure of Biden’s plans will be painful. Some will, but much won’t be, and it is important to know which is which.

Mind you some of it is really good pork, making it likely to pass.

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  1. Definition of “Going Green”: Using covert and overt deceptive tactics to forcedly extract greenbacks from US taxpayers’ wallets in order to save the planet.