April 26, 2021

Dear Editor,

God help Afghanistan’s women of any age (and young girls nearing puberty) now that US President Joe Biden has joined former President Donald Trump (who I’m still 85/15 for and against) has signed a “peace” deal with the nefarious Taliban (and is taking US forces home); because the Western world’s woke-riddled, green-left “crusading cappuccino commandos,” “chaff-head celeb set” members and other clever people show-business “glitterati gladiators” won’t!

And Joe Biden, and Donald Trump, Australia’s very great “Worrying Warrior” in former Aussie PM Tony Abbott (although talking about Syria at the time) was right on the money when describing civil war in Middle Eastern Muslim countries as “baddies vs baddies” with very little hope of lasting peace in the Middle East (thus, safety for the region’s women and girl-children)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. Dear Howard;

    Fact is, Islam has been the bane of womanhood for the past 1,400 years, and neither Trump or you or I will change the mind of a Muslim one iota.

    And there’s no sense in wasting our, and their, time in talking ‘rational’ or ‘making sense’, or referring to Islam as one of the ‘world’s great religions’.

    Fact is, premeditated so-called ‘honor killings’ is the national past time, and the same for slaughtering any unbelievers for no other reason because the victims are unbelievers. No “Golden Rule” in Islam.

    The only rational defense you or I have is to push for not allowing Islam to spread into Australia and the United State, because once in, the killing starts and it never ends, year after year until the end of time.

    Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky